More Favre speculation


So tired of this –  Favre apparently throwing to high schoolers again.

7 Responses to “More Favre speculation”

  1. Campbell Says:

    If you’re so tired of this..WHY do you even bother to print it?

  2. awhayes Says:

    Campbell – because it was throwing to high schoolers last year that was a strong indication that he was going to return. Listen, I am really tired of Favre and the drama, but I don’t think I can ignore news that may seriously affect the NFC North. Our interest in football is not limited just to the Green Bay Packers – we’re also quite interested in anything or anyone who may have a direct influence on how our Packers do.

  3. Ron La Canne Says:

    God – he needs a new script writter. This is getting boring.

  4. bucky Says:

    Favre apparently throwing to high schoolers again.

    What? I must have missed the news that he signed with the Bears?

    Thank you, I’ll be here all week. Try the veal.

  5. joshywoshybigfatposhy Says:

    last time i saw a mouth like that, it had a hook in it!

    nice, bucky.
    fantastic article.

    i’m sick of this stuff too – but really, what else is there to write about re: the packers right now? it’s better than working.

  6. 56Coop Says:

    I’m sure you guys have probably seen these but at there is a pretty good video of them talking to a Doc about Favre’s arm. There’s also one, “Favre from over” where they put the slant on that it’s the Vike’s who are really pitching hard for Favre to come back–the owner’s & Childress. They indicate that they are really putting the pressure on Favre which is what’s making him “consider” it realistically. Favre texted Sharper & said he ran the steps at the high school & a 100 yard sprint & he “felt 39”. For what it’s worth.

  7. DaveK Says:

    Bedard has some interesting thoughts on the Favre/Vikings saga today at the JSonline blog and so did Peter King the other day. It sounds like this is how it all went down and how the Yahoo story about Favre being “done” and the ESPN story about “Favre sending the Vikings xrays” are both correct. So, Favre talks to the one good team in the league that doesn’t have a good QB and asks them if they are interested. They say, HELL YES!! He then goes out and tests his arm with the high school kids and his arm about falls off. He calls Chilly back and says it is not going to work out and he is done. (Hence the Yahoo story) The Vikings say, hold on Brett why don’t you get an xray and have our guys look at it as maybe you only need minor surgery. (hence the ESPN story) X-rays show he needs more then “minor” surgery. He needs the tendon clipped and the shoulder needs to be scoped and cleaned out. Favre really doesn’t want either because of the rehab required and his tendancy to get addicted to pain pills. He REALLY wants to play but only if his arm is good to go without the surgery. The Vikings know he needs the surgery and do not want him unless he gets the surgery. Hence the stalemate and why neither Favre or the Vikings have said squat in the past week. The Vikings think he will back down and get the surgery. Favre is leaning towards hanging it up but he is conflicted enough to just STFU until he knows for sure which could be awhile.

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