Ex-WR Freeman helping the enemy?


Ok, that was just an attention-grabbing headline – similar to the one used in the St. Paul Pioneer Press article here. The article talks about Antonio Freeman providing private tutoring for the Vikings’ Percy Harvin – before Harvin’s 2009 Pro Day (so before he was drafted by the Vikings). (Though I must say, author Sean Jensen seems to be trying to confuse the reader into thinking that Freeman more recently provided this assistance to Harvin – especially by using the present tense ‘helps’ in the article title. The facts, as far as I understand them, are the Freeman assisted Harvin well before Harvin was a Viking). It’s still interesting though  – as reading this article reminds me that Freeman indeed was a master at getting open, just a master, especially for someone who was never either the fastest or quickest WR on the Packers’ roster.

Freeman should open up his own training business focused on route running – he should just make sure no Viking WRs are allowed to attend.


2 Responses to “Ex-WR Freeman helping the enemy?”

  1. Cindy V Says:

    Don BeBe has his “House of Speed.” It’s a business that coaches young players how to run faster. So why shouldn’t Freeman do the same thing?

  2. 56coop Says:

    Harvin has stated that he learned more from Favre in the last 3 weeks than he has from anyone in his past–as far as running & understancding pro routes anyway. Gee, thanx Brent

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