Just pick-up Mitch Berger


I agree with Trav, Mike Vandermause (GBPG) and others who are concerned about our punting situation. I agree especially when Vandermause seems to question what TT is thinking re the punting. He blew it with Jon Ryan and it’s possible he’s blowing it now too when he could at least pick up a veteran guy who won’t totally suck.

I must confess, I have not seen Durant kick but if he’s not impressing in camp so far by most accounts and he certainly didn’t impress in Washington last year, I say cut the guy now. Just don’t waste any more time. Kapinos should have the edge if only because he’s lefty and that different spin that lefty punters impart on the ball apparently can be really hard for returners to adapt to.

But I would also bring in Mitch Berger. As far as I understand it, he is still a free agent. In addition to still being a serviceable punter, historically, he has been considered a fantastic holder too – another bonus. And his NFL experience may help Crosby a bit considering Ks and Ps hang out together all the time. (By the way, I have a feeling Crosby’s kicking woes last year were due at least in part to Frost probably sucking at holding like he sucked at punting, and then Kapinos being so new. Though Crosby, unlike Longwell, didn’t make a public deal out of it.) Anyway, Berger kicked adequately in relief duty for Pittsburgh last year – at least he didn’t mis-punt them out of the running for a Super Bowl. Just pick him up if he’s still willing to punt so we can have someone in camp who’s not so new to all of this.


5 Responses to “Just pick-up Mitch Berger”

  1. 56Coop Says:

    Do you suppose TT’s wasting too much brain power on the Vick thing?

  2. Ron La Canne Says:

    Hey, I heard Boyd Dowler would be willing to come back! I long for the days when Max Mc Gee would punt if Dowler had a particularly bad hit on a 3rd down play.

    Specialists are pansies!

  3. Packers Daily Links 8.7.09 - Railbird Central Says:

    […] Green Bay should go sign a particular free agent. "I would also bring in Mitch Berger," writes awhayes. "As far as I understand it, he is still a free agent. In addition to still being a […]

  4. Schaefer Says:

    Vick could punt too!

    (just kidding)

  5. bucky Says:

    What’s Donnie Anderson doing these days?

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