Nice – another OT, Jamon Meredith


TT knows where our weaknesses are. This is turning into a total draft-for-need draft and I’ll be curious to see how TT fields questions about whether he has shifted his philosophy a bit (perhaps because he knows his back is sort of against the wall).

Anyway, again, I’ll say I like what he has done thus far. From here on out, I would like to see TT address both RB and DE. I think we need some help in both areas and I was a little surprised TT looked past RB Cedric Peerman from UVA with this last pick. He is a quality RB.

Anyway, let’s use the last few picks and some free agent pick-ups on DEs and RBs, maybe a WR, maybe a S or CB. But again, so far, I’m pleased with the issues TT seems to be focused on addressing in this draft.

2 Responses to “Nice – another OT, Jamon Meredith”

  1. Cindy V Says:

    The Packers picked safety Brandon Underwood in the 6th round. Looks like you’re getting your wish.

  2. DaveK Says:

    Jamon Meredith is an interesting pick. He was on my radar for the 4th and first 5th round pick and I was pretty happy when he was still there later in the 5th. I think Kiper had him as the best availible player for a good while on his board. Maylock had him listed as the 8th best OT in the draft. I believe the first seven on his list went in the first and 2nd rounds. He played a bunch in college and seems like a smart kid. He may have the potential to be the Mark Tauscher of this draft. Tauscher was selected 224th.

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