One year anniversary of offensive line post


Almost exactly one year ago (Sept 24, 2008), I wrote this post. Interesting to me that it still seems to apply 1 year later. Again, even allowing for the complications injuries cause, our lines issues shouldn’t be this bad.

I think TT needs to think seriously about finding some veterans (LeRoy Butler said the same thing a couple days ago in his 5 questions article with jsonline). Of course, not sure which veterans are even available. Here’s an idea: let’s put AJ Hawk, Nick Barnett and Brady Poppinga on the market. Maybe even Aaron Kampman or Donald Lee or John Kuhn (we may need to get creative here). Even if we can get a mediocre lineman or two at this point, that would be an upgrade.


3 Responses to “One year anniversary of offensive line post”

  1. joshywoshybigfatposhy Says:

    i’ve got an idea. RUN THE GAL DERN BALL!

    rushing attempts by running backs (not rodgers scrambling after being chased out of the pocket) – 33

    pass attempts – 67

    when it’s incredibly obvious you cannot protect your qb, why in god’s name would you utilize this offensive plan?

    we had 2 – that’s right, 2 rushes in the second half last sunday. when i was 14 playing madden, down 74-12 at the half, i ran the ball more.

    i know it’s obvious, but i’ll tell you what running does for the offense, even if it’s 4.1 yds/carry.

    – rodgers doesn’t get creamed
    – mediocre de’s turned phenoms revert back to their mediocre status because there’s no longer a 67% chance that they can ignore the run.
    – it gives offensive lineman a chance to use a skill they probably spent a great deal of time on – run blocking.
    – more 1 on 1 matchups for driver, jennings, jones, nelson and FINLEY!
    – speaking of FINLEY!, he can spend some time run blocking and occasionally running down the middle of the field, catching passes, and making lb’s look like clay statues.
    – ryan grant gets a chance to earn his paycheck
    – our 3 fullbacks get a chance to earn their paychecks
    – mentally, rodgers, barbre, colledge, etc. – can chill out and play the game.
    – spitz might be playing center.
    – we’d probably be 2-0.

    is that enough? i’ve felt for 2 years like mccarthy never committed to the run well enough, and i believe that our o-line would look a lot better if he did. it’s hard, even for a pro-bowl tackle, to look solid when the d-line knows you have no intention of running the ball.

  2. Ron La Canne Says:

    In an earlier post, I referenced the fact that this line problem started in the first Detroit game. It is totally inconceivable that TT, in particular, did absolutely nothing to improve the line in the off-season. To me that’s a firing offense. And once that boob gets rid of Clifton, he will have attained his ultimate goal. Having the cheapest (and least talented) O line in the NFL.

    His one and only move in the FA market for the O line was picking up Preston. Sounded good on paper, but then we saw him in live action, Live action? That’s a complete fabrication. Even I, at my 69 years of geezerhood, could beat him in a 40.

    The backups for Sunday are:
    1. Lang – Rookie
    2. Deitrich-Smith – Rookie
    3. Giacomini (Breno the Great) – Fat, immobile and Inactive

    Be afrai, very afraid.

  3. Ron La Canne Says:

    O line problem resolved. Packers sign Dane Randolph to the Practice squad. I feel much better now.

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