I’ll say it again, Favre already signed


Thanks to 56Coop for pointing out this article.

As Packergeeks wrote in an earlier post (citing an anonymous source inside the Vike’s organization), Favre has already signed with the Vikes and now it’s just a matter of Favre/the team announcing it. Read here from NBCsports.com, quoting profootballtalk.com. They too indicate the deal has already been completed but that they just want to wait for the right moment to announce it.

If you have any doubts about the veracity of these claims, read Brad Childress’ comments in this article.

3 Responses to “I’ll say it again, Favre already signed”

  1. retiredgrampa Says:

    Now, MAYBE, we can get a couple weeks of peace and quiet before the camps get going. But, I suppose, Bus will find a way if TOG doesn’t hype himself as much.
    My Packers will get two chances to silence TOG forever. If justice prevails, they will do so.

  2. joshywoshybigfatpileofstewedupposhy Says:

    can anyone answer why everyone is so secretive about this crap? i mean i know all the ‘bert likes to string us along, bus is as bright as a handful of swamp, etc.’ – but really, what is the gain? you’d think … wait, they’re the vikings. i was going to say you’d think they’d know that stringing everyone along just pisses everyone off, not least of whom would be sagevaris. but really, if those guys aren’t both demanding a trade by training camp, i’d say they’re probably eunuchs.

  3. 56Coop Says:

    Well now this is interesting–Vikings players losing faith in Major Dad & he really really wants Favre so he can save his job….


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