Has Favre signed a 2 or 3 year deal?


Rumor now is that Favre is looking at houses in Bearpath neighborhood – Eden Prairie, MN. Now, I’m getting a bit out of control here speculation-wise, I’ll freely admit, but if he’s looking to buy a house there, is he thinking of being there for more than a year? (Not sure, but I can’t remember if he bought a house in NY/NJ or not last year – I think he just had an apartment/condo or something, no)? Anyway, I know he’s loaded and $ isn’t an issue, but it’s just interesting he’d actually be looking for a home and it makes me wonder for some reason if he’s planning to stick around there for a bit.

(Bearpath, by the way, surrounds a really nice golf course – a Jack Nicklaus signature course…I wonder if that’s where Longwell lives.)

12 Responses to “Has Favre signed a 2 or 3 year deal?”

  1. The Mouse Says:

    I’m sure Farve will only sign one year deals. Even if he does though he could be planning to play there for multiple years. Probably (2) at the most. He’s finally in the spot he’s been trying to get to this whole time. Reunited with Darrel Bevel in an offense he knows, on a strong contender, and directly in the line of Ted Thompson’s goals. Hell he might play for (4) more years there, as much as it seems he hates T.T. If they win big and he stays healthy he’ll keep playing. But I think it will be a series of 1 yr. contracts. That way he can play up his drama and avoid camps and all that crap and he can leverage the Queens if they do win big and want to do it again.

  2. Kozak Says:

    Well, bring it Brett. Can’t wish you well like I did last year. Looking forward to seeing you with a mouthful of Lambeau and maybe even Soldiers Field.

  3. Aaron Says:

    Favre bought a home in Jersey which he has now sold.

  4. Rich Says:

    When I was up in Minneapolis recently there were rumors that Favre had bought up land all around a small lake somewhere outside of the Twin Cities metro area.

  5. 56Coop Says:

    What does everyone think about the rumours out there that Childress “really, really wants Favre to save his job”? If the players are losing confidence in his offensive playbook I’m not sure bringing Favre on board can change that. Even though he might be able to execute some of the plays better at QB it’s still a rather vanilla offense. Yeah he’s got some good key players, Peterson, Percy, etc but I would think a good defense would be able to “predict ” an upcoming play and defend it well. Our offense was extremely predictable last year.


    I understand that the contract is “incentive laden”. Has anybody heard what the guarantee is? I’m realy curious to know how much Favre gave up just for this chance.

    As far as Favre buying a house in MN, we all know he loves to hunt & fish. Maybe he intends to keep this one and use it as a base for the hunting & fishing there even after retirement. While I’m sure the hunting is better is Wisconsin he’s probably a little weary of stepping into Wisconsin right now. Unless he’s got the rest of the Queens around him.

    Kozak, I agree. Here’s to Favre with a mouthfui of Lambeau. And a bunch of carpet burns from when we meet him in the Vikings Stadium.

  6. Campbell Says:

    Favre didn’t buy a NJ place, he rented.

  7. Ron La Canne Says:

    Anyone have the Vegas line on whether Jolly’s attorney can scam another delay tomorrow? If not, he’s up against a Texas jury on a drug charge and that could be very bad news for the Packers Dline.

  8. Vikesrule Says:

    I can’t wait to watch Favre charge out on to Lambeau in purple!! What a beautiful slap in the face to you toothless one sport town losers!! And how funny would it be if Favre wins not just one but two super bowls in a Vikings uniform. He’ll retire a Viking if that happens. Then we can start talking about Green Blah as the Viking “farm team” Thanks for the player development!!!!

  9. Vikesrule Says:


    You sound like you just ate some sour grapes. A little afraid he might actually produce big time with a legit offense? Hunting better in Wisconsin??? Who cares!! The fact that you clowns wear your blaze orange and cammo to games frames you up as the stereotypical knuckle dragging neanderthals that everyone thinks you are. And yeah, a guy with money like Favre is going to buy a hunting outpost home in MN?? Whatever!! And afraid to step in Wisconsin. OOOOO!! What is someone going to do, mug the guy?? Yeah I suppose a townie cheeshead would do just that!!

  10. 12rings Says:

    Vikesrule – How many championship trophies are in the Vikings display case? Which franchise needed two extensions from the NFL before selling out a playoff game? Have fun rooting for the L.A. Vikings in a few years.

  11. PackerBelle Says:

    Vikesrule, when your team actually wins a Super Bowl then maybe you can gloat to fans of the team whose coach the trophy is actually named after. Until then, I’d keep my mouth shut.

  12. PurpleDude Says:

    I live in Bearpath and I can confirm that he has NOT been sited by any residents.

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