Key Bishop mention by McCarthy today


Read below for a quick summary of McCarthy’s press conference today from the Insiders Blog at the GBPG:

On linebackers: Played Matthews more than expected. Thought Barnett was up around 40 plays, and that’s what they were looking for. Great asset to have so many playmakers. Have to find way to get Bishop involved, too. He got special-teams game ball.

Perhaps McCarthy saw Poppinga doing nothing…again. Just glad that there was specific mention of need to get Bishop involved. Please let this be an indication that he will be playing more – please.

4 Responses to “Key Bishop mention by McCarthy today”

  1. TJR Says:

    GO Favre!!!!

  2. Travis Says:

    Well it looks to be a warning sign towards Poppinga. Either pick up your game or go to the bench. He’ll probably do the same next game, and if his play is just unoticeable, Bishop will probably start coming into the game. If Bishop (Which I’m extremely confident he will) can come in once he gets the oppourtunity and take huge advantage of it, we will have a huge plus for the defence.

    I’m looking forward to next week, a team not as good as the bears defence. The bears rattled our offence pretty bad, proving how disapointing it was at times. I think if we can take advantage of some time to get the offensive line back in key, the pre season play we were seeing will come out. Our defense looks great, problems here and there but they are small things we can fix. Jolly, Jenkins, and with Raji and Pickett to be solid anchors, it to me is not an area of concern.

    We should next game see a bit more affects caused from blitzing, especially with linebackers and woodson causing the Qb to run for his life. We didn’t get too great of pressure last game and came away with 4 picks, and 2 easy dropped ones. I know they were bad throws, but replace the lack of pressure with consistent pressure, we’ll be able to still have bad throws from their QB.

    The key is the Offensive line. Gotta reduce the pressure given, and Rodgers can be on his game. It’s a good reality check with all the hype from pre season. Gives us something to work to fix, and I’m sure we will. The line looked very good in pre season, so we know they can do it. And going up with a Bears D in a Divisional game is never easy. So as long as the line can wake up and say, hang on, lets not slack out there and play like we can, the Packers we saw in the pre season look to be coming over shortly.

    I’m excited, we got a divisional win, not the cleaniest and most exciting game out there, but we came out in the clutch, and are 1-0. Let this season be a great one!

  3. Ron La Canne Says:

    The problem with the offense was one gaping hole with the name Barbre. In the second half MM had the TE and a FB playing on the right side almost every play. That changed the game plan and drastically reduces the offensives’ capabilty. It takes away almost 40% of the offensive options. Sitton did a decent job with Harris, Spitz was ok but his hold cost a 24 yard run, Colledge played the best, and Clifton with one or two exceptions was good.

    Rodgers needs to be given a lot of credit facing the unencumbered pressure from the Bear line without making a mistake. I’ll take zero Int’s and 100 yards less in passing over 4 INT’s any game. A win under adverse circumstances is a good win regardless of how they look.

    For the near future, they need to come up with a tackle solution. They had no backup tackles active last night. Breno is even slower than Barbre and shouldn’t even be on the roster. Meridith on the practice sqad is not ready for prime time yet. An old vet sitting out there waiting for a phone call may be the only option. Welcome Back Tauscher!

  4. Packers Daily Links 9.15.09 - Railbird Central Says:

    […] of Andy Hayes from Packergeeks. "Perhaps McCarthy saw Poppinga doing nothing…again," writes Hayes. "Just glad that there was specific mention of need to get Bishop involved. Please let this be […]

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