Aaron Rodgers’ mustache – um…no


Wow, a few years ago it was kind of funny. Now, it’s just scary. I’m glad Jessie Garcia asked him about it – and I’m glad he’s not planning to keep it. I shaved my my facial hair down to a mustache a few years ago mostly to scare my wife. She was very, very scared. Not a good look for most people nowadays.


7 Responses to “Aaron Rodgers’ mustache – um…no”

  1. Ron La Canne Says:

    I thought John Bolton was playing QB tonight.

  2. Trav Says:

    I thought he was seeing how he looked in various stages of facial hair for a possible post-football career in the adult film industry.

  3. joshywoshybigfatposhy Says:

    bring back the fu manchu and stick with it.

  4. cindyvvideo Says:

    Let’s change the subject to team cuts. Who’s going to get cut? Who should be cut? Will Wells be traded? Do we keep Quinn and get rid of Hall or Kuhn? Lumpkin, Sutton, or Wynn? Brent Swain or Ruevelle Martin?

  5. Jonathan Gibbs Says:

    My wife loves it.

  6. packacards Says:

    The mustache is awesome!! Look at the Cardinals – they rocked the stache and now they’re rocking the NL!!

  7. packacards Says:

    I do love it – Jono!

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