good first game


Very solid first game – I’m pleased. Standout players were Rodgers, Grant, the first string O-Line, Jermichael Finely, Desmond Bishop (1 sack, 1 int, 2 pressures that led directly to interceptions), Donald Lee’s one catch was impressive, Matt Flynn, Tyrell Sutton and I thought Brandon Underwood had a few nice plays as well.

Love this Jesse Garcia post-game interview with Desmond Bishop’s dad. His dad is very humble, soft-spoken, yet he managed to work in there his and Desmond’s hope for more playing time. Capers and McCarthy may have some difficult decisions at LB over the next few weeks.

4 Responses to “good first game”

  1. Ron La Canne Says:

    Decide on the starting Oline this week.

    Work on disipline – too many penalties and mistakes. Sutton looks like a good number three to me, He was hit hard a couple of times and hung on to the ball. Hits the holes faster than any other GB back. Commits and goes no tentativeness in him.

    Even though it’s hard not to, it’s too soon to get too excited. I love seeing aggressive defense. It works!

  2. Travis Says:

    I live in Canada and play football for our Major team (17-22). It’s only community club but we do a drill that is very good on the discipline for false starts.

    All you do is have everyone lined along a line. In 3 point stance, no matter what position you play. Get down, it starts to hurt after a while, so you won’t wanna do it long. Now the coach or have the QBs doing a cadence. And move the ball whenever they want. The players do not know the count, so all they need to do is watch the ball. It is more for a Dline, but it can help with Oline to. You can change it so they know the count, and the QB/coach trys to draw them offside before the real “cadence” is called.

    The trick of it is, everytime you get it right, you run to the other side. Everytime you get it wrong, you run there and back. The drill is over after 5, 10 etc consecutive without making a mistake. So your getting conditioned and disciplined. It’s a very good drill and hopefully hammers in watching the ball and knowing the cadence. And it works on ignoring a tough cadence to draw people offside.

    Basically for defence the job is to watch the ball. The offence knows the count so the defense needs to watch the ball and not pay attention to the count. Some players are very good at timing it, but the main focus is to watch the ball.

    The job for the offense is to know the count. And listen and wait for the count. Everything else don’t worry about. The biggest problems the Offensive line has is remembering the cadence in the huddle. That combined with confusion with the “fake” cadences can cause false starts.

    And as we all know, false starts and offsides are very very annoying penalties that really hurt the team. I hope Green Bay really finds something they can do to clean it up, there are some very promising things this team appears to have so lets hope this doesn’t slow them down.

  3. FITZCORE1252 Says:

    Fun year. WOOT!

    GBP 4 LIFE

  4. DaveK Says:

    I tried to key on the o-line last night. Some thoughts:

    Duke Preston did not look good at center. It seems they really want Spitz at center and if Preston can’t convince the coaches he is a capable backup center he won’t make the roster to the benefit of Wells. I just can’t imagine that Preston and Wells both make the roster.

    Moll is versatile but if he can’t win the LT back-up spot he won’t make the team. Meredith looked decent last night and Moll looked like…well…Tony Moll. Do they trust Meredith to start if Clifton goes down? Not sure yet but if last night was any indication I think Moll hits the waiver wire.

    I thought Barbre and Sitton where very good in run blocking last night. They moved people and the Packers had some success running to that side. They played next to each other for some of the first quarter and most of the 2nd quarter and the offense ran a lot of plays during that stretch. I wish they were both as consistent in pass protection. At times both allowed their man into the pocket. I think Spitz, Sitton, and Barbre will allow for better run blocking but I just don’t have confidence yet in their ability to protect the passer.

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