Week 3 picks

    • Cleve @ Balt (-13.5) Blowout. I don’t know why I continue to believe that when we all see Eric Mangini, we’re not seeing the real Eric Mangini – we’re seeing an act, we’re seeing a carefully crafted Bill Behlichick impersonation. Something tells me that this guy isn’t as much of a hard-ass as he acts like he is. Just be yourself Mangini – maybe your team won’t then totally, totally suck.
    • Pitt @ Cincy (4.5) Here it is, the pick many will ridicule: Cincy by 10. Pitt’s reign as a high level team may be about to take a break for a while. The Polamalu loss is big and while they’ll still have their moments, this team will fall shy of the playoffs. Cincy, on the other hand, may finally be ready to not suck. Their attack against the Pack was balanced and they have the talent to take down mighty Pitt this week.
    • Wash @ Det (6.5) Can’t pick this game. Either Wash will run away with this one or lose. Ok, wait, I’m seeing it more clearly now. Det will hang in there long enough to keep it a game and then snatch this one at the end pleasing the 14 fans in the stadium. This may be our first glimpse of Matthew Stafford, Legit QB.
    • Jax @ Hou (-3.5) Houston by 50. Ok, probably not due to their shoddy defense (actually due to their not-so-bad-defense that is playing shiddy, if you will). Hou will overpower and Steve Slaton may end up with over 200 yards total and yes, 4 TDs.
    • SF @ MN (-6.5) SF is for real and they will have spent all week figuring out how to slow AP down. Favre may end up having to pass in this one. His performance at Detroit was simply odd (23-27 for 155 yards and 2 TDs). All seemingly unFavre-like #s. Though it’s still early in the season and MN hasn’t played anyone yet, I must say, I’m growing more and more worried that my initial worry about Favre going to the Vikings may come true. Initially, I said that Favre wouldn’t have to do too much because of AP and that he may in fact end up having higher percentage passes when he does throw because defenses are so constantly worried re AP. By the way, one annoying thing I’ve noticed more and more is that Chilly is starting to get confident. He’s one of those guys I look at and think “that guy doesn’t deserve to be confident”.
    • Atl @ NE (-4.5) Tough one to predict. This is a rather bold statement, but I really believe it’s possible Bill Behlichick will be meeting his equal on the other sideline of this game. Mike Smith is a smart, smart coach. In fact Atlanta’s transformation in the last 1.5 years is really something. Great GMing, as it were, and great coaching.
    • KC @ Phil (-9.5) Anyone else ever wonder if a coach’s credibility is reduced when he is enormously fat. It’s mean to say, especially when I think Andy Reid has been dealing with some seriously difficult family stuff, but the guy just gets fatter and fatter. As a player sweating, running sprint # 15, I’d be a be resentful if I were being egged on by a coach with a BMI of 45.
    • GB @ StL (6.5)  Ok, it’s possible my cockiness last week actually cost the Pack the game. But I’m stubborn and I’m calling for a blowout again. Our defense may not play that well again, but I really think the offense will in part because Rodgers will simply will this one to victory.
    • NYG @ TB (6.5)  Eli is the strangest QB in the NFL. He doesn’t project outside confidence and looks almost like one of those guys who is just constantly worried about what others might think of his every move. Yet, in the face of huge pressure to screw up in Dallas, he drove them down and got the job done. It may be time for me to just eat some crow and say straight out here, Eli Manning is good.
    • NO @ Buff (5.5)  NO is averaging 46.5 points a game. That’s hilarious. Who does that? One thing I really don’t understand is why there is any discussion whatsoever about who is the best QB in the NFL. The answer has to be Drew Brees. The guy is amazing – especially a month removed from his mother’s sad death at just 59 years old. One more tidbit, the NO has 6 interceptions already this year, in good part because of forgotten Darren Sharper. He did always have a nose for the football.
    • Chic @ Sea (2.5)  Jay Cutler is one of those guys who acts just like he looks. He looks arrogant, entitled, spoiled and like the kind of guy who never accommodates anyone else – he’s always been accommodated his whole life. Still, he led Chic back to victory last week and the Bears may ride the momentum of that big V. One thing to watch for in this one is Seneca Wallace going nuts in the passing game – because Julius Jones is going nowhere on the ground.
    • Tenn @ NYJ (-2.5)  I’m taking Tenn in this one just because suddenly I don’t like the Jets and I want them to lose. Rex Ryan rubs me the wrong way – wait a second, who came up with that expression? There would be no possible way Rex Ryan could rub me the right way. May place a ban on that one. Rex Ryan, by the way, is another in the coaching fat camp. I’d like to see stats on how overweight coaches have done over the years vs generally in-shape coaches.
    • Den @ Oak (-1.5)  Oak’s questionable jettisoning of a #1 draft pick for Richard Seymour is starting to look a bit less foolish. That guy can flat out play. What an incredible story it would be if he really helps turn that D around as it’s looking like he’s doing. I had Oak written off this year due to having a QB who completes 25% of his passes (not really, but close).
    • Mia @ SD (-6.5)   Miami shredded Indy’s defense but couldn’t punch it in. While I’m starting to change course on my opinion of SD’s defense, I somehow think they will be up to the challenge this week. And, I think for the last 1.5 years, Philip Rivers has quietly (actually not so quietly, he’s kind of obnoxious too), put together some amazing passing stats.
    • Indy @ AZ (-2.5)   AZ, comfortably. Indy is a confident team after driving down in the waning minutes and getting a TD to win at Miami. But this will be one of those games where they will simply be overwhelmed by an AZ defense that is a bit better balanced this year than it was last year (Tim Hightower is turning into the back they thought he was).
    • Car @ Dal (-9.5)   It’s hard for me to pick Dallas here. That Tony Romo “crap we just lost again and it may have been largely my fault” look is indelibly etched in my brain. It’s funny, because I either picture that when I think of him or I picture that cocky “I’m smiling a lot looking around at people because I helped us win” look. I guess in the end, I can better envision that latter look. Though Dal will pull it out, I do think Car will have some fight in them though so they will cover.

      6 Responses to “Week 3 picks”

      1. 56Coop Says:

        re: Andy Reid, have ya seen Holmgren lately??

      2. joshywoshybigfatposhy Says:

        mangini is a guy with absolutely no personality, trying to be like a guy with personality that happens to portray himself as having no personality at all. good job eric (or ‘mangina’ as some new yorkers would say). after cleveland fires him in a season or two, the only team that would even think of hiring him as a head coach would be oakland. and i don’t even think al davis is that crazy. (did i really just say that?)

        eli manning is everyone’s homecoming picture from freshman year of high school. i’m not ready to eat my crow yet (where the hell does that phrase come from?) – i’ll wait until he goes a whole season without plaxico. and the insane play in the superbowl to david tyree a couple years ago – he may as well have had his eyes closed. but we’ll see.

        also, am i allowed to drink pabst from a glass? it seems like a can-in-hand beer, but i haven’t had a pbr since i was 16 and my brother was trying to create a drinking buddy out of me. i just bought a 12 pack thinking it might help the packers this week if i pace around the livingroom and yell at the screen with a pabst in my hand. so let me know – i don’t want to ruin it by breaking an important rule.

      3. cow Says:

        gotta be in the can in order for it to help the Pack.

        good idea, by the way. i will do the same.

      4. Ron La Canne Says:


        New formula Shiltz is a suitable alternate. Very Tasty – reminds me of my youth. The Schlitz cans are particularly attractive for watching the game. The very lightweight aluminum is harmless to TV screens, but they must be empty.

        For the real connoissuer, I recommend Fox Head 400, that great
        Waukesha beer. Caution the quart bottles are not TV screen friendly.

      5. 56Coop Says:

        Do they still make Old Milwaukee?? My favoriyte as a teen.

        Here ya go Joshy


        Again–it will be Evan Williams for me.

      6. 56Coop Says:

        He’s got excellent quickness. “I think” he is an aware guy. Obviously he is not a big stature guy, but ” I think “he has pretty good strength for a guy his size. I like his quickness and his ability to move around. He’s one of those guys that is kind of a cross between a corner and a safety. (He’s a) good athlete for a safety.”

        Quote from Capers regarding Derrick Martin starting this week. I hope all those I thinks are not really I hopes. Certainly doesn’t fill me with confidence. And evidently another “set back” on Thursday is making Raji look doubtful for this weekend.

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