Pack add OT Lang and FB Johnson


Nice additions again. I’m not sure about how quality these two guys JT Lang or Quinn Johnson are – but Quinn Johnson does come from a newer football powerhouse in LSU. Wonder if Matt Flynn knew this guy.

One reason why I’m feeling pretty good about this draft – is that TT appears to be drafting for need positions more than in the past. While I understand the philosophy behind “best player available”, I think it’s best when that philosophy is blended as well as possible with team needs. I think TT would have a hard time arguing that this year, he hasn’t been focused a bit more on team needs. (By the way, I think FB was more of a need than others. Korey Hall and John Kuhn have been OK, nothing special, and I’d go so far as to say that they played a part in the weaker running game last year (as did Grant and the O-Line).

3 Responses to “Pack add OT Lang and FB Johnson”

  1. DaveK Says:

    Maybe he is not drafting for need….Maybe the best availible player just happens to be at a need posistion…..6 times in a row!!!

  2. Ace Says:

    Drafting for need and to save his job. Can’t look out so far when you are 6-10 with a miserable defense, especially in the 4th qrtr with no depth.

  3. Joe Says:

    I heard TT on the radio giving an explanation for the apparent shift in strategy. He said you can start addressing need via the draft after you have built up your base. So it seems like the line he is selling is:

    1. take the best player available until you have a solid base of talented football players to work with

    2. then begin addressing your specific needs to get your team in a position to win.

    There is a certain logic to it. When you stink every position is a need. So you just take the best you can get – everyone is an upgrade. Then once you build the foundation you can target positions and really focus on the needs you did not fill by taking the best guy on the board. Not sure I buy that TT has always believed in this, but it makes sense as a theory.

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