Packergeek: “Favre’s a tool”


Quoting myself here – I just said this to myself out loud so I figured I could go ahead now and put it in quotes and post it. I wanted to write something profound and thoughtful about this whole situation today, but frankly, I’m tired of putting much thought into it anymore. So, I’ll simply leave you with the thoughts that seem to occur to me most often:

  1. Brett Favre is a tool for playing on the Vikings.
  2. For the last year and a half, I have felt like you do when you puke inside your mouth a little bit. I haven’t felt like you do when you all-out puke, but, you know, just a mini-puke. But ever since Favre cemented his anti-Packer stance by joining the Vikings, that bad taste has gone away. Thanks for your advice Brent, I have moved on.

One Response to “Packergeek: “Favre’s a tool””

  1. foundinidaho Says:

    I think Aaron @ CheeseheadTv said it great on Twitter…paraphrasing a bit…”Thanks Brent, I already have”.


    Go Pack.

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