Optimism for Pack from USAToday


Read here from Jeff Zillgett and Nate Davis. They approach the Pack’s 2009 season with some optimism it seems. Essentially, they argue that the offense is likely to continue to be quality and the changes on defense will probably make the defense better than last year. I agree with this assessment and it seems like AJ Hawk, for one, does as well.

I do think adding a respected member of the NFL’s defensive community in Capers was smart, but also, filling in other defensive coaching vacancies with quality guys who make sense was smart – like Darren Perry and Kevin Greene.

Anyone else surprised to read that Ryan Grant actually rushed for 1203 yards last year? For some reason, I thought it was much less than that. I confirmed this over at nfl.com – 1203 yards. I do think he will be even more of a factor this year.

3 Responses to “Optimism for Pack from USAToday”

  1. verno329 Says:

    That seemed like a pretty solid review/preview of the team. I loved hearing abut the D going through training and schooling on the 3-4 so they can be as prepared as possible. Hopefully it pays big dividends.

  2. Jeremy Says:

    Sure, he rushed for over 1200 yards (and I think that was good for 9th in the NFL) but he had only two rushes for over 20 yards (as opposed to something like nine, I believe, in half a season in 2007) and his yard per carry dropped down to 3.9. So, seems like the overall production was there, but he didn’t play up to my expectations. I think he’ll be closer to his 2007 form, rather than last year, come opening week. At least I hope he will.

  3. DJ Says:

    My sense is the offense will be at least as good as last year. The big advantage they can give themselves is to settle on a starting line-up as soon as possible and stick with it. This will give Grant and others a boost.

    I think the defense will struggle early and come on by mid-year at the latest. Seems we may not see as much of the 3-4 as some might think and as long as we stay healthly I don’t see the defense doing any worse than last year.

    Here’s my kicker (no pun intended), I think special teams could be the real difference maker in 2009. Think about how many yards we spotted our opponents last year by absolute crummy punting. Crosby wasn’t himself and missed a few that could have been the difference maker. Mathematically speaking, I’m not sure that Bush can get more ST penalties than last year either!

    On the downside for the Packers, I think there has been a very good upgrade of talent throughout the NFC North so it won’t be a walk in the park. I think it’s realistic to think we finish 10-6 but not comfortable we beat out MN for the division crown.

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