Calling all washed up safeties


I heard this morning on the radio that the Packers are desperately trying out retread safeties. In fact, of the 4 guys mentioned, I had heard of only one of them – and the only reason I remember his name was because I remember thinking it was an interesting football-player name (Nate Ness).  It’s easy for us all to sit here now after these injuries and take cracks at Mike McCarthy and staff for the decisions they made for the 53 man roster, yes. But the fact is, a good number of us had safety Anthony Smith on our final 53 and when he was cut, a good number of us were ticked about it. I had 5 safeties on my final 53 in good part because I wanted depth behind 2 very injury-prone starters (and, importantly, an injury-prone main back-up in Rouse). While I like the fact that TT and MM tried to consider the needs for our special teams unit, I think they went overboard keeping 3 FBs, and then a guy like Spencer Havner. By keeping these extra 2 players (1 extra FB and Havner), the Packers went into the season very thin at RB (because Brandon Jackson is hurt…and is often hurt) and at safety in particular.

One other note, Aaron Rouse apparently suffered a stinger in the Cincy game. While it looks like he’ll be fine, that is always a concerning injury. Imagine if he went down too. Ugh.

UPDATE: Read here also – Tom Silverstein has an article re the safety situation.


4 Responses to “Calling all washed up safeties”

  1. Ron La Canne Says:

    An interesting side bar to Sunday’s game: Our former FA Safety pick up Anthony Smith will be on the other team. I have a sinkling feeling that he may come back and haunt us.

  2. Ron La Canne Says:

    Packers just signed Giordano formerly with the Colts at Safety. At the same time, they released Rouse. Can some one explain how this helps the depth at Safety? I’m confused.

    Go to O line comments for further news.

  3. Joe Says:

    They released Rouse? I did not see that comming. I guess I am not shocked but hmmm …

  4. Bill Walsh Says:

    Hey, Mark Murphy’s under contract to the team…

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