OT Levi Jones brought in for tryout


We need to do more of this. I know some (Bengals included) believe Jones is no good anymore and may never have lived up to his initial billing, and that may well be the case. But what I like about our bringing him in is that he has experience at left tackle. He’s not a guard or a center that we’re bringing in to tryout at left tackle, he’s a former NFL starting left tackle. Unless the guy is in terrible shape and/or looks way off in the tryout, I’m pretty sure I’d rather have him in there at left tackle than Colledge – and I’d rather have Colledge back at his position of left guard than Spitz – and Spitz at center instead of Wells.

UPDATE: Apparently 2 other tackles and 3 guards were also brought in for tryouts. While it’s good that the team seems to recognize the need for o-line help and I suppose I’m not too concerned about where it comes from as long as it comes, I don’t believe any of the other 5 (besides Levi) have actual NFL experience. Again though, at this point, we need to try whatever might work.

10 Responses to “OT Levi Jones brought in for tryout”

  1. Favre Haiku Says:

    Tauscher, Levi Jones
    Neither one is the answer
    Need Chad Clifton back

  2. Ron La Canne Says:

    Yesterday MM said Clifton had made significant progress and could play Monday, barring a reversal. That is very good news. It doesn’t hurt a thing to bring in some vets to see if they can help stablize the line.

    According to sources Tauscher is almost ready to go and he will sign with some team soon. He could give the Packers an opportunity to further develop at least 3 positions and not give up the season entirely. Don’t forget, Clifton’s contract is up this year. That means TT will have two tackle holles to fill next year. Options to fill both in the off season are limited. FA or trade is not something TT is likely to do. Evidence – off-season 2009. His plan was probably to move Colledge to LT and Lang to LG. The plan was predicated on Barbre becoming a competent RT. Well, at best, that’s a work in progress.

    So, go for some vets to give more immediate depth at Tackle. The only backup they have now is Breno and he wasn’t even activated the first to games (not sure about Sunday). Other backups, 1 rookie LG and one rookie RG/C. Not good enough! When Clifton went down what happened? Something MM said he would not do again. He had to suffle players around the line because his backups are not ready to play.

  3. 56Coop Says:

    Somebody has already said this but our Oline has been too bad for too long. That falls on the O line coach. We need a new one. And also for TT to remove his upper end from his lower end.

  4. PackerBelle Says:

    I think it is promising that they are looking at addressing an obvious issue. The question is, will they actually sign him?

  5. 56Coop Says:

    Thigpen just got traded to the Dolphins for an undisclosed draft pick.. I’m still worried about our backup QB situatio nalso. Especially as much as Aaron’s getting hit.

  6. 56Coop Says:

    Eagles certainly didn;t hang on to Garcia very long. Just rehired Jeremiah Trotter & dumped Garcia

  7. cindyv Says:

    Our o-line looked so good during the pre-season. They looked season-ready. Instead, they collapsed like a bunch of lawn chairs on a windy day.

  8. Ace Says:

    What don’t we know about Tauscher’s injury and recovery? Chiefs are bringing him in for a tryout. Could he be worse than Barbre? Apparently so.

  9. Ron La Canne Says:

    Never fear all is solved. Packers signed Stanly Daniels G 328 lbs. 2008 NYJ Practice Squad, 2007 Undrafted FA -St. L.

    Dropped Dane Randolph!

    Hmmmmmm! How could nayone be cheaper than Dane Randolph?

  10. 56coop Says:

    Yeah they signed him to the PRACTICE squad. And that’s going to help us this Sunday how?

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