Bigby out one month


Ugh – this is not good news mostly because it hurts our depth at an already thin position. I’m not necessarily sure at this point that Aaron Rouse is step down from Bigby, because I think he has some talent and a nose for the ball. What I’m not crazy about is Rouse’s inconsistent commitment to being aggressive. (Actually the knock on him coming out of college was that he wasn’t aggressive enough – something many scouts were disappointed by because he’s such a physical specimen.) Well, now it’s time for Rouse to shine and importantly, to show he can be consistent. If he plays well, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him keep the starting job.

I suppose this now pushes Jarrett Bush to #4 option at safety. Not sure what he’d be like at safety and not sure what Derrick Martin has to offer as the #3 guy. We better hope Collins and Rouse can stay healthy over the next few games.


2 Responses to “Bigby out one month”

  1. Trav Says:

    Is Smith still available or was he picked up after the Packers cut him?
    Not good news at all.

  2. Ron La Canne Says:

    Another weak depth position. Rouse played ok but I’m afraid of his durabiltiy. He has a way of getting injured at the wrong time. Let’s hope that the 1 month estimate is right. Jackson was supposed to be back by now too.

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