Rodgers calling plays?


This morning on 620 WTMJ radio, I heard an interesting quote from Aaron Rodgers. He was talking about how close he and Mike McCarthy are and how he feels confident that McCarthy has lots of confidence in him. Rodgers said something to the effect of “he trusts me to call the plays…”

While this may not be a big deal really, and it may in fact be a simple reference to him being granted the ability to audible when he sees fit – it make me wonder if Rodgers may have more of a role in play-calling than Favre ever seemed to. I wouldn’t be surprised because I think Rodgers has a very good understanding of the offense, the coaches clearly have lots of confidence in him andĀ  he is very bright and quick to diagnose. I wonder if Rodgers may get to a point with McCarthy like Peyton Manning in Indy: where he knows the offensive system so well he’ll be able to call most plays. Anyway, I just thought this was an interesting comment for a 1-year starter to make when his predecessor, outside of an occasional audible or freak play, seemed to take most offensive play-calling direction from the sidelines.

4 Responses to “Rodgers calling plays?”

  1. Campbell Says:

    This is great news for Packer fans. Rodgers just might turn out to be the smartest QB the Packers ever had.

    TT and MM had such confidence in his abilities last year, he didn’t have to earn or compete for the job, it was simply handed to him.

    I’m surprised they didn’t give him the position his rookie season.

  2. Cindy V Says:

    I think that based on his performance last year Aaron earned a shot to call some of his own plays this season. He seems to be a smart player and a team leader. I have great expectations for Aaron and I believe he will do well.

  3. 56Coop Says:

    Play calling was so predictable last year–you don’t suppose MM is losing faith in himself? I think it’s truly good though if Rodgers sees the play called is all wrong for the defensive lined up across the field that he has the freedom to change it.

  4. Sportspack Says:

    Great News! I hope he calls all the plays, maybe he can also design the game plan.

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