Will Bishop finally get a chance?


It’s about time we read something like this piece from Tom Silverstein at jsonline.com this morning. If the coaches truly believe that Desmond Bishop is rising in the LB ranks and they finally give him a chance to play, I wouldn’t be surprised if we’re all talking about how good he really is at the end of the season. One thing he does well is make plays. Our other LBs, don’t. Between Chillar, Poppinga, Barnett and Hawk last year, I’d bet there were only 3-4 turnovers caused (if that). If I’m not mistaken, Bishop forced 2 by himself in seriously limited action. Silverstein brings up the Minnesota game and the missed tackle on Chester Taylor (which is a favorite for anti-Bishopers to bring up too), but let me tell you right now – not one LB on the team last year would have made that tackle. It was not only a nice move by Taylor, but Bishop was also left alone in the flat with a shifty running back. It was not an easy play. It just looked extra bad because not one other Packer was around for 47 yards.

TT and the gang are always talking about the importance of drafting “football guys” or players who just know how to play the game. Bishop is one of those guys. And he was absolutely right last year when he accused the coaching staff of not basing playing-time decisions on what a player has actually produced. If Bishop does some damage early, I hope that Capers has the stones to make objective football decisions based on performance – even if that means relegating Hawk or even Barnett to the bench. That may sound far-fetched at the moment, but that’s how good I think Bishop can be.


8 Responses to “Will Bishop finally get a chance?”

  1. Cheesehead TV » Post Topic » Here Comes Bishop Says:

    […] certainly seems like he’s starting to turn some heads a few days into camp. Also of note is  PackerGeeks recalling Bishop’s thinly veiled accusation that the team was playing guys for considerations other […]

  2. 56Coop Says:

    Sorry, off topic, but those dudes at PFT will try to turn anything into a story


  3. Ron La Canne Says:

    As long as #5 pick AJ is there, I doubt it. He’ll end up playing out his contract and being an All-Pro somewhere else. We all know why, but don’t want to say it. His initials are TT.

  4. cow Says:

    Super Bowl.
    Yeah – I said it.

  5. stop it Says:

    Ron, just stop. Stop with the consipiracy crap, you’re killing the intertubes.

  6. Trav Says:

    Bishop in the middle of some of the melee’s in practice today. Interesting to see a little fight in the team.


    Also, a little uncharacteristic of TT to comment on the Packers “looking” at Vick. He prefaced it all with a generic “we look at all options”. Thought it was interesting that he chose to comment specifically on Vick, although I didn’t dig deeper to see the larger context of the interview.

  7. Packers Daily Links 8.5.09 - Railbird Central Says:

    […] job." Bishop has been noted for his fantastic play in training camp by a number of sources. Packergeeks and Cheesehead TV are among them. Is it possible that the backup inside linebacking duo of Bishop […]

  8. Schaefer Says:

    Trav- thanks for the post. I love reading that the Pack has some fight in it this year….especially on the D.

    I can’t wait til they destroy the Bears opening weekend.

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