Backpack injuries? Really?


Fox 6 News in Milwaukee just had a story, yet another back to school story, on the hazards of wearing the wrong backpack. Seriously. Fox interviewed some orthopaedic (why is this word spelled like this, why) surgeon who talked about the injuries that can occur. In the end, thankfully, we were told about what to look for when shopping for a backpack to buy our kids and how to wear one – key information that could very well help our kids avoid such devastating injuries as “occasional lower back discomfort”.

7 Responses to “Backpack injuries? Really?”

  1. Kozak Says:

    “Orthopaedic” is the British spelling.
    In America, it’s “Orthopedic”.

  2. Aaron Rogders Says:

    If there is an increase in “back injuries” due to backpacks, it is probably most likely due to kids becoming fragile by playing video games all day…

    • Kiefer M. Says:

      Seriously? I dont know how old you are but they have been making books bigger and giving us more homework in the past few years. Carry an average high school students backpack around for a day and feel for yourself that it has nothing to do with video games

  3. Trav Says:

    Whatever happened to an old belt strapped around the books as the kids walked to school uphill both ways in the snow with no boots?

    ARodg – Agree with you on the video games.

  4. joshywoshybigfatposhy Says:

    anyone who’s ever had/lived with someone who had back problems would do anything they could to avoid it. it’s like being 90. except your hands and eyes still work. and yoda’s wrong – the size and weight of objects does matter when you’re trying to move them with your mind. i can only get the remote to wiggle a little on the counter.

    but yes aaron – most kids’ injuries these days can be traced back to halo 2.

    there is, however, that kid with the giant orange kohl’s backpack that’s so full it’s a cube – which leads to lean-walking, where the child eventually needs back-weight to keep him/her from falling forward when walking without said backpack.

    i tended to be a ‘why is he even wearing a backpack?’ kid. i forgot my books a lot, due to a kick the can injury to my brain. so see, it all evens out.

  5. Aaron Rogders Says:

    Joshy, everyone plays Halo 3 now, get with the times haha.

    And that giant orange Kohls backpack has an xbox 360 in it.

  6. 56Coop Says:

    Books? Backpacks? Hell, I always left mine in my locker at school.. Had no need for ’em at home. Too busy playin—-outside!!!!!!

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