Rodgers can’t finish?


Well, for those who carried over concerns from last year about Rodgers’ ability to finish, you can rest easier. That was an emphatic finish for Rodgers – ending the game with an absolutely perfect pass on a huge, national stage. I bet this feels really good for Rodgers. I’d even say it was classy for Rodgers to avoid throwing Allen Babre under the bus in the post game interview considering Babre repeatedly jeopardized Rodgers’ health. But the thing I liked best about this finish is what Rodgers’ demonstrates mentally here. I just like the fact that Rodgers didn’t lose his focus in a game when he could have easily lost his focus. He was getting pounded all game (whether it was the horrendous Babre not blocking anyone or the officials not calling a late hit after Rodgers slid) – but then at the most critical moment, he sharpened his focus and threw a beauty to Jennings in stride.

I’m glad we won, but I’ll be one person who won’t forget how crappy the officiating was. The call against Al Harris gave the Bears a go ahead field goal with very little time left. That line judge is probably an old pal of Mayor Daley’s.


20 Responses to “Rodgers can’t finish?”

  1. DaveK Says:

    Still digesting this game….

    Barbre got abused tonight but the Bears had three sacks during max protect with 7 guys in blocking. I think they can get that cleaned up but how f’in fast can TT fax Tauscher a contract?

    Where the hell was Finley or Lee tonight and why did it take so long to go to two TE sets?

    Refs were brutal…I think I had a small stroke after the phantom illegal contact call on Harris which really gave the Bears 3 points to go ahead.

    D-line: Jolly and Jenkins were outstanding tonight. Jenkins was really a beast very disruptive. Throw Raji in the mix and they could be really really good as a unit.

    LB’s: I’m not sure why Poppinga is on the field. I’ll have to watch it again though as it was almost impossible to keep track of the sub packages and which LB’s were on or off. I thought Hawk and Chillar played very well. Kampman was largely invisible but he had a few pressures and played the run very stout.

    This defense is just fun to watch. Pressure comes from everywhere. It leaves some holes to exploit but man does it make the QB makes some quick decisions.

    Coverage units were good and were helped tremendously by deep kick-offs and great punts. I think we can stop bitching about our punter.

  2. Restore Integrity Says:

    Rodgers, under intense pressure, was impressive. He had the perfect moment. The perfect game. The national stage. Come from behind in under 2 minutes. And he nailed it. The monkey is off his back. It will give fans, and more importantly, the team the knowledge that they can do it when they need it because they have done it before.

    The defense was impressive and will get better. Add a healthy Raji to that mix. Clay Matthews had some good plays. The more time that he, Raji, Barnett, Rouse, the new guy from Baltimore get … the more time to get physically and mentally acclimated, the more tools Dom Capers will have available to him.

    There is a LOT to correct after this game. Tauscher will be on speed dial and should be … good post. Great game.

  3. joshywoshybigfatposhy Says:

    have to differ on some points there dave,

    – if no one else wants tauscher, i doubt we do either.

    – kampman actually played really well tonight, though somewhat quietly – he’ll get louder as the unit gels – and as b.j. comes back and pushes opposing guards 10 yds deep.

    – i’m still bitching about our punter. bitch. bitchity bitch.

    and i know we’ve all joked about poopinya having compromising pictures of thompson, but really, i’m starting to wonder what is going on. it doesn’t seem normal that any competent front office/coaches would leave this guy in a starting lineup. he is perpetually flying onto/over the pile 3 seconds late. that’s what he does. i imagine him yelling ‘hey guys!’ every time.

    especially when bishop is sitting on his ass.

    did james jones play tonight? did finley play tonight? did barnett play tonight? wynn played like someone who deserved to be cut tonight. he better stop dropping balls and hitting the ground after arm tackles. grant wasn’t spectacular, but he showed the extra push he missed last year. great effort after contact.

    1 down.

  4. DreamPipe Says:

    Um… no matter how bad Cutler was at many points in this game (very stupid play on numerous occasions) the bears are GOOD! We’re fortunate to come away with a win. Lovie can effing coach! especially against the pack (the fake punt was not his call! the long snapper makes that audible, also stupid) I’ll say it again, the Bears are going to give a lot of teams the game of their lives this year.

  5. joshywoshybigfatposhy Says:

    long snapper makes the audible???

    … somehow i doubt that.

    but you measure yourself against your potential, not against your opponent. pack should scored about 35 points tonight.

    bears are ok. not GOOD. their season will depend on how many pressure defenses they play – cutler is a liability even more than favre ever was. horrible, horrible throws.

    this was a bears team with a godawful secondary, no urlacher, and it was at freakin lambeau. we better damn-well win.

  6. Trav Says:

    The Bears looked average, at best. Cutler looked lost as did their WR’s. the almost INT into 4 players was Favre-esque. Save for a few long plays by Hester, their O looked like they watched too much college ball on Saturday: quick 1 yard outs to their receivers and then see if they could make a play.

    It was a game we should have won easily, but just could not convert. That is until the game was on the line. Bottom line: 1-0.

  7. DaveK Says:

    Joshy – point taken on Kampman and you could be correct. I didn’t key on him during the game and I’ll need to watch the DVR again and single him out. It was the 3rd quarter and I remember thinking where hte hell is Kampman? Just my initial gut reaction….

    The punter was very good last night. Bitch all you want (he is a punter) but I’ll take that type game out of a punter every week!

    I’m hoping that TT and Tauscher have had an “understanding” this off-season that when he is back to form the Packers will sign him. No reason taking up a roster spot to rehab. That was my immediate thought when they go rid of Moll and Meredith on cut down day.

    Jordy must be the 3rd WR in the play book. I’m also surprised Finley didn’t tear things up last night especially when Urlacher went down.

    Oh yes, thank god our 5th WR can tackle!

  8. Cindy V Says:

    According to the paper this morning, Aaron Rodgers credits the Bears defense for cutting off the routes the tight ends usually run. MM had better fix the o-line because we can’t afford to lose Rodgers with no real back-up QB. Last year I heard MM say every week that they’d fix the defense and they didn’t. So, I’m hoping this year when he says something, he gits ‘r done.

  9. Rich Says:

    Remember that there was a second phantom call in the first half as well. Replay was shown and there was no Packer defender even close to what was illegal contact. I loved the comments made….Cris Collinsworth stated that the contact must have occurred off screen and Al Michaels countered with “yah, up in Fond du Lac”….hillarious

  10. seekr Says:

    Lets not forget Urlacher jacking up Rodgers and not getting flagged for a late hit.

  11. 56Coop Says:

    Where in the hell was the team I watched in preseason. We are very lucky to be 1-0 although in reality it should have been a blow out. Way too many dropped balls & a pretty weak running game (although I believe that might come around as time goes on). As usual you guys are spot on about the personnel. Barbre = joke at this point. Like Cindy says, MM better fix this as we cannot afford for Rodgers to go down. Cannot get over how badly he overthrew on that long bomb. He made those throws look so easy in preseason.

    Bears are a good team & Lovie is a great coach. Fortunately we had just enough defense to get the job done last night. I think it’s pretty obvious that the Pack’s offense & defense just weren’t firing on all cylinders.

    Joshy, the long snapper did audible into the fake punt. They showed him pointing to the guy he snapped it to on the replay. Now whether he did it on his own or if Lovie gave him the option to call it — who knows. If he still has a job today then I would imagine Lovie knew it was a possiblity.

    Agree that officiating was horrendous & Poopinya (nice Joshy) sucks. How he gets the start and Bishop sits is just beyond words. Restore Integrity is correct – there’s a lot that needs fixing. And it needs to be fixed by next week but REALLY needs to be fixed by week 4. BTW, Browns played a very good first half & ran the ball very well against that “Stellar” Viking D.

  12. Kozak Says:

    Urlacher out for season.

    Brian Urlacher likely out for the season with wrist injury

  13. RayMidge Says:

    I love the unpredictability of the Defense, and it really seems to fit the personality fo the guys on the D. There will be times when it appears that the aggresiveness will leave us vulnerable to big plays, but the disruptiveness is worth it, I think. Matthews played much more than I thought he would and seemed to be active. Adding Raji to this line can only make it better.

    Perfect beginning for Rodgers in one way: after a year of big numbers but disappointing results, I think it was great to start off with disappointing numbers and a Win. A few drops and few overthrows kept this game close (overconfidence should no longer be a problem), but in retrospect I think winning one of these was so necessary for this team. How you win *does* matter for how you see yourself as a team. They will clean up those throws and catches, but they now have the added benefit of knowing they can play less than their best and still make a big play when it counts. So much of this game every year comes down to intangibiles, and although one game is only one game, it is a hopeful start.

    I love seeing Cutler so whiny and rattled. I have never liked his act, he is so easy to root against and now that he’s a Bear it seems like a perfect fit. Of course he has a good arm, so do tons of guys who cannot lead teams. Is it too much to hope he is a collossal bust who sets the team back a few years?

    I thought Favre looked pretty bad for most of that game yesterday and a better team than the Browns might have made the Vikes pay for it . . . but even with his mostly subpar game the Vikes rolled pretty easily on the road. They are going to be tough.

  14. joshywoshybigfatposhy Says:

    i sit corrected on the fake punt – mostly. i guess i meant that i doubt he was the main decision maker in the process. otherwise, as coop said, he’d likely not have a job today.

    cutler’s being compared to rex grossman today on chicago radio – or so i hear from a reliable source. I LOVE IT.

    unfortunately, i doubt the bears will face many defenses as unpredictable as the packers were last night. i really hope we can stay as fresh as possible with our looks and coverages. and to think capers was working some mystery job in new england last year. i think bill b. just wanted to keep him away from the rest of the league.

  15. 56Coop Says:

    RayMidge– I agree the Vikes are going to be tough & I wish they had a little tougher schedule in the first three games. I will say however that I think the Browns offense lost the game for them. During the first half I think it was an evenly matched well played game. Granted the Browns TD came off of a punt return but if I remember correctly KO & punt returns were a problem for the Vikes last year (Maybe Chilly was so consumed by his desire to sign Favre he overlooked shoring up some other weak points from last year).

    Unfortunately during the 2nd half the Vikes first drive was a long, time consuming one. Then the offense goes 3 & out. Another long drive for the Vikes & offense goes 3 & out. Browns defense just got worn down which if I remember correctly was a big problem for the Pack in 2006. I’m sure most of you know that it was pretty hot & humid at that game. AP was given an IV during halftime & it took most of the 3rd quarter to get his arm to stop bleeding.

    IF the Pack plays in Week 4 like they did yesterday & the Vikes play week 4 like they did yesterday I don’t think most of us at this site are going to like the result (i just threw up a little). We need that team that played the first half of the 3rd preseason game back on the field.

  16. Ron La Canne Says:

    The secret to any success for the Qeenies is A. Petersen. He needs to stay healthy or they will not go anywhere. He reminds me of a young Walter Peyton, He is awfully good. #4’s job is to hand off and don’t do anything stupid. He won’t like that. Will Childress go bananas when Bret audibles a pass on their own one with AP standing there wondering what happened?

    • PackerBelle Says:

      “#4’s job is to hand off and don’t do anything stupid. He won’t like that”

      I agree. Especially not when they play the Packers. If any part of his reasoning for playing for the Vikings involves wanting to stick it to the Packers then he’s going to want to do it himself and not let AP get all the glory. It could be like all of the Dallas games where he would completely self-destruct.

  17. 56Coop Says:

    Has Chilly always had that beard or is that an attempt to be Favrely? He can’t name his newborn son after him so he just grew a beard in his honor…ust imagine, every time Mangini looks at his youngest I’m sure all he can think is “you got me fired”.

  18. Schaefer Says:

    RE: “I love seeing Cutler so whiny and rattled. I have never liked his act, he is so easy to root against and now that he’s a Bear it seems like a perfect fit. Of course he has a good arm, so do tons of guys who cannot lead teams. Is it too much to hope he is a collossal bust who sets the team back a few years?” – RayMidge

    Watching Cutler put on his whiny face last night – and shoving Packers after the play, when (I bet ) a little smack was talked his way – reminded me of Jeff George. Big Arm, no leadership, bitched his way out of how many situations.

    I love that Cutler is a Bear, perfect fit. ….he plays like Favre (big arm, costly INTs) without any of the fun and joy Favre brought to the game…Have fun with him Chicago.


  19. campbell Says:

    The table is set, the crow is cooking and I am prepared to eat my words by making a firm purpose of amendment to never again say that Rodgers cannot win in the final minutes of a game.

    What bothers me is that but for a costly mistake by the Bears defense…Rex Ryan could have caught Rodgers’ pass..this team was nearly beaten by a guy having the worst game of his career. Just be thankful that Cutler does not have the Packer receiving corps. What an arm!

    Ignoring his petulant, puerile demeanour, in a pure technical’s a joy to watch him just simply throwing the football. Pity he’s too shallow to enjoy his gift as well.

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