Jeremy Thompson, Kampman, OLB question


Rob Demovsky has an interesting article today re the possibility of Jeremy Thompson grabbing the starting strong side OLB spot. Quite compelling and it does seem as though the coaching staff has noticed his potential.

I am not too concerned about who ends up starting at either OLB spot (excluding Poppinga – he shouldn’t start period). I just want the best guys out there. I’ll go so far as to say I don’t think Kampman necessarily should be anointed the starting left OLB. While I like Kampman, have faith that he can learn the position and believe he’ll ultimately end up making the transition, if Thompson or Matthews or Bishop or anyone ends up coming in and performing better, I wouldn’t mind looking at potential trades for Kampman or moving him back to DL for certain packages. As cold as that sounds and as much as I do believe Kampman will make the transition, I think it may be smart to start thinking about options for the team should the 3-4 transition not take for Kampman.


2 Responses to “Jeremy Thompson, Kampman, OLB question”

  1. DaveK Says:

    I think we will be seeing far more 4-3 then they are letting on right now. The front four of Kampman, Raji, Pickett, and Jenkins might just be too good a combo for Capers to keep off the field especially if Hawk, Barnett, and Matthews play well behind them. Even if Kampman doesn’t perform well as a OLB he still would have some value to the team in his traditional spot when they line up in the 4-3. But, I am guessing TT would be open to offers if he and Capers do not think Kampman will be an effective OLB OR if Kampman is asking for a trade. It would just depend what teams are offering, Kampman’s willingness to agree to an extension with the new team, and what value TT places on Kampman as a 3-4 OLB or a part-time DE. What if you trade him for a close to pro-bowl caliber RT and then use Matthews and Thompson as your OLB’s? More likely they try to utilize Kampman the best they can for a year and they part ways after the season.

  2. Ron La Canne Says:

    Don’t hold your breath on Thompson being an adequate OLB. He doesn’t have the lateral movement required. Why? Check the films from last year. When he had to extend the Line Of Scrimage and force the runner inside he was blown completely out of position. Sorry, but he has no upper body strength. Not yet anyway. And according to what I’m reading, this year’s conditioning program isn’t designed to address strength issues.

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