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offfense looks good – poppinga sucks

August 15, 2009

I know we’re being cautious with likely starters (and I think Matthews is out tonight), but starting Poppinga is never good. Though that end-around play was not just Poppinga’s fault, Collins took a bad angle on that one.


Vick to Eagles for 2 year deal

August 13, 2009

Chris Mortensen is reporting at ESPN that Vick has signed a 2 year deal with the Eagles. Interesting and in a way, appropriate. Violent, brutish fans getting one of their own.

Oh well, it was at least interesting to entertain the possibility of picking up someone like Vick. He will probably be a good addition for the Eagles as I imagine Andy Reid will figure out some clever things he can do. Scary to think of the possibility that Westbrook and Vick could be lined up at some point in the same backfield.

Raji’s contract worked out

August 13, 2009

Apparently BJ Raji will be coming into town tomorrow to sign his contract and get to work. Good. I had written a lengthy post that I failed to publish earlier in the weak about my problem with rookie contracts. I don’t like them. They are paid more than they are worth. Soon this will change because it will have to – it just doesn’t make sense to guarantee an untested rookie $34 million for example (Aaron Curry, #4 pick for Seattle). They should get something, but not the kind of money they’re getting. I read one great interview by Donald Brown, the Colts new lightening fast RB, who pretty much said that yes, rookie drafted high especially, get way too much money. I think he’s already signed.

(Thanks The Choj, brother Steve for the tip).

Wisconsinites being Wisconsinites

August 10, 2009

First of all, I’d like to congratulate Peter King for winning the McCann award this past weekend at the NFL Hall of Fame. He deserves it as he has been a dedicated and quality writer on all things NFL for years. Thanks Peter.

I really liked this bit from Peter King’s MMQB this morning:

Enjoyable/Aggravating Travel Note Of The Week

River Falls, Wis., Wednesday, 2:25 p.m.:

Part of my rehab from 20-day-old left-knee meniscus surgery is to ride a stationary bike each day for about 20 minutes. I haven’t been able to do it every day on this trip, which is in Day 14, but I haven’t gone two days in a row without it. In River Falls, I needed to find a way to pedal, and the bike rack outside the Chiefs’ cafeteria and meeting-room center on the campus of the University of Wisconsin-River Falls was chock-full. One belonged to Chiefs media-relations maven Pete Moris, who generously offered to let me borrow it for a spin through the flat streets of the western Wisconsin village.

As I rode down one leafy street just off campus, a 25-ish, power-walking woman with earbuds in walked purposefully toward me. When we were 20 yards away from each other, she took out both earbuds and said, “Hi! How are you today?” A couple of blocks later, two bikers on the other side of another leafy road both waved and the first one yelled, “Howyadointoday!”

I spent nine years in the Midwest (Ohio, which isn’t the upper Midwest, but a cousin of it), and I loved it, and on this pleasant valley Wednesday in River Falls, I remembered why.

Just pick-up Mitch Berger

August 6, 2009

I agree with Trav, Mike Vandermause (GBPG) and others who are concerned about our punting situation. I agree especially when Vandermause seems to question what TT is thinking re the punting. He blew it with Jon Ryan and it’s possible he’s blowing it now too when he could at least pick up a veteran guy who won’t totally suck.

I must confess, I have not seen Durant kick but if he’s not impressing in camp so far by most accounts and he certainly didn’t impress in Washington last year, I say cut the guy now. Just don’t waste any more time. Kapinos should have the edge if only because he’s lefty and that different spin that lefty punters impart on the ball apparently can be really hard for returners to adapt to.

But I would also bring in Mitch Berger. As far as I understand it, he is still a free agent. In addition to still being a serviceable punter, historically, he has been considered a fantastic holder too – another bonus. And his NFL experience may help Crosby a bit considering Ks and Ps hang out together all the time. (By the way, I have a feeling Crosby’s kicking woes last year were due at least in part to Frost probably sucking at holding like he sucked at punting, and then Kapinos being so new. Though Crosby, unlike Longwell, didn’t make a public deal out of it.) Anyway, Berger kicked adequately in relief duty for Pittsburgh last year – at least he didn’t mis-punt them out of the running for a Super Bowl. Just pick him up if he’s still willing to punt so we can have someone in camp who’s not so new to all of this.

TT actually considering Michael Vick?

August 6, 2009

Somehow, Jason Wilde of the Wisconsin State Journal, has learned that TT may in fact have genuine interest in signing Michael Vick. He indicates his non-comments the other day weren’t necessarily trademark, TT non-comments and that there may have been something behind them. We’ve been surprised by TT before, but this would be quite surprising. Read here from Wilde’s column today.

Thanks, by the way, to DaveK for finding this article.

Should the Packers consider Michael Vick?

August 5, 2009

Greg Bedard was right in predicting that there would be some noise about Ted Thompson’s recent non-comments on Michael Vick. Here’s what TT said. (si, pft, others have already run with this story). For most Packer fans, this looks like very typical TT rhetoric – non-committal, saying mostly nothing. But it seems to me that if 24 other teams have already weighed in stating convincingly that Vick is not in their plans, if TT were not interested, it would have been far less of a headache for him to just do the same. Now, he’s let loose the hounds. While this may all mean absolutely nothing, I guess I was a little surprised that he chose to handle it this way.

This is an intriguing question and one I hadn’t considered much before now. Not sure what exactly I would do as GM. I suppose if I were forced to render an opinion at this moment, I would say we should definitely consider it (because I actually do agree with TT, we should consider lots of possibilities all the time), but in the end I would say no. The major reason I think we shouldn’t pursue Vick much further is that the smoke is just now clearing from a very high profile/media-hyped divorce with Favre. We don’t need any more fire/smoke right now and the fact is, wherever Vick goes he will carry with him some degree of flammability (to continue on way too far with this whole fire/smoke metaphor). I also don’t think Vick would be a huge contributor on this particular offense (though that may not be giving McCarthy enough credit – he could probably figure out some creative things to do with an athlete like Vick).

Now, if the Favre situation hadn’t just happened, I might be more inclined to consider Vick, but I’m still not sure I’d sign him. Some reasons for considering him seriously follow. First of all, the salary he’ll command likely won’t match his talent level – he just went through bankruptcy and he’s desperate for money/an opportunity. Second, he is one of the more gifted players out there. Third, we all know he can play at Lambeau. Fourth, though I’d have some misgivings about signing a convicted felon, and his crimes were vicious and profoundly stupid, I do believe he has served his time (unlike Donte Stallworth). Fifth, he would be a great player to have on the roster in case something happened to Aaron Rodgers. Sixth, even if he we couldn’t find a huge role for him on our offense, if he made some plays and proved to the world that he avoid getting involved in inane activities off the field, he could become good trade bait – especially for a team desperate for a QB.

Regardless of the real meaning behind TT’s comments, I put the question to you all: should the Packers consider signing Michael Vick?

Will Bishop finally get a chance?

August 4, 2009

It’s about time we read something like this piece from Tom Silverstein at this morning. If the coaches truly believe that Desmond Bishop is rising in the LB ranks and they finally give him a chance to play, I wouldn’t be surprised if we’re all talking about how good he really is at the end of the season. One thing he does well is make plays. Our other LBs, don’t. Between Chillar, Poppinga, Barnett and Hawk last year, I’d bet there were only 3-4 turnovers caused (if that). If I’m not mistaken, Bishop forced 2 by himself in seriously limited action. Silverstein brings up the Minnesota game and the missed tackle on Chester Taylor (which is a favorite for anti-Bishopers to bring up too), but let me tell you right now – not one LB on the team last year would have made that tackle. It was not only a nice move by Taylor, but Bishop was also left alone in the flat with a shifty running back. It was not an easy play. It just looked extra bad because not one other Packer was around for 47 yards.

TT and the gang are always talking about the importance of drafting “football guys” or players who just know how to play the game. Bishop is one of those guys. And he was absolutely right last year when he accused the coaching staff of not basing playing-time decisions on what a player has actually produced. If Bishop does some damage early, I hope that Capers has the stones to make objective football decisions based on performance – even if that means relegating Hawk or even Barnett to the bench. That may sound far-fetched at the moment, but that’s how good I think Bishop can be.