Vick to Eagles for 2 year deal


Chris Mortensen is reporting at ESPN that Vick has signed a 2 year deal with the Eagles. Interesting and in a way, appropriate. Violent, brutish fans getting one of their own.

Oh well, it was at least interesting to entertain the possibility of picking up someone like Vick. He will probably be a good addition for the Eagles as I imagine Andy Reid will figure out some clever things he can do. Scary to think of the possibility that Westbrook and Vick could be lined up at some point in the same backfield.


4 Responses to “Vick to Eagles for 2 year deal”

  1. Cindy V Says:

    Peter King has a good article about this on SIonline. He thinks that the stable environment will be good for Vick. He also mentions how Vick feels remorse for not developing his quarterback “craft” earlier in his career. King feels that Doug Pederson, now with the Eagles, will help Vick. King also said the Coach Andy Reid doesn’t care what the fans will say about Vick joining the team. In other words, it’s a perfect fit.

  2. Ron La Canne Says:

    Glad it’s not GB. The risks far outweigh the pluses.

  3. DaveK Says:

    It looks like Philly will pay him $1.8 million this year if he makes the roster. That will of course be pro-rated for how many games he misses per suspension. I have this feeling that Roger will shorten the suspension time. It is a 2 year contract but the 2nd year is for around $5.5 million. No way do they pay a back-up QB $5+ million with McNabb making close to $10 million. Something will have to give there as both won’t be on the roster next year. So, it is essentially a one year deal if McNabb plays really well and remains the starter next year. If McNabb doesn’t play well and/or the team doesn’t make the playoffs I would guess that the calls for shipping away McNabb will be deafening in Philly next summer especially when you have Vick sitting on the bench.

    I had some serious reservations but I was arguing on the side of bringing in Vick if he was truly a humble guy who was willing to back-up Rodgers and help the team in whatever possible way. (for a back-up QB price of course!) Two years ago he was a truly amazing athlete that did incredible things on a football field and I have this hunch that this guy grew up quite a bit in the last few years. I watched his press conference today and I really thought he came off as a guy who gets it now. Could be just PR but I have this hunch has seen the light. Philly may just get an amazing athlete that finally also has the maturity and attitude to match that athletic ability.

  4. Trav Says:

    I skimmed through a few articles where people are calling and e-mailing the Eagles sponsors (Bud, PepsiCo, Comcast, etc.) saying how outraged they are that they would sign Vick, planning boycotts, and all the other actions we all figured we would see once he signed. The circus begins in Philly and I am glad it is one we avoided, unlike previous years.

    Unrelated, looks like Rodgers is the fan favorite thus far, at least in the pro shop.

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