First half recap


Thoughts so far:

  • The O-Line is very bad despite the halftime lead here. We’ve scored TDs because of 1 deceptive play call (handoff to Kuhn) and because of great catches by Driver, Jennings and then Driver again – on quick passes that the O-Line didn’t have to block much for.
  • So far, the defense doesn’t look terrible, but Brandon Chillar got used on both of those TD passes. I’m OK with him allowing the first one, but the a pro LB known for coverage skills should never have allowed that second one.
  • I get the feeling that Rodgers said to himself before the game today that he is going to end up having to make plays in order for the Pack to win because the O-LIne and running game will continue to be simply non-existent.
  • Even though we are not running well right now, I like that we continue to hand the ball off. It helps with the overall play mixture and I think it keeps the Ram’s D on its toes.
  • I’m pleased that Crosby has made his FGs today – two of which weren’t easy. Good for his confidence.
  • I love Donald Driver. I just love the effort he puts into every single play. He had a great first half, but the play that stuck out was a play that ended up not working at all. Fox showed the replay of a 3rd and something down in Rams territory (we ended up with a field goal) and on the replay, you could see that driver was still running around trying to get open when the other 2 WRs had kind of slowed down.

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