Peter King: Pack to NFC Championship Game


Interesting – read here for King’s 2009 predictions. He has the Packers losing to the Bears in the NFC Championship Game. That would be great to get that far for sure, but horrible to lose to the Bears.

He is the second expert guy the other being Peter Schrager from – thanks Manolito for pointing his article out), who has picked the Bears to lose in the Super Bowl. Disagree with that.


8 Responses to “Peter King: Pack to NFC Championship Game”

  1. joshywoshybigfatposhy Says:

    sometimes i think these guys just pick out of a hat and then try to justify it.

    when i tap into my psychic visions, all i see is cutler looking miserable and arrogant at the same time. and also, i see unicorns. but the unicorns are telling me that the bears won’t even have a winning record. and that my spirit is full of wonder and to watch out for a man red van handing out candy. and also that the giants will have an off year.

    i think i’ll go write an article justifying my psychic visions with in-depth analysis now.

  2. Dave in Tucson Says:

    The biggest problem picking the Bears to do anything this year is that Devon “one-route” Hestor is their #1 Receiver. Cutler may make some difference, but I don’t see them getting much more than 9 wins this year.

    I think Favre’s tenure with the Vikings will be much as it was with the Packers (and the Jets, for that matter)–some early glory, followed by the inevitable decline, and capped with a season-ending interception.

    If the Packers (and especially Rodgers) stay healthy, and if the success of the defense carries through to the regular season (and they can maintain that level of intensity!), they could have a real shot at winning the division.


  3. Ron La Canne Says:

    The entire Bear defense will be suspended for violation of the “Drug Abuse” policy. Intravenous Geratol! How many of these geniouses pick the Cards for the NFC Champions last year? NONE!

  4. Scott W Says:

    The Bears? No way. The Vikings? They always find the banana peel.

  5. cindyvvideo Says:

    I’m not sure how the Packers will do this season. The momentum is their’s right now. But the Bears in the Super Bowl? No flipping way. They are more than a good quarterback away from going into the playoffs. I think the Vikings may be a better team than the Bears. But still, it’s early.

  6. Packers Daily Links 9.3.09 - Railbird Central Says:

    […] Peter King of Sports Illustrated says the Packers are going to lose to the Bears in the NFC Championship game. Hat tip: Packergeeks. […]

  7. 56Coop Says:

    Here’s Curran, Rosenthals & NBC sports take on the division

    BTW in a fan vote at the same site 44% pick the Pack to take the NFC North , FWIW

  8. Alpha Cat Says:

    I’d say the Pack, Vikes and Bears all have a shot at the title, but I’d say the Bears would be the least likely. I can’t see this old defense maintaining for 16 weeks. While Cutler is OK, I don’t see him setting the world on fire since the only competent receiver is a tight end. Forte can’t do it by himself.

    I don’t see Favre having a terrific year, but all he has to do is manage the game to be successful on offense. Their defense is weird. Great against the run, but an awful secondary. I think the AR will rip them apart.

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