Favre deal already done?


Two interesting developments in the Favre situation:

  1. Two months ago, his family apparently reserved a bunch of hotel rooms in Green Bay around the time that the Pack would be playing the Vikings (Nov 1).
  2. A trusted Packergeeks source shared with me this morning some  info from a source within the Vikings organization. Apparently,  as of early this morning, the only delay in the Favre signing is due to a few minor contract details. So, it’s just understood now by the team that Favre will be a Viking soon – an announcement is expected Weds or Thurs once the deal is finalized. (This same source also reported that rumors about Favre’s arm not being OK are false – and that Favre is reporting that his arm hasn’t felt this good in years).

I’ll say it again. Favre going to the Vikings pisses me off. The fact that he’s putting his own need for revenge against Ted Thompson above years of support from Packer fans makes me sick.

The other concern I have about this, as I’ve said before, is that if he’s healthy, I think Favre will make the Vikings very, very good. I know many Packer fans are acting like they wouldn’t be worried because they think Favre is now over the hill/no good anymore etc. But it’s just a whole different situation when you have the best RB in the NFL on your team as well as a solid, solid defense. Even with Childress being Childress, I’ll say it now, if Favre really does play for the Vikes, I bet they go 12-4.

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  1. DaveK Says:

    “The fact that he’s putting his own need for revenge against Ted Thompson above years of support from Packer fans makes me sick.”

    You assume that getting back at TT is the primary reason for Favre’s attraction to the Vikings. Strip away all the non-football BS and the bottom line is that if Favre wants to play then the Vikings are about the perfect fit for him. They run the same offense. He knows the coaches. They have the best RB in football behind a pretty o-line. Good defense. They are just simply the best team in the NFL without a decent QB and Favre probably views the Vikings as the best chance to get another ring. If all those things existed in some other team then Favre very likely would be talking to them and not the Vikings. But, to suggest Favre shouldn’t play for the team that is the best fit simply because the Packer fans wouldn’t like it seems a bit unreasonable to me.

    I’m sure Favre loves Packer fans but the bottom line is that Favre wanted to play football and the Packer organization did not want him back. TT and MM made a choice not to bring Favre back last year. They felt that Rodgers gave them a better chance to win a championship during their tenure. If Favre’s arm fades again this year then they will look very smart and be lauded for the very difficult but necessary decision they had to make. If Favre wins a championship with the Vikings then they will never be forgiven by Packer fans that will forever be bitter that TT and MM didn’t give Favre the chance and the team to win another championship. I’m just not going to be upset with Favre for wanting to play football AND choosing the team that seems to be the best fit for him. I’m also not going to be upset with TT until Favre (or Rodgers) proves that it was a huge mistake to let Favre go.

    • PH Says:

      DaveK, seriously that’s one of the worst arguments I’ve read. Favre spent alot of time in non-football BS dealing the fact that he wants to come back to beat the Packers and prove them wrong.

      You’re entire post relies on the following: “If you remove all of the evidence supporting your claims from numerous sources, then you have no claim.” No. F’in. Duh.

      Look, you can take your semi-hidden potshots, fine, but don’t just dismiss the “non-football BS” because, like it or not, that’s what this. Retiring, unretiring, that’s non-football BS. Asking for an unconditional release when retired, that’s non-football BS, the story about the call to Commissioner Goodell, the bitter interviews with Greta Van Susteren, the “I do compare… ish” interview when he was on the Jets, that’s all a load of non-football BS and dismissing that because you want to make some flowery statement about the purity of the football spirit in Brett Favre is laughable at best.

      And why the hell does Rodgers proving TT’s actions have to be brought into this? What can Rodgers do, lead the team to 4-12 season, or throw away some playoffs games with horrible interceptions? I’d say that’d be a reason to cheer the man and let him play forever and ever. Right? All that peace and love you started with went right down the toilet when you threw that in in the end.

      I especially love the “I’m not just going to be upset with Favre” followed by “I’m not going to be upset with TT until,” we get it, one has a free pass no matter what and the other will be judged by history. Hopefully, DaveK isn’t the one writing the books, because I assume history will judge both on their own, and to just write off the personal issues in this for Brett and then tell the fans they should be doing the same isn’t as easy as it seems.

      Deal with it Dave, it’s personal now, and always has been.

  2. Ron La Canne Says:

    Favre a Viking = Favre the enemy. Can’t wait to see his butt planted in the astro truf of the Hempty Dump. Maybe if we are lucky we’ll never make it to Lambeau in one piece.

    Now that the Williams boys are being drug tested three times a month, we’ll see how good they really are.

  3. 56Coop Says:

    DaveK, I appreciate the non emotinal attitude you & I think Bucky & Campbell have about Favre’s return for the Vikings and you do make very valid points. As you say, strip away all the football BS & it does really make sense.

    I just can’t understand all the mystery. Why not just come out & say “yeah, it’s true. I had surgery, I want to be a Viking and my arm feels great”? Why miss all the revenue that could be generated, jersey selling, ticket sales, etc? I guarantee you the Queens will have no problem selling out a playoff game if Favre is at the helm. I am beginning to think that Favre is really quite the prima donna and loves the spotlight, which with his career I suppose one could say he deserves.

    That being said I just cannot get over the fact that I truly believe there is more to it than that. I think at least 40% of his motivation is his desire to stick it to TT which maybe he deserves. I do agree with you that if Favre does come in and takes the Pack it could very well be the end for TT & probably MM which may not be a bad thing.

    I’m with Ron though, I’m tired of Favre. He’s no longer a Packer so is really nonconcern. I think it will do a lot for the NFC North & the NFL’s TV ratings if he does return. I imagine the 2 Pack/Vikes games (at least the first one) will probably rank in the top 5 as most watched games. The NFC North would probably be one of the most exciting divisions in football unless (gulp) the Vikes just dominate and make it boring, which could happen.

    All that being said however, I truly hope we have addressed a lot of issues on Defense & Special Teams. I am still really worried about our O Line. And, I hope we literally wipe the field with him. I know time heals all wounds but I just can’t imagine after all is said and done and if this really does happen, Farve ever re-signing for a day & retiring as a Packer.`

    If Andy is right and the deal is already almost done Childress has made a move that publicly will make him look like he is the real general of that team. Evidenty he has issued an ultimatum to Favre–sign this week or no deal.


  4. Campbell Says:

    I agree with everything DaveK said. I became a Packers fan because of Favre. The Packers publicly humiliated Favre in choosing AR over him. He wants to play…the Vikings want him.

    If Favre does play for Minnesota, to me it just makes this coming season a lot more exciting. I’m hoping some of the excitement rubs off on the dull and robotic Rodgers.

    Great stats of course, but gaudy numbers alone don’t win championships. At this stage, I don’t care about stats. I want wins and it’s time he grabbed games by the throat. He’s had his year of grace.

    I laugh when I hear/read about who’s the best QB in the nfc north
    They both have losing records and 23 wins between them. Oh, wait a minute, I forgot..get out the violins..the Defense was to blame.

  5. joshywoshybigfatposhy Says:

    coop – PUBLICLY make him look like a general — publicly is the operative word, because this ‘ultimatum’ was probably made after they knew a deal was going to be done anyway. and he’s a major (dad), not necessarily a general.

    and anyone who thinks that favre would go play for the broncos or the panthers or the chargers if they were the ‘perfect fit,’ you’re fooling yourselves. the necessary element isn’t a competitive football team, generically – although i’m sure it helps – the necessary qualifier is that they are the current division rival of the packers. and the necessary element is what i use to judge his decision. the jets look like a very competitive football team this year, but it was easy as pie for favre to walk away from new york – didn’t even flinch.

    stop giving favre a pass. at every turn in the last few years, he’s been immature, secretive, selfish, and hasn’t given a damn about his teammates or his fans. he treated rodgers like crap before and after he left green bay, his teammates in new york spoke out about what little concern he had about the team and its players, and he has no problem making a short-term commitment to his former arch-enemy, and regardless of how the team fares this year, they’ll be back to square-one at the most important position in football when he leaves in a year — sagevaris jackenfels may not be worth their weight in gold, but they sure as hell aren’t going to stick around and wait this one out at a chance to start over in 2010. favre’ll go back home, with either a ring, or another bitter taste in his mouth, and we’ll start this all over again.

    well, count me out. brett’s been dead to me for about a year. i can still appreciate what he did for green bay, but i’m not going to continue to sing the praises of an ex-girlfriend-gone-crack-whore just because she seemed like a nice girl back when.

  6. Scott W Says:

    Taking a step back and trying to look objectively at Favre, we see:
    1. A gifted athlete in the twilight of his career
    2. An ego the size of Mt. Everest
    3. A killer competitive drive (gunslinger)
    4. A confidence in his ability that pegs out somewhere in the stratosphere
    5. A child-like love for football
    6. An apparent intense dislike for TT (which is directly related to numbers 2,3 and 4 above)

    Take all of this into account, and we can understand, to some degree, Favre’s behavior. His motivation to go to the Vikes is multi-faceted. Yes, he wants another ring. Yes, he absolutely LOVES football and winning. Yes he would like to make a point to TT. Unfortunately, Favre’s behavior has done damage to his legacy. The amount of damage will be directly proportional to the level of success he experiences with the Vikes this season.

  7. 56Coop Says:

    PUBLICLY is the exact point I was making Joshy. And you’re right I should have said Major. I like that girlfriend gone crack whore analogy.

  8. PackerBelle Says:

    “The Packers publicly humiliated Favre in choosing AR over him. ”

    They didn’t choose AR over him. Favre RETIRED and the team moved on. When he wanted to come back initially they said sure and were going to MS to make the announcement and he changed his mind.

    As for anyone being humiliated, it wasn’t the Packers going on Greta Van Susteran. It wasn’t the Packers using family members to air their grievances publically. That would be Favre. In fact the Packers largely kept their mouths shut about the whole thing and have said they still want to honor Favre and have a relationship with him.

    “Great stats of course, but gaudy numbers alone don’t win championships.”

    I agree with that. After all, Favre holds all the significant passing records yet hasn’t won a championship in over a decade and has been rather dismal late in the season and the play-offs.

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  10. awhayes Says:

    Davek – you said: “If all those things existed in some other team then Favre very likely would be talking to them and not the Vikings.”

    Here’s where we disagree. I just don’t believe Favre’s desire to play specifically for the Vikings is as simple and pure as you portray it to be – because they’re the best fit. I agree with Joshy on this. I think he’d want to play for the Vikes if they had been 4-12 last year, had Chicago’s Adrian Peterson as RB and an offensive line comprised of former kickers. While 56Coop puts the percentage of motivation for sticking it to TT at 40%, I’d put it at something more like 75%. Even Favre (and his family) have talked about “sticking it to Ted” and he knows playing for the Vikes would be the best way to do this.

    I also don’t think you can just “strip away the non-football BS” because it’s a huge part of what’s going on here.

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  12. DaveK Says:

    I’m sure playing for the Vikings adds a little honey to the pot for Favre but I seriously doubt he plays for a 4-12 MN team. Going 8-8 in MN isn’t exactly sticking it to TT. If Favre wins a ring anywhere but Green Bay it sticks it to TT especially if the Packers don’t do well this year. Regardless, I think MN is a good fit for Favre and it’s the best team in the NFL that needs a QB. Maybe it is just that perfect storm for Favre’s return.

    Regardless of all that, the Packers made a decision that they were better off without Brett Favre. It doesn’t matter why but the Packers asked Favre to stay retired and when he said no they asked him to move along. Many people on here agreed and still agree with that decision for any number of reasons. It just seems incredibly pretentious to say to a guy “move along” but you owe us so much or your legacy is so important that you would be a total jerk if you played for the Vikings.

  13. joshywoshybigfatposhy Says:

    i hate to see this turn into a dave-bashing, but the packers never asked favre to stay retired. ever. they were willing to go back on their decision in April/May and let him lead the team again. then when they were all set to meet with him and work it out, he pulled an ‘i’m just kidding.’ i think that was the point that TT and MM decided enough was enough – no matter what, they were moving on.

    brett didn’t want to have an open competition – he bluffed up to the point of flying to green bay and backed off. he pushed and pushed and bitched and pointed fingers, and he ended up in new york, where he let down a hopeful franchise.

    minnesota is what favre wants, but more for selfish reasons than anything else — ‘his’ offense, a coach who will bow at his feet, an indoor stadium (yes folks, favre’s recent numbers in the cold are BELOW average, and his creaky bones don’t help), and the chance to poop in the packers’ pillowcase twice this year. when everything boils off, that’s what’s left. a big, fat, turd in our pillows.

  14. T Says:

    DaveK, you have a really good perspective on the situation. I think your last sentence really hits on the issue – it almost like “Brett, we’ve moved on – but you can’t”.

  15. PackerBelle Says:

    “It just seems incredibly pretentious to say to a guy “move along” but you owe us so much or your legacy is so important that you would be a total jerk if you played for the Vikings.”

    It isn’t playing for the Vikings isn’t what is being a jerk, it is the fact that he’s basically doing because he wants to screw TT and who cares about the fans who was there when he went through rehab, when his dad died, when his wife had cancer, etc. Last year he didn’t come back and say ‘I want to play again lets figure out how to make it happen’. He said ‘I want to be released so I can play for the Vikings’. The Packers asked for teams outside of the NFC North that would be acceptable for a trade. He refused. He wanted to play his former team twice a year. And that’s pretty disrespectful to all of the fans who supported him for years.

    I think people do want Favre to move on – and that means giving up his vendetta against Ted Thompson. If he wants to play, that’s fine. But show some maturity and respect for your former teammates and fans and don’t play for a team in the same division. Especially not a hated rival.

  16. DaveK Says:

    T – thanks and nice way to sum things up.

    Joshy – why is it a big fat turd in our pillow if he plays for the Vikings? I don’t like that he might were purple but I don’t see how Favre is crapping in our pillowcase. The Packers made a football decision to go with Rodgers. The Vikings may make a football decision to sign Brett Favre. Favre can play for whoever he wants and I just don’t think he owes Packer nation so much that he can’t play for the team that is the best fit for him. I am no Favre defender and I actually think TT may end up being vindicated as this season unfolds but doesn’t it seem odd to say a guy is too arrorgant/old/wishy-washy/etc.. to play for your team but has too much history with you to play for your rival? Don’t you want that kind of guy playing for your rival? Let them strap it up and play some football and lets hope TT was right and Rodgers and team kick the crap out of Favre and the Vikings.

  17. DaveK Says:

    Packerbelle – you are essentially saying the same thing. Favre can’t play for the Vikings because he owes us fans something and the main reason he wants to play for the Vikings is to screw us over or ‘poop in our pillow case’. One, you have to admit that the Vikings are a really good fit for Favre from a pure football perspective. Two, I just don’t agree that Favre owes us so much that he can’t play for the team that is the best fit for him. I definately don’t think it shows a lack of respect or lack of maturity to play for that team. I don’t like it but it isn’t disrespectful or immature.

    The Packers “crossed the rubicon” last July and “moved on” as MM liked to say. The Packers decided they were better off with another QB. Favre can well decide where he is best off for whatever reason he wants and we should stop whining that our feelings are hurt about it.

  18. joshywoshybigfatposhy Says:

    dave, i think the turd is a turd because of favre’s intent and motivation. he made up his mind a long time ago that minnesota is where he wanted to be so he could play out his version of the story and be the hero to foil TT’s villainy.

    his detour in nyc was just that – it’s like following someone who cuts you off for 80 miles so you can give them the finger when they pull in their driveway. favre knows he’s too old to be a camper, but he keeps enrolling so he can sneak into TT’s cabin after chili night and poop in his pillow.

    in the end, we all want the same thing, and DDD said it best over at cheeseheadtv — “Bring. It. On. …. Let’s settle this thing on the field.”


  19. awhayes Says:

    DaveK – I follow your reasoning and I don’t think you’re making a bad general point. I just think it’s not a small point that Favre’s main motive at this time is revenge. I follow you when you say: hey, the Pack made a team decision to move on, they shouldn’t be bothered if Favre tries to move on too. Even though that’s simplifying a murky situation way too much, I eventually kind of felt that way last year. I thought that the whole split was unfortunate and for a long while I resented both Favre and TT for their handling of it (still do). And while it was hard to see Favre playing for another team, eventually I got used to it and could accept it. But Favre joining the Vikings is quite different for me than him joining the Jets. The Jets were some distant team in the AFC that we didn’t play and whose W/L record wouldn’t affect our team much at all. But the Vikes are not only in our division, they are our most hated rival. Favre is doing this primarily as a slap in the face to Packer Nation and I don’t think it’s unreasonable to be frustrated with him for “choosing” Minnesota.

    The conspiracy theorist in me is giving more thought to the possibility that once the situation in Green Bay didn’t work out in 2008, Favre orchestrated the whole Jets layover, if you will, and the fake retirement etc so that he could come back this year and play for the Vikes. That illustrates perhaps, how much I believe that his primary motive here is revenge – not playing for the team that fits best.

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  21. 56Coop Says:

    Dave-you keep saying that the Packers decided to move on without Favre which just is not true. They decided in April/May if he wants back then come on. He then said he didn’t want to come back. Hell, he even indicated that the whole “chartered a plane to come down and talk to him” was a ruse and a lie. When he finally did come to GB for his meeting with MM, (if you remember they spent most of one night and then the next morning in very blunt conversations he pretty much indicated his real intentions.. All Mike would say is that he is in a “tough spot” & plainly stated that Favre was not ready to come bacak & be head of the Green Bay Packers. Mike asked him if he was going to be the same guy as last year–studying the films being the last to leave the locker room, etc. & Farve said no.


    Here’s the press conference from Mike.

    I remember reading where he told Ted or Mike that he could come back for an open competition and they knew he would win it. But then he decided he did not want to do that. Remember in his tearful retirement speech where he said the Mike & TT & Murphy had nothing to do with his decision. That was some football BS. He had his chance to come back TWICE and both times backed out.

    At the time I was pretty angry at MM & TT both for not getting him back at any cost but it appears to me that Brett turned his back on the Packers, not the other way around. This is revenge and I am now actully wanting it to happen. As I stated earlier, the Vikes could really stink up the division and make it boring or it could be one of the most exciting divisions in football. Either way, let’s find out. Come on Brett–let’s see if we can get you a mouthful of Lambeau.

    Oh by the way, I’ve been reading in some other blogs that HOFr’s actually are recognized for their individual efforts not for the team they played for. I seem to recall Emmitt resigning as a cowboy to retire as one and possible Montana resigining as a 49er to retire as one. Evidently that was jusy sentiment on their parts. Wonder if there are going to be any “sentimental journeys” when Brett is finally up for his HOF entrance. I know time heals all wounds but this one might be pretty deep–on both sides.

  22. Campbell Says:

    Aw..reading these replies I’ve come to the conlusion that despite all the hate thrown his way.

    You love him!..You really love him!

    Seriously, I hope Rodgers engenders the same amount of emotion in the years to come, ‘tho I have my doubts.

    I’ll watch and support the Pack..but I sure as hell will watch the Vikes if he’s playing.

  23. PackerBelle Says:

    “you are essentially saying the same thing. Favre can’t play for the Vikings because he owes us fans something and the main reason he wants to play for the Vikings is to screw us over or ‘poop in our pillow case’.”

    He doesn’t want to poop in our pillow case – he wants to poop in Ted Thompson’s pillow case and he could care less that it is also his former teammates’ pillowcase and the fans’ pillowcase. If I honestly thought he was doing this just for one last chance to win a Super Bowl, even if it was the Vikings, I would be sad but okay with it. But doing it just because he wants to stick it to Thompson is immature, selfish and vindictive.

    Favre needs to get over whatever happened between him and the Packers. Because this is ridiculous. FAVRE chose to retire and stay retired when the Packers were willing to take him back. And now he’s STILL pissed because they actually took him at his word.

    Yes, the Vikings are a good match for him. But that isn’t why he wants to play for them. He wants to play for them because he wants to stick it to Ted Thompson. And that is what causes me to lose all respect for him. I was a Favre fan, but I’m first and foremost a Packer fan. And you screw with my Packers then I don’t like you.

  24. Cindy V Says:

    The fact that Favre’s family booked hotel rooms on the day the Vike play the Packers says it all. It’s about revenge.

  25. dennis p Says:

    whatever the reason favre wants to play, it’s about football. and all of you who are whining about favre’s revenge, are acting like you have never had a revengeful thought in your lives. let’s be honest, we’ve all been there. GO BRETT!

    • PackerBelle Says:

      I’m sure we’ve all contemplated revenge at one point or another. However, most adults don’t keep trying to screw their former boss for over a year. Favre chose to retire. He chose to stay retired. And now he’s still pissed because he has to live with the consequences.

  26. Joe Says:

    Looks like the Viks are already enjoying the Brett:


    in sum: Vikings suspend efforts to sgin Farve because Farve refused to come to OTAs. Childress had said Farve needed to come to OTAs if he wanted to be the guy.

  27. awhayes Says:

    Joe – I think this will be one of many times when Childress tries to put his foot down only to give way. funny.

  28. joshywoshybigfatposhy Says:

    dennis p – i don’t think i need to rehash the perfectly logical reason why so many of us have lost respect for brett – a number of us have spelled it out quite well, i think.

    but i do want to correct you. the appropriate ‘cheer’ in this territory is “GO PACKERS!!!” I don’t root for individuals. I can be happy for, or frustrated by them, but i’m pulling for the team.

  29. Kozak Says:

    Looks like the Viks are already enjoying the Brett:
    I’m sure eventually it will be a deal. Favre just wants to play and isn’t willing to put in the work in preseason. This may result in a sad, Y A Tittle like scene of the old man just not able to cut it he’s a nearly 40 year old man and just doesn’t get that. This goes from drama to comedy to tragedy.

  30. Cindy V Says:

    Brett, even at 40, is a better quarterback than many in the NFL. There’s no doubt about that. But he’s turning into a headcase.

  31. 56coop Says:

    The plot thickens–Now Major Dad says there was no dead line & he wants to see what Favre still “has in thecan”. Bring hime on

  32. bucky Says:

    Brett at 40 can be a better QB than many- maybe most- in the NFL if he puts in the necessary work. The problem is that he doesn’t want to do that.

    This is already starting to turn into a problem for the Vikes, enough so that I’m close to changing my mind and rooting for him to come back. The Vikings have a good team, but bringing him on board (with the accompanying Brett Rules, under which he’s excused from many of the requirements that his teammates are held to) will tear that team apart. Can’t say I’d hate to see that.

  33. joshywoshybigfatposhy Says:

    hmmmm… maybe my spoof/conspiracy blog wasn’t so out of left field there, hey bucky? he may destroy them from the inside yet…

  34. Kozak Says:

    Where this may be headed
    I really don’t want to see this for Favre

  35. 56Coop Says:

    Well, it looks like at least we may POSSIBLY have an answer to this circus soon. According to Rotoworld the Vike’s are supposed to send a coach down possibly as early as this weekend to work out Favre & see how his arm is doing. Either way, just make it stop…


  36. Campbell Says:

    Someone asked McCarthy if Rodgers was an extension of himself and McCarthy agreed, saying that he spent more time with the qb than any other player. Rodgers is obviously very efficient but has an uncharismatic presence on the field. Your eyes don’t lock on him
    in the backfield. I hope MCCarthy’s lumpen personality does not rub off on the QB. This is not a knock on AR, no-one will care about charisma if he wins. But watching Favre these many years, he always entertained and performed. For that reason, I hope he does play for the Vikings. I simply don’t understand the vitriol from Packer fans. Bottom line, he wants to play football and Minnesota is the only team interested.

    • PackerBelle Says:

      He doesn’t just want to play football. If he just wanted to play football, he would have stayed with the Jets rather than retiring. If he just wanted to play football, he would have had the surgery right after the season ended. If he just wanted to play football he would be at OTAs.

      He wants to play for the Vikings because he wants to stick it to the Packers. That is why he wanted his unconditional release from the Packers last year and the Jets this year. Because no matter what other teams may be interested, he wants to play in the division. That isn’t wanting to play football.

      As for the vitriol from Packer fans, I think a lot of us feel duped. We supported this guy for 16 years – through his drug addiction, his dad’s death, his wife’s cancer, Katrina, etc. We bought into his shtick that he was a guy who just loved to play, who loved the Packers and was an all around nice guy. Apparently not. Because he is acting like a spoiled kid who didn’t get his way and basically saying ‘screw you’ to all the fans who did support him.

      As for Rodgers being uncharismatic, who cares? His job isn’t to be a celebrity on the field – his job is to play QB and he did that pretty well last year. Yes he still has areas he needs to improve, but being charismatic isn’t one of them because being charismatic doesn’t win football games.

  37. T Says:

    PackerBelle, you say a lot of Packer fans feel duped after supporting him for 16 years. You are right – we have supported him through the ups and downs. Now imagine his side. He did more than support the Packers every Sunday. He poured his sweat and blood into playing for the Packers for those 16 years. Sometimes he won games for us, sometimes he lost games for us – but through it all he entertained the heck out of all. Now – I think everyone including him will admit he made a huge mistake by retiring. Not to make excuses for him, but toward the end of his career he was physically and emotionally exhausted – and he made a bad decision. However, after all he did for the Packers – I think he deserved the right to change his mind. But the Packers (TT and MM), told him he was not good enough to play for the Packers – and actually he was under contract so they would prevent him from playing football. If I was Brett and they told me that – I would want to prove them wrong. I think Brett feels 10 times more betrayed by TT than Packer fans feel betrayed by him. Brett (hopefully) has 50 years ahead of him to be retired – he has 1 or 2 left to play. As much as I hate the Vikings, I do think they are a good fit for him. I wish him the best in whatever he does, and I hope Packer fans can forgive him – and remember the good times he gave us.

    • dennis p Says:


      great comments.

    • PackerBelle Says:

      He did have the right to change his mind. And he did – three times. And the first two times the Packers went along with him. When he said he wanted to un-retire they said ‘sure, we’ll come to MS and make the announcement’. When he said he was going to stay retired they said ‘okay we respect your decision’. But the third time he changes his mind you have to start questioning his commitment.

      Especially given the fact that he didn’t ask to come back – he asked for his release so he could play for the Vikings.

      I can understand being upset with how things turned out. But a) he made a decision and needs to live with the consequences. And b) he needs to get over it.

      I basically had forgiven him for last year and while my #4 jerseys were still collecting dust in my closet I had moved on. But you don’t go to a division rival out of spite. If he wanted to play he could have stayed with the Jets. They had a pretty good season last year and a good shot at being better this year. But no – he has to play for the Vikings. That’s just not something you get over. I appreciate 16 years of his being a Packer. But if he goes to the Viking, I don’t think I will ever consider myself a fan of Brett Favre again. I’m a Packer fan, first and foremost and that doesn’t change with QBs.

  38. dennis p Says:

    if you have worked at your job for 16 years, you should have some seniority, and some kind of voice. brett was treated like a newly hired plant employee. players play for all kinds of reasons. fans watch for all kinds of reasons. brett is getting more ink as a retired player, than some active players are getting. it’s pretty obvious his playing football again is of great interest to many people. remember all those sold out arena’s when muhammed ali fought? many of the people in those arena’s hated him, but they came to watch him fight (hoping he would lose.) no matter how one thinks of favre, game tickets will sky rocket if he plays for the vikings.

    • PackerBelle Says:

      He had some seniority. He got to skip most off-season stuff, he had his own dressing room, etc. But even when you have seniority you still have to be committed to doing your job and doing it well. If you can’t make up your mind what you want to do, obviously you aren’t overly committed. Aaron Rodgers was.

      As for his playing again getting ink, it’s like a car crash. You don’t want to watch but you can’t look away. Here’s a guy who is destroying 16 years of legacy out of a personal vendetta. It’s a real life soap opera.

      • dennis p Says:


  39. Ron La Canne Says:

    As a well documented TT distractor, I have street cred on this Favre subject. First, outside of being able to draft good WR’s, TT has stumbled through draft after draft of incompetent Olineman, Dlinemen and LB’s. Next, his stuborn refusal to deal directly with Favre but throw MM into the controversy needlessly was is second rate management skill. He also hates FA’s and sticks with his loser draft picks longer than neccessary. And finally, his record is no where near that of a successsful GM in the NFL.

    That said, his best decision was to get rid of that mental case QB. His lack of cocern for his team mates and his demand that the sun rise and set on him was a distraction to all. That self centered jerk couldn’t carry Bart Starr’s jock. Who has the best record? No contest!

    If he becomes a Viking, so be it. I hate the Vikings. Especially Longwell, Sharper and now Favre. I wish him no good will, I wish him all bad. He selected the battle field and I have no alligence to traitors. Go Packers!

  40. Campbell Says:

    The guy gave us everything he had for 16 years. Thompson & Co. treated the Favre situation like a garage sale. There was zero leadership, intelligence or insight from any member of the Org.

    He’s gone. I’ve moved on and want nothing but success for my team. But I refuse to think, like a previous poster, regretting support of Deanna Favre’s breast cancer fund, etc. just because her husband did not behave perfectly.

    We’re talking about an obscene disease that kills
    millions of women here and around the world. Trash him for other things, and there are many choices, but don’t begrudge any contribution made to end this blight.

    Keep this on Packer football 2009… Please.

    • PackerBelle Says:

      There was leadership from the org – by not treating one person as more important than the team. If Brett wasn’t willing to commit to the season then it is better to move on to someone who is willing to put in the effort and has shown talent.

      And who suggested that anyone regretted supporting breast cancer research? I said that Packer fans supported Favre through various issues – such as his drug abuse, his father’s death and his wife’s illness and the fact that he’s determined to play for a division rival is IMO extremely childish and rude.

  41. Jpkool2000 Says:

    Ladies and gentleman of the press. I highly doubt Favre with the injurys he has suffered will be any threat to the Packers. Yes his arm may seem fine but I doubt its 100%. Anyways yes the Vikings may seem good on Paper but I do not see them dominating anything but their own world. Face it the Vikings suck and I do not care who they have. They have Favre and Peterson whoopdee do. However I do not really think they have Favre yet. Still its only rumors no realy hard evidence he is making a comeback or what not and by any means who gives a rats behind. I want Favre to come back literally I do. Let him face the Packers and by far let him throw those irratic passes and let him give us the game like he has given the Giants in 2007. Favre is no threat and with his injury’s I highly doubt he will be as effective as he once was. Packers will still sweep the division and still rock the NFC North.

    GO PACK GO!!

    • PackerBelle Says:

      Favre could be good – he showed that when he helped the Packers go 13-3. However, I think there is a good possibility that he won’t even come close to being that good should he play for the Vikings. 1) Favre hasn’t been working out in the off-season which was one reason he did so well two years ago. 2) Favre does best when he has a coach who can keep him disciplined. Childress doesn’t seem like he is capable of doing that. 3) The Vikings actually do better when they let Adrian Peterson carry the offense. Can anyone see Favre letting the running game take precedence? 4) There is still the question of his shoulder. If it was just the torn tendon then it isn’t an issue, but if there is something else wrong (which is possible) then he will have issues.

      I don’t know if the Packers will win the division. It depends on how the transition to the 3-4 goes, how the O-line performs, if Rodgers can improve some things from last season and how the other teams change from last season. But right now I think the Packers have as good a shot as any team.

  42. 56Coop Says:

    T, Campbell & Dennis P–I can appreciate you guys wanting to give Favre a pass. He did a lot for Green Bay & vice versa. Unfortunately, your arguements don’t hold water. I called Murphy, Thompson & McCarthey the trifecta of idiots when the Favre thing was going on, but like Ron, I think they did all they could short of just saying OK Brett we’re nothing without you, the sun rises & shines on you , give your demands & they will be met. There was the whole meet me in MIssissippi thing where Favre again changed his mind. But if you go back & read the transcript after the last McCarthy/Favre meeting it is obvious that Brett just did not want to play for the Packers. He wanted revenge. The Packers did all they could to let him come back — that was not his plan.

    I, like Ron am not a big TT fan but I agree, there was no choice but to trade Favre & it would have been ludicrous to let him play for a division rival. They would just be meeting a Favre demand. You guys can keep you blind Favre faith and as I’ve stated before I wish him no harm & do not want to see him get hurt—unless he puts on a purple uniform. Even then I don’t really want to see him get hurt–just sacked –A LOT.

    Also, I thimk JPkool2000 brought out some pretty valid points also. Lots of things look good on paper. Favre disrupted the Pack’s locker room as well as the Jets in 2008. Now it’s the Queens turn.

    One thing I do agree with though, & it’s pretty obvious, Farvre/Vikings will sell tickets–something they’ll really have to get used too. Too bad it’ll just be for one year. Another reason I hate to see this is after that year if Favre does for the Vikes the same as what he did for the Jets then Childress could be gone. That would open the door to the Vikes getting a real coach. Now that’s not good.

  43. Campbell Says:

    “Who suggested that anyone regretted supporting breast cancer research” You did..when you included that in your shallow mantra about how Packer fans supported him during his troubles.

    I always thought Packer fans were the best in the country. Are you sure you’re not a Mets/Yankees troll? They put the words “shallow” and “juvenile” to shame.

    Jeez, grow up.

    • PackerBelle Says:

      There is a difference between supporting research and supporting someone whose loved one is ill. Believe me I know. My younger sister has Cystic Fibrosis and the most promising line of research is embryonic stem cell research. I have friends who have supported me when my sister was in the hospital or on IV antibiotics but who don’t support embryonic stem cell research.

  44. T Says:

    Not looking to give Favre a pass, just looking to let him play the game he loves for a few more years (albeit for the Viqueens) without all the hatred from his ‘ex-fans’. As far as having ‘blind faith’ in Favre, it seems like a lot more people have ‘blind faith’ in TT’s story.
    There are two sides to the un-retirement fiasco. TT and MM’s side is that Favre said he was ready to unretire, they charted a jet and were ready to send the welcoming committee when Favre once again changed his mind – and that was the last straw. Favre’s side is that he just let MM know that he was having second thoughts about coming back, MM and TT said they would stop my Miss. on the way back from the owerns meeting. Brett told them not to, because he wasn’t that serious about it yet (but obviously signalling them to keep the door open). Personally, I think the answer lies somewhere in between. However, if TT really still wanted Favre as his QB, he could have had him. TT wanted his QB that he drafted. As GM, that’s his call – but he should have been man enough to release Favre and live with his decision. I actually was a TT fan until that moment. To treat a franchise player like that coming off a 13-3 season, one overtime away from the Superbowl – unprecedented in the history of pro sports.

    • PackerBelle Says:

      For Favre to expect the Packers to ‘keep the door open’ indefinitely in case he wanted to later unretire is selfish. It basically says that he is the most important person on the team. He made a choice to retire. He needs to live with that.

      I still can’t understand people who think Favre was treated badly. He was never told he couldn’t come back. No one from the Packers was airing their grievances in various forms of media. And when it was clear he wanted to come back and it was too late for him to play for the Packers they asked him for a list of acceptable trading partners (which he refused to do). Short of begging him to come back or risk losing Rodgers when his contract was up (or having to pay him tons of money with no idea what he could do), what else could they have done?

  45. 56Coop Says:

    Sorry T, but in my book the Packer organization has shown a lot more class in this whole deal than Favre. I agree that Favre loves the game of football but my money says this ain’t about football. I just hope he doesn;t get hurt. And there’s rally nothing unprecedented about it. Think Joe Montana.

    Campbell, I think you are reading alot more into Packerbelle’s words than were intended. I hardly think anyone would regret spending a dime on Mrs Favre’s book or supporting her simply because her Ol Man can’t let go.

    I just hope he decides his cannon’s used up and decides to stay home. He does have to make his own bed though….

  46. Cindy V Says:

    If Favre we’re in this because he loves to play football, then he would have stayed with the team that held his contract—the Jets. I also believe that Ted Thompson was hired to usher in the post-Favre era, even if that meant getting rid of Favre. Notice to all—The Packers Broad of Directors was silent on the whole Favre situation. Why? Do you think it was because it’s what they wanted? Someone had to be the bad guy. So they hired Ted to take the hit for the team. I do feel that Farve will be a Viking this season. And I think his hatred of Thompson and by extension, the Packers, will have him retire as a Viking and possible be in the Hall of Fame as a Viking. Do we retire #4 after that or assign the number to a punter?

  47. Campbell Says:

    56Coop: You’re right, I probably was overly harsh in my previous comments. If I offended anyone..mea culpa.

    I am intrigued with Lori Nickel’s PDB for today at the JS. After reading Sid Hartman’s piece on Favre and the Vikings..I don’t think he will play in Minnesota.

    I don’t see him auditioning for anyone, and that’s what he has to do in order to play for the Vikings.

  48. T Says:

    PackerBelle, I think it’s pretty well documented that he was told that he could not come back. When he talked to MM, he was told that the Packers had moved on (which according to Favre he understood because he had retired), but then he was told ‘and we don’t see you playing for anyone else’. I think at that point is where it all turned ugly (and that’s what separates this situation from the Joe Montana situation). Initially, the Packers said they were trying to protect his legacy by no letting him play anywhere else – so they offered him that big contract to stay retired. When that didn’t work, then they started working on trades.
    Someday we will probably learn the truth about what went down, and I think there’s a lot more than was reported so far. I don’t think either side is innocent, but it should have never gotten to this point. Favre’s job was to play football, TT’s job was to manage personell and situations like this.

  49. Ron La Canne Says:

    Sorry T, I must disagree with your contention that, “I think it’s pretty well documented that he was told that he could not come back.” Niether you, nor the Sports Media (fabricators) nor I know what the last conversation between MM and Favre entailed. Well documented? Please provide links other than TT hating blogs.

    It would be just as accurate for me to state that MM told Favre he had to show up for OTA’s, Mandatories and actually work hard in pre-season before he would be welcomed back. And, of course, our hero would have nothing to do with that. Hence the departure was ensured.

    As much as I dislike TT and his inability to strengthen our Oline, Dline, and LB’s, he did the right thing for the Packers after that meeting. He got Favre to go where the least distration for the Packers would be. Favre’s insistence on going to the Queens has lived on. He reetired once again from the Jets. His goal? I wonder what that might be? Could it be he really doesn’t want “PLAY” football? Could it be he really wants the focus of negative information back on the Packers and TT in particular?

    If he signs with the Queens, fine. I hope he retires from that organization and goes to the HoF as a Queen. That would emphasize to the football world what an ass he really is.

  50. dennis p Says:


  51. T Says:

    Hey Ron, sorry – I left out the fact that it was Favre that said it. He did so in the Greta Van Sustren (sp?) interview. MM never contested that claim, so to me it rings true. Here’s the quote: (or you can see the interview on Youtube)
    “And it’s unfortunate that it has come to this. And I’m sure there are a lot of fans out there thinking, from what they’ve heard, that Brett is a traitor, he wants to play elsewhere. That’s not true. I was told that playing in Green Bay was not an option, regardless what you hear from up there. You know, I’m not making it up. I was told that playing in Green Bay was not an option. And then I was told that, We can’t imagine you playing or can’t envision you playing with another team, as well. What does that tell me? It tells me, We don’t want you playing, period.”

    As far as why Favre didn’t want to play for the Jets? That was about the worst place they could have sent him. New York is about as opposite a place as Kiln to live as you would ever find. Also, that team sucked when they sent him there. He elevated the team to playoff contention, but even had they made it they would not have gone anywhere. Also, with a new coach coming in – they will be going through some rebuilding now. Of course – this is just my speculation, but I don’t think Brett was every really happy in New York.
    Now, I also think he wants to play for Minn for another shot at a ring – with proving Thompson wrong being the icing on the cake. If, however – he ends up retiring as a Viking… then I was completely wrong about him. Hopefully we’ll get some insight tonight at 8 on HBO…

    • dennis p Says:


    • PackerBelle Says:

      The problem is that Favre has been shown to have been less than honest.

      Look at the PDF and the JS Online today.

      It certainly wouldn’t be the first time Favre has been less than truthful about something. We got our latest example just this past weekend when Favre’s agent, Bus Cook, admitted Favre told the Packers soon after his retirement in 2008 that he wanted to come back.

      “Within a few weeks of announcing his retirement, he told them ‘I want to come back.’ That just didn’t happen, obviously.”

      Hmmm, that’s interesting because that’s exactly what Thompson and coach Mike McCarthy said happened last year. And Favre, in his last post-retirement interview to Van Sustern, said the Packers were lying:

      “I didn’t say I wanted to come back. I did not call them before they went to Orlando and say, I’m playing, man I made a mistake — I’m sorry, three weeks ago we had this big deal. But that’s not true.”

  52. T Says:

    from the Green Bay Press Gazette:

    Roundup: Favre to speak tonight
    Brett Favre will break his silence tonight.

    The retired-for-at-least-another-week-or-two quarterback will appear live on the premiere of Joe Buck’s new HBO show, “Joe Buck Live.” The show airs at 8 p.m. on the cable network.

    Favre has kept remarkably quiet in recent months as media speculation has built about a possible (second) comeback with the Minnesota Vikings. His only on-the-record communication with reporters during that time has been by text message, and even those have been limited.

    That will change tonight. And if last year’s interview with Greta Van Susteren provides a blueprint, there will be no shortage of news and controversy in its wake.

    According to Buck, the interview was set up while Favre was still a retired New York Jet. The theme of Monday’s show is (what else?) the intersection of sports and celebrity.

    “I called him in early April and locked him in, way before the Minnesota stuff popped up,” Buck told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. “Thought he would be the perfect guy to talk about celebrity and life as a Packer legend in a small town like Green Bay.”

    It will be interesting to hear how Favre’s thoughts on that topic have evolved over this strange past year.

  53. T Says:

    PackerBelle, you may be right – but again the media takes part of a quote out of context to make their point. The first part of Cook’s quote was “Last summer … we still don’t know why, and nobody’s every given us a reason why, the guy wanted to go back and play one more year and for some reason, they didn’t want Brett back,”. I agree there was a discrepency with at what time Favre was comitted to coming back, but I’m not sure that proves Favre was lying. It was probably clearer in Favre’s mind than his agent (who has also had some credibility issues over the years).
    Anyway, if Favre has lost your trust then there’s probably nothing he can say (or especially I can say) to change your mind. I’ve got to get off this topic – peace out…

    • PackerBelle Says:

      There are multiple other instances of Favre being untruthful. Such as saying Rivera and Wahle were released after he publically comitted to playing again when they were release before then.

      And the quote is pretty clear – within a few weeks of retiring he called and said he wanted to come back. That fits with what TT and MM said last year and which Favre denied.

      Yes, Favre lost my ‘trust’ because he has lied, he’s aired his grievances in a public forum and basically seems willing to hurt the Packer fans who supported him for years. I don’t think I’ll ever see him the same way I did when he retired, but what happens with the Vikings will go a long way to determining his long term legacy in my eyes (and I would bet a number of others).

  54. T Says:

    The quote is pretty clear – and if you take it as the truth, then TT/MM also lied. Cook said that at that point “they didn’t want Brett back”. That doesn’t sound like the welcome mat was rolled out like TT/MM would have us believe. I don’t know the specifics about the dates Rivera and Wahle were released, but it is probably being compared to date that the media reported Favre was coming back. Unfortunately, we all know that there’s a lot going on in Favre’s mind before the media reports it. Anyway, seems like I have to get in the last word – but I promise this is my last word (at least for today…)

  55. Campbell Says:

    Jesus, Favre lies and does all these other “terrible” things to Packer fans. But you people CANNOT stop talking about him. The sad part of all of this is that he is the only interesting thing connected to the Packers at this point.

    Concentrate on the team. But I’m sure tonight you’ll all be parsing every single word he utters. Favre doesn’t know that no matter what he says, he’s giving more grist for the Favre-haters mill.

    Give it a rest.

    Give it a rest.

  56. Ron La Canne Says:

    MM’s lack of response means Favre is truth teller? I guess that means Johnny Cochran really thought OJ was guilty. A new legal tactic is born!

  57. 56Coop Says:

    Your’e killing me Ron. Campbell–At last I agree with you– somewhat. Therre was some pretty good stuff on the Packers Daily Briefing at JS online about how the teams doing so far at practice and a lot of it is very positive. It appears all this Favre nonsense is having little or no affect in the lockerroom.

    With that being said, I don;t get HBO ( Igave it up for the NFL Ticket) so someone please put a synopsis of what Favre says tonight on here so I can read it in the morning.

  58. T Says:

    56Coop. Nothing really new was said on the show. Favre confirmed the surgery and said the recovery is pretty much the only thing standing in his way of coming back. He said the reason the Vikings were a good fit is because he ran the same offense for 16 years and knew the terminology (as opposed to in NY where it was like learning a foreign language and they had to condense the playbook for him). I was disappointed in his answer to the question about running onto Lambeau field as a Viking. He didn’t seem to think it was any different than being a Jet (compared it to Lombardi coaching in Washington). Overall – as a Favre fan, it was good to seem him. As far as the Favre haters, I don’t think there was anything said that would change their mind…

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