“Vikesrule” has this to say…what do you think Packergeek readers?


Vikesrule Says: June 25, 2009 at 9:08 pm – I can’t wait to watch Favre charge out on to Lambeau in purple!! What a beautiful slap in the face to you toothless one sport town losers!! And how funny would it be if Favre wins not just one but two super bowls in a Vikings uniform. He’ll retire a Viking if that happens. Then we can start talking about Green Blah as the Viking “farm team” Thanks for the player development!!!! #

Vikesrule Says: June 25, 2009 at 9:18 pm – 56Coop: You sound like you just ate some sour grapes. A little afraid he might actually produce big time with a legit offense? Hunting better in Wisconsin??? Who cares!! The fact that you clowns wear your blaze orange and cammo to games frames you up as the stereotypical knuckle dragging neanderthals that everyone thinks you are. And yeah, a guy with money like Favre is going to buy a hunting outpost home in MN?? Whatever!! And afraid to step in Wisconsin. OOOOO!! What is someone going to do, mug the guy?? Yeah I suppose a townie cheeshead would do just that!!

My response? Thanks for getting our blood moving Vikesrule and as always, despite the lameness of your comments, your comments are welcome here.

  • First of all, “one sport town losers“? We’ve won more championships in that one sport than Minnesota has in all of its pro sports.
  • Second, nice stadium.
  • Third, nice history of choking in big games.
  • Fourth, I think blaze orange is far less offensive football fan attire than a carefully assembled $400 “outfit” with $200 Italian leather shoes (Vikesrule rolling his eyes right now saying “what a clueless loser, who spends only $200 on shoes anymore?”).
  • Fifth, nice loyalty – Vikings fans don’t even reach the level of being appropriately considered “fair-weather fans” because even when things are going well, there are fan loyalty issues. Just last year, the Vikes needed to rely on some dude to buy up a bunch of tickets at the last minute to avoid a blackout…FOR A PLAYOFF GAME!!! On the other hand, Packer fans are truly loyal fans who are excited about our team whether we’re playing well or not . We always sell out our games and the only time the word “blackout” enters our minds is when we see a Vikings “fan” laying on the floor after having 3 beers (actually, really just 2 beers because he opens up a new one once the old one starts “getting a little warm”).
  • Sixth, um, again, nice stadium.

39 Responses to ““Vikesrule” has this to say…what do you think Packergeek readers?”

  1. Trav Says:

    I can’t wait to hear the the commentary from our friends in Minnesota when Favre throws the inevitable back-breaking pick in the 4th quarter of “insert game here” or decides that he can’t just play ball-control any more and decides that he needs to take over.

    As always, The Onion provides the best overview of the situation. From their archives:



  2. DaveK Says:


  3. PackerBelle Says:

    It wouldn’t surprise me if Zigi was trying to unload the franchise. The odds of a new stadium and slim to none (and slim just left the building) given MN’s budget issues and Pawlenty’s refusal to raise any taxes. They have trouble selling tickets even during good years and with all of the money they’ve thrown at free agents the past few years with nothing to show, the Vikings just aren’t that great of an investment.

  4. 56Coop Says:

    Vikesrule–(even the names a joke) Yeah, my grapes have been pretty sour since this whole Favre debacle resurfaced it’s ugly little head. Thank God I don’t root for a team who’s coach (you know, Major Dad) has to beg a 40 year old QB out of retirement to hopefully keep is job. (Sure worked for Mangini didn’t it). He certainly can’t seem to coach the two he’s got into getting any better. A real coach could probably turn Jackson into some sort of talent. Yep, a Green Bay has been has to come in & fire up the ol’ Queens. How fitting. Hey, you might actually sell out a few games now. My won;t that be different.


    Better hope that little legal loophole in Minnie let’s your Williams boys avoid that 4 game suspension that others will be serving. Your’e going to need them.

    Funny, even in purple I know of at least two games where Farve will be wearing green & gold–a lot of it–unfortunately it will be on top of him.

    By the way, welcome to a class act blog site. You come on here a spew your drivel and are welcomed. No go back to your cubicle like a good little Queen and just keep on keeping Al Franken in MN–PLEASE.

  5. Dave In Tucson Says:

    Some questions for Vikings fans to ponder regarding Favre:

    — Will he be a team player?
    — Will he be a leader in the locker room?
    — Will he be a good example for younger players?

    I have a feeling you get everything you deserve with Grandpa Quisling. I’m sure, in the end, he’ll be every bit as helpful to the Vikings as he was to the Packers.


  6. 56Coop Says:

    Hey if this is the same guy I find this kinda interesting:



    Seems all this guy does is go to Packer sites and runs his mouth. Funny, everybody welcomes him. Packer fans are such great people.

  7. Tammy Says:

    All I can say is that it’s going to be a long season for us Cheeseheads in Minnesota.

  8. Ron La Canne Says:

    Vikesrule? Anyone who says anything rules is nothing but a Public School educated, Mentally deranged result of the incestuous relationship of two Democrat Farm Labor Party brother and sister.

    Sonny, I have compassion for your bad luck in life’s big gamble. The worst is being a Viking Fan. Tisk, tisk, tisk!

  9. Kozak Says:

    Snort. From a state that elected BOTH Jesse Ventura and Al Franken.
    The entire states IQ doesn’t reach triple digits.

  10. Campbell Says:

    Why do you even respond to this poster? You all continue to behave like kids.

    Ignore him.

  11. Bearfan3454 Says:

    I love the turmoil. The packer fans and the viking fan going at it. You should just get used to the idea that the Bear are going to dominate the division and be done with it.

  12. Scott W Says:


    Nice attempt at trying to gain relevance here….now go away please.

  13. Cindy V Says:

    According to MSNBC.com the Favre announcement with the Vikings will be made within the week because tickets for games go on sale July 9th. In Minnesota, they need help in selling tickets because the fan base is so low. I suspect that if Favre signs on, anything less than the Superbowl will be a failure. Then Childress will be gone just like Mangini. Favre’s new reputation: Coach killer.

  14. PackerBelle Says:

    “Then Childress will be gone just like Mangini. Favre’s new reputation: Coach killer.”

    Although that would be an improvement over the white T.O. which is what someone called him.

  15. Joe Says:

    That is the one bad part of this. I want Childress to stay in Minn. forever. With that idoit in charge it really dosen’t matter how much talent the Queens have. Nobody can find a way to lose like Major Dad.

  16. Cindy V Says:

    This from SIonline:

    It may not rival his obsessive quest for revenge against the Packers as the leading factor driving his likely return to the NFL, but don’t overlook the motivating role money is playing on both sides of the Brett Favre-Vikings courtship. That’s right, after the chance to stick it to the green and gold, the pursuit of the long green might just be Favre’s second-best reason to un-retire once again and join rival Minnesota. As one prominent Wisconsin-based Favre observer recently told me: “Brett likes his money now. Don’t underestimate how hard it would be for him to ever leave $8 million to $10 million — or whatever the Vikings wind up offering him — on the table. He talks about staying home and riding his lawn mower around, but he likes to get paid.” nother league source told me that while Favre has long enjoyed his reputation as a guy who plays for “the love of the game,” money has always been one sure way to get Favre’s attention. “His coming back and playing every year is not all about his love of competition,” the source said.

  17. 56Coop Says:

    If you haven’t seen this go check it out. Hitler as a Green Bay/Favre fan.

  18. Kozak Says:

    I love the turmoil. The packer fans and the viking fan going at it. You should just get used to the idea that the Bear are going to dominate the division and be done with it.
    Another graduate of the Chicago public skools….

  19. 56Coop Says:

    Sorry guys, I didn’t realize that by putting in that link we’d all have to be staring at a portrayal of Hitler. I just thought it would put in the link’s address. I do apologize in advance if this is offensive to anyone.

  20. campbell Says:

    Favre is interested in the money. How dare he!

    This board is so obsessed with the old guy. Cindy V and PackerBelle must get their daily buzz breathlessly comparing notes about Favre and the Hitler inclusion by another poster was just plain offensive to me.

    I guess Aaron and his fancy stats aint that interesting. Favre made me a Packer fan and I’ve always thought that you guys were “Special”

    Jeez, what a farce, you’re all just as shallow as every sports fan. If Favre does sign with the Vikes, I guess none of you will watch his games..yeah, right.

  21. PackerBelle Says:

    Campbell, I think the difference between us is that Favre didn’t make me a Packer fan. I’m a Packer fan regardless of who the players on the team are. Packer fans are special – we root for out team no matter. No matter who is on the team, what our record is, or any other circumstance.

    As for ‘my daily buzz’, that usually comes from the coffee I drink in the morning. I don’t want Favre to play for the Vikings. I respected the guy, largely because he portrayed himself as a guy who played because he loved to play, who viewed himself as a Packer and didn’t really care that much about money. It won’t change the memories I have of his time in Green Bay but it does change how I perceive him going forward and his legacy in my eyes.

    I frankly would prefer to hearing about how the transition to 3-4 is going, how Harrell is doing getting, if any RBs are going to be able to challenge Grant for the starting job, etc to talking about Favre. But we don’t have that news right now – we just have stuff about Favre. And no matter what Favre is and always will be linked to the Packers. And given that we’re a fanbase that has a waiting list for season tickets thousands of people long even during periods when the team sucks, we’ll talk about whatever Packer news there is. Including Favre.

  22. Cindy V Says:

    A significant portion of my Packer Shrine is dedicated to Brett Favre. But I am a Packer fan, first and foremost. I root for the team, not one player. I attend the public practices in July and August. I try to make at least one game per season at Lambeau. I go to Fan Fest and Draft Day. I have a lifetime membership to the Packer Hall of Fame. I am a Packer Fan.

  23. campbell Says:

    You both ..”doth protest too much”

    There was plenty of news re the Packers at mini-camp and any number of interesting scenarios, but your posts were still about Favre. If you want to discuss the 3-4…then discuss the 3-4, or the disgruntled Collins or viable situations the TEAM will confront in the coming months, not a Thompson etal, castoff. From your perspective, I guess Favre should have stayed home and kept his mouth shut. Well, he didn’t. How ungrateful of him not to drink the Lambeau Koolaid.

    How wonderful that there’s a waiting list for Pack tix..excuse me….it’s the only game in town..there should be a waiting list!

  24. PackerBelle Says:

    campbell – I don’t post unless I feel like I can add something to the conversation. I don’t know enough about the differences between a 4-3 and a 3-4 or how players are playing to make an intelligent comment. So I keep my mouth shut and read and try to learn.

    I do know about Favre though. And as I live in MN and I also know quite a bit about the Vikings. So I can talk about that. As for Favre staying home and keeping his mouth shut. He didn’t have to stay home but he should have kept his mouth shut rather than bitching about everything in the media. And rather than demanding his release to go play for the Vikings, he should have tried to work something out.

    As for the waiting list, yeah it is pretty wonderful. Because not all of the people who have them or are one the waiting list are from Green Bay – they are from all over the country. It is amazing that even when the team sucked for decades people still were lined up for tickets. That is amazing. Heck, look at the Vikings last year. Yes, there are other games in town but they couldn’t even sell out a play-off game! Yes, year after year people line up to buy season tickets to sit on cement bleachers in freezing cold weather. That’s pretty special.

  25. campbell Says:

    There you go again..All about Favre.

    Btw, do you know why people come from the rest of the country?

    Last year the pro-shop said the reason that their sales were down was because of Favre..that he brought people from other states to the games, hotels etc. It’s a tribute to him and what he gave to to you and the Packers that fans, ala yours truly, still love the team and still want to come to Lambeau.

    So why not TRY to give the guy credit for SOMETHING. instead of this constant lugubrious litany of all the “awful” things he did/said when he unretired.

    Use your energy on the team. Don’t waste it on Favre.

    • PackerBelle Says:

      I do give the guy credit for 16 years as a Packer, including helping win the Super Bowl, being a big roll in the 13-3 season and helping a new generation discover the Packers. I give him credit for never missing a game no matter how much pain he was in and for playing even after his dad died. Which is one reason why seeing him act this way now is so frustrating.

      The vast majority of my time is spent on the team. When I discuss football off-line with other fans we talk about pretty much everything but Favre. I’ve been impressed with Rodgers and the WR corp. I think Jackson started to show some promise last season and could be a nice compliment to Grant. I’m hopeful that based on Capers’ history that the defense will be siginificantly better this year.

      As for the sales at the Pro-Shop. Likely Favre does have something to do with it. People tend to buy stuff that is from big name players and the Packers don’t really have one right now. I do think that the economy and the bad record also contributed. That is the hard part about economic data, you can’t always draw firm conclusions from data because you can’t fulfill the ceteris paribus (all else the same) condition needed. So while I’m sure Silverstein’s analysis was as thorough as he could be, you can’t draw any conclusions as to the cause of the decrease in sales without a more thorough analysis.

      I don’t think it is a tribute to Favre “that fans . . . still love the team and still want to come to Lambeau”. I want to go to Lambeau because I want to watch the Packers play. That is why I went to the game at the Dome last year. I am grateful for the good memories I have of Favre and his year as a Packer but those memories aren’t why I, and I would guess most Packer fans, want to go to Lambeau. The Packers had a waiting list for tickets for decades before Favre and they will have a waiting list for tickets for decades after Favre.

  26. Jim Says:

    Any state stupid enough to send Al Franken to the senate does not deserve a pro football team much less a Super Bowl winning pro football team.

  27. Aaron Rogders Says:

    You sure talk about Favre alot campbell for not wanting to talk about him =P

    I purchased a couple things for the first time at the Pro Shop last year. And you’re being very silly if you think declined sales at the Pro Shop is all because of BF.

  28. Aaron Rogders Says:

    Here’s a good new post topic:
    Packers ranked #1, Brewers #3

  29. campbell Says:

    Such an astute observation!..but you are so correct and I’ll never mention the name again.

    Thank-you so much for pointing that out to me.

    The data I mentioned did not emanate from some nebulous source. Tom Silverstein wrote on the subject for MJS, either late last year or early this year. But by your yardstick…he’s silly.

  30. Cindy V Says:

    Campbell is right. Sales are down because of the loss of He Who’s Name Cannot Be Mentioned. At least that’s one reason. Another reason is the 6-10 season. People buy more when the team doe better. And finally, it’s the economy, too. So there are three good reasons sales are down in the Pro Shop and only one has to do with an individual.

  31. campbell Says:

    Hey, Cindy V, you’re correct. I should have said that according to the article, You know who was the main reason for the downturn last season in the pro-shop, not the only one. I was remiss.

    This season they should bounce back.


  32. FITZCORE1266 Says:

    We’ll never forget you BRENT.


    “PACKER” fans everywhere

    GBP 4 LIFE

  33. packerwatch Says:

    Based on my calculations, vikesrule is 7 years old.

  34. Joe Says:

    Campell – if you don’t like all the Farve talk then why don’t you just not read the Farve related posts. And lay off Packerbelle and Cindy V. They don’t pick the topics at this blog. I would like to see some information on the transition of the defense too and I am sure the Brothers will post something on that topic when there is something worth discussing.

    Until then, have a Pabst or a Schlitz and chill.

    • Cindy V Says:

      I read the sports websites and except for Favre, there is not much coming out of Green Bay. They signed Jennings. Aaron Rodgers is ready to go. Nick Collins shouldn’t be complaining about his contract. Not much else. There is stuff on T.O. and Romo. There is stuff on Jay Culter and Plaxico Burress. There is speculation about Michael Vick and Dante Stallworth. There is nothing on Johnny Jolly’s legal situation. So we talk about what we talk about until something better comes along. I’ll go up to watch practice and perhaps I’ll hear something about the 3-4 transition. Until then, did you see that Favre’s doctor says Brett wants to go out on top. If he had stayed retired when he retired the first time, wouldn’t he have left the game on top?

  35. Bearfan3454 Says:

    All the Bear (sorry Kozak, I decided to not use the letter S again) fans are standing on the sideline of this supid little debate laughing their asses off. Go ahead and beat each other up. The Bears will be there to take care of both of your teams when the time comes. Oh, and I mean by kicking their asses up and down the football field.

  36. Trav Says:

    I guess we are leaving the letter T off in some cases also…

  37. Kozak Says:

    Hey Bearfan,

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