Alex Marvez with more on Favre


Alex Marvez has a nice brief article here outlining the suspicious behavior of Favre and others. Particularly curious is profootballtalk’s apparent evidence that an unidentified plane flew from Minneapolis to Favre’s hometown the day after he was released. Here is the full article:


Here we go again.

We all knew Brett Favre’s self-described “itch” to play football again would eventually return following his retirement. For the second time in two years, it appears he’s ready to scratch.

There were simply too many signs that emerged last week pointing to a Favre comeback:

  • Favre was granted his release request by the New York Jets rather than remaining on the team’s reserve/retired list. He issued a statement claiming “nothing has changed” and “at this time, I am retired and have no intention of returning to football.” So why ask for your release? Plus, with his history of retirement flip-flopping, the use of “at this time” is particularly intriguing.
  • Minnesota — the team that Favre wanted to play for in 2008 — is open to the possibility of signing him. Vikings coach Brad Childress said the team would discuss the subject after last weekend’s minicamp. Vikings owner Zigi Wilf, who months ago said his club would have no interest in signing Favre, instead issued a “no comment” about the topic Saturday when asked by the St. Paul Pioneer Press.
  • The Minneapolis Star-Tribune reported that Favre has recently spoken with Vikings offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell, a good friend from their days together in Green Bay.
  • The Pioneer Press reported that Favre has hired a personal trainer (tending to his farm apparently isn’t providing enough manual labor).
  • reported an unidentified plane flew from Minneapolis to Favre’s hometown of Hattiesburg, Miss. the day after his release.
  • New Orleans safety Darren Sharper, a former Packers teammate, told the NFL’s web site that he believes Favre will try to play another season “because he’s such a competitor and he still loves football.”
  • 9 Responses to “Alex Marvez with more on Favre”

    1. MC Says:

      If memory serves, the plane turned out to be a red herring. Contained TARGET employees.

    2. campbell Says:

      On tonight’s Sportscenter Trent Dilfer said he and Favre exchanged text messages and Favre resoundingly denied returning to the NFL.

    3. PackerBelle Says:

      Except Favre has no credibility in my eyes anymore. He was denying interest in coming back last year too. There have just been too many instances where he’s clearly been lying for me to trust anything he says.

    4. awhayes Says:

      Packerbelle – good point about Irv the other day. I really think Irv was like an anchor in Favre’s life. They were very close. When he passed away, Favre’s mental/emotional strength may have taken a much larger hit than we all realized. So it is interesting to think about how things might have been different if he hadn’t passed.

    5. Kozak Says:

      If Favre pulls this, the Packers should issue number 4 to a new player and NEVER retire his number. NO wall of fame, no Packer Hall of fame. Let the Jets or the Vikes “honor” him.

    6. campbell Says:

      I don’t understand this constant update on Favre. You all sound obsessed with the guy, like jilted lovers.

      Concentrate on the 2009 TEAM and the obvious upgrades on defense instead of him.

    7. DaveK Says:

      “I’m coming off a torn bicep tendon, but I still think I can throw,” said Favre. “It hurt toward the end of the year, but I still think in my mind I can play. It’s there. … But soon to be 40? I just don’t know if it’s worth a try. But there will be a day, I’m sure, when I feel like I could play 291 more.”,0,517571.column

      That was in February. The “I just don’t know if it’s worth a try” is what he is trying to figure out. Does he think he can play an entire season at a high level? How likely is it that he can make a serious run at a championship with the Vikings…with Brad Childress as head coach? Is that chance worth what he gives up to try?

    8. Cindy V Says:

      ESPN is reporting tonight that Favre will be meeting with Childress this week.

      I wouldn’t be surprised to see Favre in purple soon.

    9. Frank G Says:

      Great point Kozak…If Favre comes back with the Vikes it will be for the sole purpose of sticking it in the eye of Packers management and, indirectly, the fans. It’s not like he grew up in Minnesota and always dreamed of playing for the Vikes. He’s just an immature, spiteful jackass. I hope the Packers give his jersey number to a punter!!!

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