Cindy V good idea, let’s talk cuts


Bedard had a crack at his 53 man roster here. I’ll offer mine even though the actual cuts may come any minute here.

  • QBs (3) – Rodgers, Flynn, Brohm. It’s been 2 years and I’m still not sold on Brohm. He looked better last Thurs night in the face of tremendous pressure. I really wonder what would have happened had Flynn been healthy and played well in the preseason – would they have cut or traded Brohm?
  • RBs (4) – Grant, Jackson, Wynn, Sutton. While I don’t think he’s bad, I strongly considered leaving off Jackson. Though I don’t know the extent of his injury, I’ve seriously begun to wonder if he’s the least talented of the backs. Lumpkin has a nice power style and never seems to lose yards, Wynn strikes me as one of those gamers who just does positive stuff (like Bishop) whenever he’s in the game and Sutton may in fact just be the most purely talented back we have overall. In the end Lumpkin is the odd man out.
  • FBs (2) – Somewhere I read a stat that pointed out the Packers’ winning percentage when Korey Hall played last year and it was much better than when he didn’t. Last year, I saw too many games where it seemed Kuhn missed the block. Maybe part of it was Grant running the wrong way I don’t know, but it sure looked like Kuhn wasn’t a huge help back there. Johnson has too much potential to risk him to waivers, so I keep Hall and Johnson.
  • TEs (3) – Obvious we’ll keep Lee and Finley. And, though I don’t remember him as the special teams demon that others seem to, I don’t mind keeping Havner if he truly helps there.
  • WRs (5) Jennings, Driver, Jones, Nelson, Martin. There has been a lot of talk about Brett Swain and keeping him because he’s versatile. While some may consider that a nice attribute, I think it’s overrated. In fact, I’d argue that at times, revering this attribute causes problems (think last year, when our O-line guys shifted positions seemingly weekly and Hawk moved to MLB even though Bishop as trained specifically as back-up LB). If a guy makes the team as a WR, I want him to be a WR, not a quadruple back-up corner. (This said, this may be the last year I hang on to Martin, unless he has a break out year.)
  • O-Line ( 9) Babre, Sitton, Spitz, Colledge, Clifton, Deitrich-Smith, Scott Wells, Jamon Meredith, TJ Lang. I’m not sure how Mark Tauscher’s rehab has been going lately,  but I think we shouldn’t rule out picking him back up. Even if he can’t start, he could really help the guys mature into more effective linemen because he’s just so bright. And then, even if he’s slowed down a bit by the knee, I’m sure he could fill in adequately if we were in a bind (be better than any of the other back-up options at least).
  • D-Line (6) Jolly, Raji, Pickett, Jenkins, Wynn, Montgomery. Possible consideration might be keeping one more big guy for depth (though Toribio and Malone would likely clear waivers for the practice squad).
  • Linebacker (9) Kampman, Barnett, Hawk, Bishop, Chillar, Matthews, Thompson, Brad Jones, Lansanah. Yes, I would have tried to trade Poppinga, but if not, I would have cut him. There is enough potential in Jones, Lansanah and even Obiozor to justify cutting ties with Poppinga.
  • Secondary (9) Blackmon, Williams, Woodson, Harris, Collins, Bigby, Smith, Rouse, Lee, Bush. I don’t know much re the injuries for Blackmon, Underwood and Lee, but depending on severity one of these 3 could end up on IR. It’s hard for me to leave off Brandon Underwood because he seems like a guy who may deliver in games for some reason. But I also just don’t think his body is mature enough for NFL play – appears fragile to me.
  • Special Teams (3) Goode, Crosby, Kapinos.

5 Responses to “Cindy V good idea, let’s talk cuts”

  1. 56Coop Says:

    Pretty good line up there Andy. I’ve got to say that I am up in the air re: Hawk. Last year he had the deer in the headlights look (of course he was playing out of position) way too often & I just haven’t seen him arouind the ball that much. Maybe someonoe else needs the “green dotted” helmet. As I said in an earlier post-he needs to become the player he’s supposed to be. Course I’m not sold on Poppinga either but I am wondering if having K Greene as amentor may not be helping him.

    Here is my comment regarding Underwood back from the Are you a Packer fan thread

    “I just watchced the 2nd half of the Bills game (thank God for DVR & the NFL channel). I then looked at the roster which shows this Underwood (cornerback/Cinncinnatri) kid about the same size as Al Harris as a matter of fact 8 pounds heavier. Maybe it’s these 53 year old eyes but man he looked small. Maybe it’s Harris’ hair. Oh well, doubt he makes the final cut anyway”.

    While I’ll admit he seems to be near the ball most of the time I just don’t see that “killer” instinct and feel a good power back or a good downfield blocker would put him on the deck more often than not.

    As far as QB’s, pray for Aaron’s health. I’d be for cutting Brohm and bringing in something/anything different. Let’s see who is available tomorrow.

  2. 56Coop Says:

    You guys think we should try to sign Booty to the practice squad if he clears waivers?

  3. DaveK Says:

    Looks like they actually were able to trade Moll for Ravens CB. Not bad considering they would have to cut him. The new CB probably means Underwood or Lee are on IR for the year. Brohm was cut which really surprises me. I guess they really needed a roster spot for someone else or maybe someone recently released from another team? Thompson does like to churn the bottom of the roster so I think we might see 2-3 new faces on the 53 before the night is done.

  4. 56Coop Says:

    The guys @ PFT will print anything .. With that in mind here ya go:

    Again, Booty?

  5. DaveK Says:

    56coop – I think that TT probably has a vet lined up to replace Brohm though. Can’t imagine they would choose Booty over Brohm. But, I think most young QB’s would love to be on the Packer’s roster or P.S. just because of MM reputation for coaching up QB’s. Booty with the MN play book would be nice also.

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