Some major love for Rodgers


Read here for Adam Schein’s preseason awards. Yes, that’s right, Aaron Rodgers for MVP.

For some reason, I don’t mind that expectations (and with that pressure) are mounting. Rodgers had pressure on him last year and responded. I think he’s a mentally tough player so I’m feeling confident he will handle the growing pressure of expectation for 2009 effectively.


8 Responses to “Some major love for Rodgers”

  1. Ron La Canne Says:

    Pre-Season Awards? Isn’t that an oxymoron? I guess it fits the pattern of todays’ journalistic style, but it is meaningless crap. Every team in the league is 0 & 0 at this time. The clock doesn’t start until the 13th. Sooner for a few.

    That said, I think Rodgers is right up there with the best. However, he still has to bring in a winning record when it counts. He likely has the second best reeiving corp, maybe the best if Finley lives up to his pre-season, in the NFL. Will the line deliver in the regular seaon? They did in pre-season, but …. . And finally a good running game, not necessarily great would help even more.

    After the first four weeks we should know just how much potential the 2009 team has.

  2. J. Says:

    On yesterday’s Pardon the Interruption Michael Wilbon (Mr. Bear himself) name dropped Rodgers as the future MVP of this season at the end of the show. I thought that was pretty significant shout out from the PTI guys.

  3. campbell Says:

    His endorsement is trivial, fueled more by his virulently anti-Favre stance than pro-Rodgers, believe me.

    Schein did the pre and post-game NY Jets shows on SNY in NY. He never disguised this attitude even when Favre was 9-3. There was always condescension in his presentation, even intimating that Favre’s arm was uninjured, which I’m sure would surprise Dr. Andrews.

    Cowherd and Peter King had a wonderfully genuine Rodgers imprimatur this afternoon. Both agreed that his great gift was that he knew exactly who he was and what he was capable of doing and that the Packers had their QB for the next ten years and had grown tired of the “circus”. I’d take their stamp of approval before some biased Fox Loudmouth.

  4. 56Coop Says:

    Damn-back to the dictionary — imprimatur?

  5. Alpha Cat Says:

    How can Rodgers be the MVP of the league, but the not the most valuable offensive player?

  6. Alpha Cat Says:

    Definitely jumping the gun here. I think AR is a terrific quarterback, but he had the advantage of facing three really bad defenses the preseason. Cleveland, Buffalo, and Arizona all fell in the lower half of team defenses for 2008.

  7. campbell Says:

    56Coop….I employed a fiendish machination ala “Where’s Waldo” and inserted the definition in the body of my response.

    It’s my vacuous, inane and superficial contribution to this venerated group.

    Rodgers should beware of media genuflections etal. If he doesn’t perform to their expectations and predictions…fill in the blank.


  8. Ruppert Says:

    Even though a few media members are showing some serious love for Rodgers, I still think a large chunk of the football media elite are downplaying/ignoring the importance of Rodgers’ performance last year. I mean, how could any normal human being handle following Favre under perfect circumstances, let alone the circumstances that actually played out last year? In some strange way, MVP expectations might well be a relief to him. Now, I’m not saying he’s going to be MVP of the league. My lone goal is for him to simply preside over a winning team. But there is indeed a chance that last year’s experience might really set Rodgers up for some serious success in the future.

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