Packers’ defense is so…active


I just wrote an extensive post re the Packers new-look defense and it was erased somehow. No idea what happened but I’m too ticked off right now to try to reconstruct the whole thing.

The gist of it was that this defense seems especially ACTIVE compared to other Packer defenses over the years. I’ve watched for years with envy as the Eagles, Steelers, Ravens, Patriots have brought pressure from everywhere, been mostly unpredictable and have forced offenses to execute at the highest level in order to make progress against them. I have watched these defenses over the years with the kind of envy you may have had growing up when your friend comes over on Christmas having just received a “real” Packer helmet while you still have the one with virtually no padding inside (…the kind that, because of pride, you claim offers sufficient protection when you take a blow to the head – but in reality, it really hurts). Now, I feel like we finally have one of those defenses others can envy for a change. It’s exciting.

I think about all of the logistical/communication problems that Bob Sanders and his units seemed to have and it seems curious to me that with what appears to be an infinitely more complicated defense, there do not seem to be these issues. I know it’s early, but on Sunday, the substitutions, the specific packages etc, seemed to be pulled off without much of a problem – at least I don’t think there were any glaring penalties or assignment errors. I think that coaching has a lot to do with this. Sanders’ groups often had guys running on/off at the last second, opposing WRs somehow being alone along the sideline for easy TDs, and last-second timeouts when the D realized there were too many men on the field or something. While I know this happens from time to time with even the best defenses and sometimes those mistakes are on the players, for some reason, I feel considerably more comfortable with Capers directing this production than I did with Sanders.

Again, I know it’s early, but it has been a long time frankly, since we’ve been able to get excited about our defense, so allow me some gushing here. It’s just nice that the Packers’ defense is already becoming more a part of the discussion when talking about the Packers. This year, I’m guessing it will not only be a factor in helping us win some close games, but I’m guessing it will also contribute significantly in a few blow-outs.


6 Responses to “Packers’ defense is so…active”

  1. joshywoshybigfatposhy Says:

    i think an equally significant indicator of how much difference this defense can make is how much FUN the players seem to be having. they know there’s a lot of work, a lot to remember, but they get to run around and HIT people. everyone is getting their turn to fly around like … defensive football players… flying … around.

    and not absent from their comments – comparisons to how boring and unimaginative bob sanders’ scheme was. woodson has been most vocal with this comparison, but others have mentioned it. the attitude just seems to be, quite universally, one of ‘thank god we fonly ge-in donna biness’ and then a lot of smiling, and then a scowl (because you can’t smile too much when you ge-in donna biness hittin people).

    and one more thing – while there are things to work on, i remember reading a lot about how the defensive ends in a 3-4 generally just eat up blockers – that they don’t have many play-making opportunities, and really just make room for lb’s to get the glory. well, our DE’s made some plays on Sunday – notable ones. of course, the flip side is that the lb’s didn’t get in the backfield that much, but we were also without a certain rookie bulldozer this week, who will cause more distractions and headaches for guards. I CANNOT WAIT FOR B.J. AND HIS LOW CENTER OF GRAVITY.

  2. Ron La Canne Says:

    For the first time in years, when I hope for a game changing turnover there is actually a very good chance that it will happen. This defense will only get better every game. No more fourth quarter collapses for 3 point loses. I’m So Happy!

    They gave up a lot of yards passing Sunday would be a criticism of the non-believers might say. I’d say the big gainer was stopped at the 8 yard line or so. And Jolly then intercepts. One TD was blown coverage and that happens in a high risk attacking defense on occasion. Yards per Carry 2.9 – Eat Your Heart Out Sanders!

    By the end of the year we’ll be seeing what can really happen with this defense. It will be awesome. No injury please!

  3. Cindy V Says:

    I think the biggest change in the Packer defense is the player buy-in of the program. Some of the players were skeptical at first, not knowing how they, as individuals, were going to fit in this scheme. However, every player is excited about the 3-4 and their position in it. They love this agressive style of play. Not only are they defense players, they are “playas.” (hood talk for playmakers)

  4. DaveK Says:

    Forte: 2.2 yards per carry on 25 carries and that is without Raji in the game. It all starts there and this defense will thrive if they continue to stop the run that well.

  5. Dave in Tucson Says:

    I just wrote an extensive post re the Packers new-look defense and it was erased somehow.

    Maybe you already know this, and were just slacking, but just in case:

    It’s really a good idea to write up your post in a text editor, save it to a file, and then when you’re ready, cut & past into your blogging software. That way if your post goes to the Missing Sock Dimension, you’ve still got a copy to re-post.

  6. Packers Daily Links 9.16.09 - Railbird Central Says:

    […] Andy Hayes of packergeeks praises how active the defense was. […]

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