Rodney Harrison: Favre “craps on everybody”


Read here for a great Rodney Harrison quote. It’s funny, even though last Sunday’s NBC Broadcast team was a bit awkward (Dungy especially – surprisingly too), I wondered if Rodney Harrison may end proving to be entertaining with his unique brand of…honesty. This comment is entertaining.


6 Responses to “Rodney Harrison: Favre “craps on everybody””

  1. campbell Says:

    Harrison has carved his own 15 minutes of fame in his retirement by crapping on Favre at every opportunity. He must crave the attention/headlines it brings. Meanwhile, Favre just goes on his merry way, selling jerseys etc. He never responded to Tarkenton’s rants and they lost their impact. I don’t know about the rest of you, but the Favre trashing has become overkill and passé.

    I’d rather discuss important issues like this woefully inadequate Packer O-line. A marked improvement is imperative or Rodgers will sustain a serious injury.

  2. joshywoshybigfatposhy Says:

    i agree that favre trashing has gotten to the point where people who probably don’t understand the whole situation/circus are ‘going with the flow.’ but i think that’s exactly the point – it’s interesting and significant to those who care anymore that the ‘flow’ is a negative view of favre. a few years ago, when someone trashed favre, they were just jealous he was on our team – and that wasn’t just a homer’s opinion, it was generally true.

    favre has taken an almost untouchably respectable public record and perception, and turned nearly the entire sports world (and a little place called ‘wisconsin’) against him and his absurdity.

    yes it’s obnoxious that we have to keep hearing stories about favre, but to be honest, i’ll stare at a burning car wreck as long as the next distracted driver going the other way — let’s just keep going the other way and not crash ourselves.

  3. 56Coop Says:

    Very pragmatic Joshy

  4. campbell Says:

    “…turned a little place called Wisconsin against him..”

    Really? His Viking jersey is the top seller in the country AND in Wisconsin. They watch his games, so spare me the condescension couched in car-wreck metaphors. People obviously still favor him, but the Favre haters are the shrillest, and get the public platform.

    Let’s hope this old man/car-wreck that everyone hates doesn’t beat our collective butts this season.

  5. joshywoshybigfatposhy Says:

    interesting campbell – i suppose i am suffering from a bit of bias – partially due to the fact that every packer fan i know feels similarly. i know one’s immediate social sphere isn’t always a good indication of the whole, but i also live in new york, where jet fans feel ‘crapped on’ as much as anyone.

    the fact is, favre has gone from being (perceived as) the perfect football player who doesn’t mess around and restructures contracts to fit players onto the team, etc. – to a prima donna who likes to make decisions timed in a fashion so he can get the most publicity, and would NEVER go to another training camp or OTA if he could figure out a way to get out of it.

    and people who understand, even if they have no personal experience, that this is perhaps the biggest key to his failures in recent years – have lost a great deal of respect for him because of that fact alone. this includes most of the football world (players, ex-players, journalists/analysts), as well as a significant portion of nfl fans.

    and i bet more than half of the vikings favre jerseys bought in wisconsin are no longer in their original physical and chemical makeup – fire will do that.

  6. wgbeethree Says:

    The Favre jersey being the “top seller” in wisconsin really doesnt mean that much to me. Since he has only been with the Vikings for a month that means only that his jersey has been the best seller over the last month. Favre still does have some fans in Wisconsin and the Vikings have a large following in northwest Wisconsin. I would guarentee that Packers jerseys still FAR out sell Favre jerseys though. But packer jersey sales are split between the four or five favorite players on the Packers. Most Packer fans who would own jerseys already have bought them as well which means they arent neccessarly buying new jerseys just a month before the season. Players that switch teams are almost always the top selling jerseys, not because they are the most popular players but because if you are a diehard fan of that player or team you have to get their new jersey. Another question as to whether they are the “top selling” jersey is how that is calculated. Is it by how many jerseys are ordered by stores or how many are ACTUALLY sold? If a sporting goods store orders 20 jerseys but only sells 2 or 3 of them which number is really counted. I have a hard time believing the numbers are those actually sold and not those ordered. I’m guessing that a year from now there will be a lot of purple number four jerseys on clearance racks because of the overestimation of the demand.

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