Brohm to be released?

by is reporting Brohm will be cut today. I’m a little surprised by this, but I don’t think it’s a terrible decision. Last year, Brohm appeared to me to be a full step slower than Flynn and about 1-2 steps slower than Rodgers. I even argued last year that I would have been fine cutting him in favor of picking up a veteran QB (in part because he just looked so far from being NFL-ready). While he was a tad better this preseason, there may not be much sense in putting more time and effort into developing him. I also think if he were still considered to have potential by other teams, trades offers would have come forward by now (maybe they have…who knows). I know some may be frustrated with this cut because he was a second round pick. To me, I am less concerned with where someone is drafted than with how they perform. (AJ Hawk, are you reading this?).

I do wonder if this means that we’ll pick up a veteran QB or if we’ll stick with 2 QBs. If we stick with 2QBs that will open up another slot for some other position: 4RBs, 3FBs, another secondary spot, LB, ?


One Response to “Brohm to be released?”

  1. DaveK Says:

    Gotta trust MM and TT on Brohm…..what a waste of a 2nd round pick but you have give TT credit for not sticking with a mistake.

    I can’t imagine the Packers keeping 3 full backs. One will get released tomorrow when players clear waivers. TT could possible add a vet QB or maybe a OL since Moll and Meredith are both gone.

    Havner could be replaced with a TE off the waiver wire. There will surely be a better TE option and Packers have a decent waiver priority number.

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