Jay Cutler looking very solid


I said a few months ago that I was nervous about the 2009 Bears after they acquired Jay Cutler. After watching tonight’s game, I have to say, I’m a bit more nervous. Cutler is really good. On the last drive of the first half, Cutler threw some bullets, some touch passes and ended the drive with a perfectly thrown low ball pass to Forte for a TD. He’s good, they have a very good RB, their receivers (including TE Greg Olsen) will prove more than adequate and their defense will be strong again. Chicago may be a force in the NFC North this year. (One worthwhile note: Cutler can be rattled, so it will be critical for our 3-4 D to get to him early.)

As a prelude to my annual NFL predictions, I will offer this: in 2009, the NFC North will be the 2008 NFC East. Our division could end up being one of the better divisions in football.

17 Responses to “Jay Cutler looking very solid”

  1. DreamPipe Says:

    Andy, we must not be watching the same game? the broncs do not have the talent on D that we do, i saw cutler carve up a sub par D, which any decent QB should be able to do. Cutler is not consistent week in week out. the bears D is ok, but against a really sophisticated and talented offense the likes of Pack, Pats, Saints, etc. they’ll show their true colors, overrated. Josh McDaniels is the only thing the Denver Offense has of any value. Cutler will get sacked, the bears’ weak WRs will get stripped by our ballhawkers. I like Olsen/Cutler combo, but Capers can easily key in on that connection. Forte is a B- back at best. I’m not worried about Cutler, he’s a b!tch, have u seen his interviews? tonight with Andrea Kramer he called the Bronc fans ‘good fans’… if I’m not mistaken there was a rather notable quotation from him earlier this week where he called them (for all intents and purposes) bad fans. Dude has no class, and iffy game. what I am worried about is our kicking game, both Crosby and whoever our punter will be. This is the real issue at hand. i smell pick six all over Cutler’s arrogant a$$. I think after tomorrow night’s Brett Viqueens game, we’ll see that the Pack is clearly the class of the NFC north.

  2. librarianchat Says:

    Cutler is good, but he’s a loose cannon.

  3. Favre's Booger Says:

    Denver is a very, very bad team. Chicago fans should calm down. Cutler was average at best in the 1st quarter and played only slightly better in the 2nd. The Bears have several problems:

    1. No WRs. The only receiver that scares me is their TE Olsen. Other then that, who do they have? Hester? Please. The best thing the Bears could do with Hester is keep him as a full time returner.

    2. An aging O-line. Talk about old and stiff. Yikes. Orlando Pace has 0 knee bend. Good thing Cutler is mobile.

    3. Tommy Harris’ knee is not healed. I don’t care what anyone tells you, Harris is no where close to 100%. Hell, he isnt close to 75%. Boy does he look old and slow.

    4. Their secondary is a mess. The Packers offense will pass all over these chumps. No name safeties and CBs that hold a starting job for more then a couple weeks. Jennings and Driver have to be licking their chops!

    5. Jay Cutler is still their QB. This guy is a proven loser. Why is he hyped so much? His NFL record is something like 17-20. His college record is even worse at 11-30 (or something close to that). Rodgers has an NFL record of 6-10 but has only had one season to prove himself. Ask 32 NFL GMs who they would rather have, Rodgers or Cutler. I guarantee you 80% of them would say Rodgers.

    6. The Bears still suck!

  4. Ron La Canne Says:

    It cannot be denied that the Bears finally have a real QB. That said the DB’s may be the worst in the league and the Dline is barely adequate. Their defense is relying mostly on their LB’s. Should be able to be exploited.

    Offense = No Wr’s! I hate the Bears!

  5. RayMidge Says:

    Cutler is talented, there is no question, but there is something about his slack-jawed, dull-eyed glare and the way he carries himself and answers questions . . . I dunno, I look at him and see Ryan Leaf waiting to happen. Probably wishful thinking on my part.

  6. 56Coop Says:

    Dreampipe–I’m sure you know Ruvell Martin was holding so I’ll put at least one of those misses on him. Wasn’t Crosby like the 3rd or 4th highest scorer in the NFL last year? (Which means we kicked way too many FG’s instead of TD’s) I think the FG situation will be OK. I am worried that more times than not he can’t get the ball into the end zone on KO’s. You saw what Hester did last night on that return. (Oh wait that was a punt wasn;t it) Agree we could use improvement on Punting.

    Raymidge, I hope that dull eyed stare of Cutler’s is not just lack of fear because of his confidence. Seems to me Elway could look kinda dull eyed at times.

    Hope you are right on the Leaf thing.

    After watching the game I think we stack up pretty well on paper against the Bears. I’ll be anxious to see Cutler play with our defense coming at him–I see a few sacks & INT’s in his future.

    Guess we’ll get to see how the old man looks tonight.

  7. Bearfan3454 Says:

    You guys are certainly living in a state of denial in cheeseheadland. We are missing our best db in Tillman, who will be back for the start of the season, and the d-line is back to where they were a few years ago. We have the best set of linebackers in the league which we don’t have to rely on but do enjoy watching smack around the opposition.

    Offense = Cutler throwing all over the pack! I hate the pack!

  8. Ron La Canne Says:


    The DB and line comments are sourced to Arkish and Hampton (WSCR)after the game last night. Danny boy said Harris is not where he needs to be and other 3 are barely at an acceptable level. Worst db’s in the league can be attributed to Arkish. Tillman with both shoulders cut in the off season has yet to see any real contact. Good Luck!

  9. Bearfan3454 Says:

    I never take what Arkish says seriously. He has been long noted for his negative comments where the Bears are concerned and then backpedals once proven wrong. Harris has admitted that his knee is aobut 80% right now. When he is healthy, he’s a beast. I agree that the db’s that stared last night were not very good but they are our second and third stringers and they are that for a reason. Once Tillman and Bowman get healthy we will be fine. Thanks for the wishes of good luck though.

  10. joshywoshybigfatposhy Says:

    rodgers will throw for 798yds and 14tds against the bears in week one.

    the packers will go on to win 7 superbowls this year alone.

    the bears will lose every game by a number beyond human understanding, and be the cause of mass suicides throughout the greater chicago area.

    tommie harris will make a helmet-to-helmet tackle on favre and put both of them on IR for the next 7 years.

    FIBs will stop venturing north of the border, from fear of being spotted and humiliated by packer fans.

  11. joshywoshybigfatposhy Says:

    (my dad can beat up your dad)

  12. 56Coop Says:

    3454 I’ll give you Harris @ 80%–hell , he’s still pretty beastly. Can’t wait for Sunday night 9/13. That’s when the defecation hits the rotary oscillator & all The BS smack talk stops & we get to really find out what’s what. Baring a Rodgers injury, my money’s on the Pack for NFC North. Cutler’s sacked twice (at least) and throws at least one pick 6.

    Funny Joshy, funny

  13. 56Coop Says:

    Don;t know if anyone else has seen this but it looks like Favre is already coming up with excuses if all goes badly—


    Or, he might really have a cracked rib…That’s not good

  14. Bearfan3454 Says:

    I will admit that Rodgers looks to be the real deal but I’m not sure that he’s going to be able to score enough points to keep up with the amount that your defense is going to give up. I think our defense will be the difference and take the North.

  15. DreamPipe Says:

    3454, have you seen this pack defense? it’s new and vastly improved… they don’t allow points and take the ball away 60% of the time they’re on the field… check yourself…

  16. 56Coop Says:

    God, please let it be 09/13, please..


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