Wow. I am typically all for the unconventionaly playcall, the trick play, the unpredictable call. But I didn’t even have a play like that one called up. That call took stones and I love it (now that it worked). Wow. Great play call. 3rd and 1, of course the Bears would guess run, pulling it seemed like 9 guys in the box. Unreal. Now, let’s hold on here. (What is this BS delay – what are they reviewing? The way things have gone, they are just trying to figure out some way possible to screw the Pack again.)


2 Responses to “The…um…stones!!!”

  1. Trav Says:

    Did you see the intern walk out there with the wheel barrel to help McCarthy load up his huge stones and walk off the field?

    I love the call and being aggessive in that situation. Can’t wait to head up next week for the Cincy game.

  2. Kozak Says:

    Shades of Bart Starr! Play action on third and one to the house!

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