Packers add DE Wynn and CB Underwood


I’m glad we picked up a DE, but my hope would have been that he would have been a bit bigger (he’s only 275lbs). It’s interesting, the more the draft plays out and the more I think about the Pack’s roster, the more I wonder if they are going to use a somewhat improvised 3-4 line-up. I am wondering if they are thinking about pairing Raji with Pickett and Jenkins on the line and going with 4 LBs. It would be a bit different from other 3-4 line-ups in that either Raji or Pickett (probably Raji), whoever plays DE, would be quite a bit bigger than most DEs in a 3-4. I also wonder if Capers’ system will be much more of a hybrid 3-4/4-3 that has a bunch of sub packages – one that brings a ton of different looks.

We do have future needs at CB so I don’t mind grabbing one here.

6 Responses to “Packers add DE Wynn and CB Underwood”

  1. Cindy V Says:

    I think that Dom Capers would have to go to a hydrd 3-4 defensive scheme as the Packers don’t have the personnel for a true 3-4. That being said, I feel a hydrid could be very successful. I like the attitude of the new defense coaches. I’m hopeful that our two first round picks will be impact players. I am looking forward to a better than 6-10 season.

  2. DaveK Says:

    Capers has said repeatedly said that he will fit the system to the players he has on the roster. Down and distance will also be a huge factor on how they line up. I think we’ll see a fair share of 4-3 as I see the current starting from seven to be effective in the 4-3. Kampman, Picket, Raji, and Jenkins on the line with Hawk, Barnett, and Matthews behind them. Couple that with our secondary and you have a very good looking 4-3 roster on paper. Regardless, it seems TT has given Capers the players to be very flexible which will be a huge change from last year. Next year, Pickett may be replaced by a true 3-4 end and we’ll know if Kampman can play in space or not. You then might see a true 3-4 but this year I think we’ll see plenty of 3-4 on first down and plenty of 4-3 on passing downs. The pre-season games may actually be interesting this year.

  3. Tiponline Says:

    Cindy I agree! It’s obvious Cindy understands that Coach Capers and his defensive staff will be solely responsible for bringing the Packers back to respectability. (I’m NOT being sarcastic)
    If we get worse it’s all Toolman’s fault, if we get better it’s all Dom.
    Go Pack!

  4. Tiponline Says:

    Also, Toolman does not get credit for Dom because he should have hired him sooner !

  5. DaveK Says:

    From PackerUpdate always present source:

    “McCarthy will talk about the 3-4 ad neauseam between now and the start of the regular season, but when push comes to shove, I think you’ll see quite a bit of the 4-3,” said a former scout. “That would allow Aaron Kampman to keep his hand on the ground more often. It would also allow both Ryan Pickett and B.J. Raji to be on the field at the same time. That’s the beauty of what GM Ted Thompson did on Saturday. He selected two players who can function in either scheme.”

    • tiponline Says:

      What TT did was take some sound advice from Coach Capers. Dom may have saved the Tool’s job this year.
      I can honestly say now I am excited about watching the Pack return to respectability after the “train” wreck last year.
      Go Pack!

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