Tramon signs – nice


Read here from Tramon Williams has signed 1 year contract. While I wouldn’t mind locking a player like Tramon up longer term, it probably is smart to give it another season to make sure he truly can be a long-term replacement for Al or Charles at CB. Still, I’m glad this is done.

14 Responses to “Tramon signs – nice”

  1. 56Coop Says:

    Working at a retail store on a Sunday in a bad economy leaves one with a lot of time on his hands. Just a few thoughts after a little web surfing–

    I’m sure everyone has read MM’s press conference of May 28th by now. Glad to see he thinks specials teams is improving. We all know they killed us a few times last year so an improvement will be a big help.

    22 mental errors on defense. I know it’s way early, lot’s of roookies and a totally new scheme but still… Capers is an excellent defensive coach in my opinion (not so much as a head coach) that knows the 3-4 very well & is a good teacher of that defense. Kevin Greene cannot hurt either. I just hope the players are buying into it (which I think they are). I think Kampman will settle down and thrive in this defense. Also, I hope Nick Collins fully participates in learning this new defense–he needs to be there. This is not the time for the vets to stay home.

    I am a little disappointed they cut strenght & conditioning to two days. They hired new S & C coaches, let do some work. I firmly believe S&C during summer helps prevent injuries in fall/winter. Matthews already has a hamstring issue.

    Finally, of all the websites in theNFC North the Vikes site sucks. Packers, Bears & Lions are all on a pretty much even keel but the the Vikes site just sucks.

    Oh well, thanks for a place to handle the boredom. Can’t wait till August. By the way–did I tell you taht the Vikes have a terrible web site?

  2. Cindy V Says:

    To change the subject. This from SI online:

    Sports Illustrated’s Peter King reported earlier this week that the Vikings were eager to get an answer from Brett Favre by this weekend regarding whether he’s going to sign to play for them. But coach Brad Childress said Friday afternoon that he has not had any more contact with Favre or agent Bus Cook since the last time Childress addressed the media about the subject last week. “I have not,” Childress said. “Nothing has changed.” Childress said last week that the last time he had spoken to Favre was “several weeks ago.”

    St. Paul Pioneer Press

  3. Cindy V Says:

    To change the subject again. Are you folks as disappointed as me in Donald Driver and his complaints about his contract?

  4. Ron La Canne Says:


    I think DD is trying to get a bump early in his contract because he and his agent are faced with the reality of AGE. At 34 and two more years to go, it’s not likely he will get that big pay day at 36. Why not give it a shot. Missing the OTA’s will have litte effect effect on him. He’s one of the best conditioned and most competent players on the team. I’m sure he’ll be there when it counts.

  5. Joe Says:


    I am sure that is what DD is thinking, but what was he thinking last year, and the year before and the year before that. This is the 4th year in a row that he has asked to redo his deal.

  6. Cindy V Says:

    My concern is that Tightwad Ted may use missing OTA and general unsatisfaction as an excuse to dump Driver. Why give TT the ammunition?

  7. joshywoshybigfatposhy Says:

    i don’t think any gm with half a brain would ever dump dd. that would be world-class stupid.

    but if it were up to me? well, thank you for asking…

    i’d meet with driver and tell him – “look, donnie, honeycakes, you’re a role model. and still a good player. but you’ve got lots of good, young competition, and you’re not going to hold us up for an over-market salary — so how’s about we both get what we want? you go and practice, make like you’re doing the ‘right’ thing and show our young players how things SHOULD be done, and in, oh, say week 4, we’ll come to you with this offer (slide paper across desk and look all sneaky).”

    i’d have the papers drawn up and ready to sign. and i’d be wearing a bad suit and stink of bourbon and parliments. and i’d have a smarmy mustache and lots of big, shiny rings. and i’d probably be named tony clifton or ray biggs or sal ‘the yellow dart’ pompeno.

  8. 56Coop Says:

    I don’t think DD will get dumped either but TT has shown flashes of world class stupidity before. If he were so inclined to actually sit down with players & try to come to some logical agreement he had the pefect opportunnity 2 years ago with Favre who is now (hopefully) retired. That being said though, you have a great plan Joshy. If DD wants a couple more million I’d say he is as deserving of it as anybody. TT & MM should read this blog…

  9. bucky Says:

    Do we know that Driver is looking to get another contract? The only reference I’ve seen so far is from Bedard’s JS blog, which identifies “sources” that say Driver is taking issue with his contract. The same blog says Driver’s agent denies the contract is at issue, and Driver seems to say he’s happy with his contract. Unless there’s more information out there, I’m not convinced that this is an issue.

    And for Driver’s sake, it better not be. I love Donald Driver as much as the next guy, but he’s 34 years old, and scheduled to make $6.1 large this year (and $7M next year). I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t make that sort of money on the open market right now. I also don’t see the team willing to give him a whole lot more, not with Jennings contract coming due this next season. Jennings as the number 1 guy- and at 26 years old- will make more than the older Driver, who is a solid number 2 guy. If Driver really does have a problem with that – and again, it’s not clear yet to me that he does- then he can find another team where he can perhaps be a number 1, but I have a hard time seeng him making any more than he is now.

  10. DaveK Says:

    There would be plenty of teams willing to pay Driver $7+ million this season. A couple teams in our own division would snap that up in a second. That being said, Driver and the Packers have always done well in their contract negotiations. I believe Driver’s last extension was in 2007 when TT gave him some new money despite Driver signing a four year deal the prior summer. All the new money in 2007 was tied to production and game day roster bonuses. So, Driver didn’t get a penny more unless he produced and stayed healthy. Props to TT for not playing hard ball with a player that was one year in on a four year deal and props to DD for accepting the new money based on production and staying healthy. If would be nice if all contract negotiations were handled by both sides like that as they were able to work out an extension that made both sides happy. But, that was two years ago and I am guessing that Driver wants another bump in his contract. We can speculate all we want but we have no idea if anyone is being unreasonable here. Driver may be asking way too much or TT may not be willing to extend Driver at this point in his career with two years left on his current deal. We just don’t know yet and it seems that some use any story to rail on Ted Thompson. Besides, I don’t think Driver is going to become a problem without a new deal. Does anyone foresee Driver sitting out camp or demanding a trade? I don’t. Worst case scenario with Driver is that he plays out the last two years and hits FA at the ripe old age of 36.

  11. Kozak Says:

    Nightmare scenario. Favre and Driver on the Queens.
    I need to take a shower now.

  12. bucky Says:

    Take a look at what other receivers are getting paid and tell me again that “there are a lot of teams willing to pay Driver 7+ million a year”. Again, I love DD, but he’s not one of the top 10 WRs in the game right now. He’s just not gonna make that money anywhere else, not at his age.

    All that aside, I remain to be convinced that he is actually looking to get another raise. The sourcing behind Bedard’s blog post is thinner than the prosciutto I get at the local deli.

  13. DaveK Says:

    I believe Hester a year ago got $30 million over 4 years or $7.5 a year. Williams, last season after the trade with the Cowboys, signed a $45 million deal for 5 years or $9 million a year. Benard Berrian got a 6 year $42 million deal or $7 million a year a few years back. Owens who turns 36 this season and with all his personality issues got $6.5 million for one year. Driver would not be overpaid in 2009 if he got $7 million per year . All that being said, Driver may be upset that alot of his deal is not guaranteed. He may very well not want new money but just some more guaranteed money. Again, we really have no way of knowing at this point.

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