Peter King reading Packergeeks?


Read here from King’s Tuesday version of MMQB – he claims (like I claimed a couple days ago) that the NFC North could be the new power division in football.

Also, he has some interesting thoughts on McCarthy’s push for offseason work-out attendance.

5 Responses to “Peter King reading Packergeeks?”

  1. Favre Haiku Says:

    Packers and Vikings
    Bears and other team (oh my)
    Power division?

  2. 56Coop Says:

    Anybody see the game last night? I thought BF “managed” the game pretty well which is a bit scary. Don’t know if I quite believe the sore/cracked rib thing. I’ve had bruised ribs before & couldn;t even sleep in the bed for 2 weeks. Favre says it’s hard for him to take a deep breath yet when he got “grounded” last night he didn;t even react to his ribs. Even after that crackback block. (Yeah he needs to be fined). If they’re sore it must bit just a little bit sore–not enough to not be able to take a deep breath. I know he has a high pain threshhold but come on…

    NFC North could definitely be a three team powerhouse. I can see GB, MV & CB winning double digit games and possibly dragging both wild cards. In order for this to happen however, GB & a few other teams are going to have to beat Dallas. I hope Flynn gets a lot of playing time in the last preseason game even if it’s not with most of the starters. IF either team loses a starting QB I think the nod goes to the Vikes (yuk) whether it;s TJack or Sage. I haven’t seen enough of Flynn to know if he could pull it off. I’m sure Brohm cannot. What do you folks that are a little closer to Packerland think?

  3. 56Coop Says:

    Well now, this is intersting. Think they’ll ship both HAwk & Poppinga eventually or is Poppy pickin up his game enough to hang around?

  4. awhayes Says:

    That is interesting 56. Hadn’t seen that. The conspiracy theorist in me thinks this is just another ploy to leave out the one LB I think could do the most damage: Desmond Bishop (notice they didn’t mention him).

  5. 56coop Says:

    Surely, surely, surely they see the value of Bishop & Chiilar both–both can be demons

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