Favre released


For some reason, when I saw this news last night, I just wasn’t that worked up about it…even though this means he is free to sign with anyone. I thought “he’ll play this media game for a few months and then he may in fact try to latch on with some team mid-summer, or he may not”. Then, I did get a little worked up as I thought about it a bit more and realized “crap, he could join the Vikings or Tampa or Cleveland or a few other teams that might end up playing us next year.” Then, I got worked down, as it were, as I thought about it even more and thought “I simply don’t have the energy to deal with more Favre drama”. Then I stopped thinking.


12 Responses to “Favre released”

  1. Joe Says:

    At this point, I say “who cares.” After his NY performance, I really don’t care if he becomes the starter for Minnesota. I really think he has lost it. The only way he could be effective is if he tried to become something he is not – a controlled QB focused on not losing the game by making only safe throws. That will never happen. Childress is not a strong enough coach to control the Brett.

  2. DaveK Says:

    I think he would be a great fit for MN. They don’t need Favre in his prime to win. They need a guy that direct an offense and Favre may be better then anyway at that. MN has a good o-line, the best RB in the league, and now two pretty good WR’s. Couple all that with a solid defense and they are good QB play away from being a really good team. Favre can still throw well enough to make that offense really click. I hope he stays retired!

  3. higster Says:

    I think he will be with the Vikes this fall, and the Vikes will be an improved team with him at QB. I also hope our pass rush becomes very, very effective.

  4. goodeggblogger Says:

    Brett has already tarnished his storybook legacy. It really doesn’t matter any more if he continues with a different team each year. He has been poorly advised these last few years. Unfortunately, I think he is more interested in sticking it to the Packers organization than in being the icon the sports world wanted him to be.

  5. 56Coop Says:

    Good points by all. I like that very effective pash rush higster. I agree that Childress wouldn’t be able to keep Favre in line but he may not have to. I think DaveK is right about the Vikes being a QB away from being a really good team. If Favre were to join the Vikes and they gelled, I fill fairly certain he would keep himself in check and could become very dangerous. But like Andy, I’ve wasted too much time & energy on this whole issue–I’m think I’ll just quit thinking.

  6. campbell Says:

    So, your premise is if he plays for another team that automatically cancels and tarnishes the 16 years he gave the Faithful in Sacred Lambeau Field.

    It is to laugh at how dismissive and judgemental you all sound. I guess Green Bay is really Valhalla and how DARE Favre want to continue playing football after the Gods deemed him unworthy.

    You have all the ingredients for a very good team with the prospect of a successful season in what looks like a competitive, exciting division.

    Believe me Packer fans.. you don’t know how lucky you are.

  7. Cindy V Says:

    Brett doesn’t tarnish his image playing for another team. He tarnishes his image by retiring, then unretiring. It happened once when he was in Green Bay. To that , I say okay. But if it happens a second time, I begin to question the guy. Why retire and unretire? There’s got to be a better way for Brett to play if he wants to without lying about his intentions.

  8. Cindy V Says:

    This from SI online:

    Latest buzz is that new free-agent QB Brett Favre has hired a personal trainer at home in Mississippi. It will be surprising if Favre isn’t with the Vikings in training camp. Why did Favre now want to get released from the Jets? Favre’s sudden arrival on the market makes you wonder if that’s the reason the Vikings haven’t spent much on free agency this year. Maybe they knew something. There could be two motives: wanting to play for the Vikings, who have wanted him for a year, and a $20 million pot of gold. The $20 million isn’t a new playing contract. The Vikings probably could sign Favre for about $7 million for the coming season, with about $3 million more available in performance bonuses, such as winning the Super Bowl. The $20 million, remember, is what the Packers, for whom Favre played 16 seasons, offered Favre nearly a year ago to retire from Green Bay. The 10-year marketing deal would have made Favre an ambassador for the franchise. Now that the future hall of famer has been released by the Jets, Favre could have new leverage: Give me the $20 million and I’ll stay retired. If not, I’ll sign with the Vikings and make life miserable for the Packers.

    This is how Brett Favre tarnishes his reputation with Packer fans.

  9. Cindy V Says:

    This also from SI online:

    Just spoke to one of my guys and he gave me some behind-the-scenes insight on why the Jets officially released quarterback Brett Favre from the reserve/retired list on Tuesday night. First, following the draft, Favre asked the Jets for his unconditional release for a “second time,” I’m told. If you remember, when he retired last February, Favre and his agent, Bus Cook, denied they had asked the Jets for his official release. But now with Mark Sanchez in the fold, Favre figured he could force the Jets’ hand and gain his release. Secondly, the Jets didn’t want any “Favre drama” hanging over their heads with Sanchez trying to find his way. If Sanchez struggled this summer in training camp, for instance, the club didn’t want the specter of a possible return by Favre hanging over their heads. Sure, the Jets didn’t have to grant Favre his wish, but they had nothing to gain by holding onto him and trying to get some compensation (he cost them a third-round pick) if a team wanted to sign him. They felt a mid-round draft pick (at best) wasn’t worth the headache. Although Favre said in a statement on Tuesday and through his agent again on Wednesday that he has no intention of returning to football next season, his actions — asking for his release from the Jets twice — don’t jive with his words.

  10. PackerBelle Says:

    “It is to laugh at how dismissive and judgemental you all sound. I guess Green Bay is really Valhalla and how DARE Favre want to continue playing football after the Gods deemed him unworthy”

    They didnt’ deem him unworthy – he retired. So they took him at his word and moved on. Then when he decided he wanted to play again he didn’t say he wanted to come back and play for the Packers – he said he wanted to be released outright.

    That is how he tarnishes his image – by being a complete jerk. I understand regretting the decision to retire and wanting to come back. But then you work with the team you signed a contract with to find a solution that works for both parties. You don’t demand your release to go play for a division rival and you don’t air your grievances on Fox News. You try to keep it ‘in the family’ out of respect for the franchise and your teammates.

    You also tarnish your image by doing the same thing a year later with another team.

  11. campbell Says:

    Favre going to another team doesn’t bother me. The Packers don’t want him. I’m not a huge fan of Thompson, but the consensus seems to be he had an excellent draft day and actually addressed the team’s needs.

    No-one should be paying attention the former QB. At least that’s how I feel.

  12. Trav Says:

    This story and what Cindy mentioned previously make me think that he will be wearing purple by August. I am in agreement with most: Don’t really care anymore. Even Cook’s comments about him wanting to retire a Packer are a stretch. I think him wanting to stick it to TT is more on his mind than retiring in the Green and Gold.


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