What do you make of this Vike’s fan comment?


Came across this comment from a Vikings’ fan in response to a post I wrote last year disagreeing with Dr. Z who picked the Vikes to win the Super Bowl during the preseason:

LoL you greenbay fans. Man sure sucks when your team kicks their best player out and then gets beat down by them in ‘09. And yes they kicked him out. They could have said come back. Pride set in and now they’ll pay for that. Man I honestly think GB will lose both game by 2 tds or more. And yes Vikes have the best chance in the NFC to go to the SB.

Have at…

14 Responses to “What do you make of this Vike’s fan comment?”

  1. Cate Says:

    Is it worth responding? We’ve all seen teams that look great on paper and then end up not doing so well so, it’s hard to say how the NFC Central will go down this year.

    Could Favre end up being the missing link the Vikings need to get to the SB? Maybe, but I think the odds of that happening are relatively low. I think Favre will still be a decent QB, but his glory days are behind him. Now, that doesn’t mean success isn’t possible; he’s got a good team backing him up, but I believe all the intangibles factor in too, like team chemistry, coaching, etc. and I don’t know that Favre will get there w/his new team.

    Couple that with the fact that I think the Pack looks really strong this year. I may end up being wrong, but I think GB is certainly going to be in the hunt for a playoff berth.

    It will be an interesting season, that’s for sure!

    Oh, and one last point was regarding Favre being our best player. can anyone really say that anymore given his age and performance the last few seasons? And now that we’ve all seen what Rodgers can do, can anyone really blame the Packers for looking ahead and not wanting to lose him? I certainly can’t; he’s a quality QB at the beginning of his career versus the end of his career.

  2. Chris Says:

    Sounds like an emotional email with no objective information/statistical trending to back it up. in other words, purely subjective trash talking.

    Players better than Brett Favre in 07′ when he was a Packer: Kampan, Jenkins, Woodson, Tauscher, Clifton, Collins, Jennings, Driver…he wasn’t as good as any of the above players despite his numbers (postseason and Nov. Dec. play proved that)

    He wasn’t kicked out, the team left the door open before an emotional Favre shut it, only asking the organization to re-open discussion after everybody else had moved on and his teamates busted their butts in another training camp that Favre opted to skip.

    Pride? I do not think you know what the word means.

    I will take the under on your two touchdown win in each meeting and bet you $1,000 to your $500, put your money where your mouth is.

    Better teams in the NFC: Giants, Eagles, Panthers, Seahawks, Falcons…

  3. DaveK Says:

    I wonder if he bought playoff tickets last year. I heard there were plenty available.

  4. foundindidaho Says:

    I think it’s my stupid ex-boyfriend from high school, who keeps taunting me on Facebook about Brent signing with the Vikings. And I’m 42 for pete’s sake. These people are morons.

  5. Dave in Tucson Says:

    Man, I love the Vikings. Is there any team better for enjoying sweet, sweet Schadenfreude?

    In 1998, the Vikings were a scoring machine, going 15-1 and establishing a scoring record (just recently eclipsed). Then, in the Championship Game, they lost because Gary Anderson, who hadn’t missed a FG all season… missed a FG.

    An then, of course, there was Freeman’s miracle OT-in-the-rain-on-MNF TD while Chris Dishman turned his back on what he thought was an incompletion.

    Oh, and who can forget 2003, when the Vikings started 6-0, and then had a 3-6 swoon, but still had a chance to win the division–all they needed to do was beat the 3-12 Arizona Cardinals,

    There’s the little ones, too. Like last year, when the Vikings went to Soldier Field, scored 41 points on the Bears… and still lost.

    Good times, my friends. Good times.

  6. 56Coop Says:

    Well said Chris Says—Just a bunch of Viking fluff

  7. Ron La Canne Says:

    I can’t wait for the INT’s to start adding up. We’ll see how excited the Queenies can really get. Everyone seems to forget just how forgiving of the “Great One” Packer fans were. As drive after drive ended with a “toss” inot triple coverage. And I guarentee the the Queen defense will be the first to start whining.

  8. PackerBelle Says:

    Ron you are very right. Even after the interceptions in the NFC Championship game fans still were clamoring for him to come back (heck, we were wanting him back after the 4-12 season). Viking fans are less forgiving. Every QB they have is the savior until he has a couple of bad games. Then they are screaming for the backup.

  9. RayMidge Says:

    I’m dropping a lot of Herschal Walker references these days.

  10. FITZCORE1252 Says:

    I hope we can get that guys take around, say, January.

    GBP 4 LIFE

  11. PackerBelle Says:

    Wow. Stay classy Viking fans.


  12. Kozak Says:

    Yeah, that Viqueen Brain Trust is terrifiying. Oh noes.

    The Vikings Master Mind

  13. Alpha Cat Says:

    We should have kept Favre??????? For the preseason at least, no one, and I mean no one looks better than Rogers. My question is would AR have stuck around if Farve were still here, or would he bolt when eligible for free agency?

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