Was move for Matthews worth it?


That is the question of the hour. My initial reaction was very positive until I heard about what we gave up (#41, #73 and #83 picks – and getting some later round pick back from the Pats). I had told Steve shortly after taking Raji that I wouldn’t mind trading up to get one of the high profile LBs who were still available. So, I actually don’t really fault TT for trading up to get a LB he apparently really wanted. And, I also just like that he did something a bit different, a bit unconventional for TT. Really, he’s taken a decent gamble here because we gave up a lot for this guy. One thing I suspect is that TT thinks there are likely to be some decent players available still in the later rounds. Prior to the draft he disagreed with some of the other GMs who thought this was a weak draft. He said he thought it was actually quite a “deep” draft.

While I’m not sure I would have given up quite so much, in the end, I have to say I’m pleased with Day 1. A fair # of the draft “experts” had both of these guys ranked within the top 20 – so having 2 top 20 guys is a good thing.

10 Responses to “Was move for Matthews worth it?”

  1. pmenadue Says:

    I RARELY agree with Thompson, but today I can’t. Raji and Pickett make the perfect anchor for the 3-4 and they really needed another LB so Popinga can cover on Special Teams. I would have preferred keeping the third round pick, BUT you have to pay to play.

  2. Ace Says:

    Wow. I am shocked. My prediction–this is totally unlike TT and it will be a super move. I was listening to ESPN this am to the draft special with Kiper et al. Question-what player will have the biggest impact of this year’s draftees. After throwing out several obvious candidates-Stafford, Sanchez, Smiths, Crabtree the Answer-Clay Matthews. My guess is that TT had him up with Raji even though pre draft ratings would not put them that close. I think this is a very good 1-2 start. Next pick hopefully an OT.

  3. Dave In Tucson Says:

    1) I’m glad to see TT/MM focusing on defensive positions so far–it’s a good indication they realized just how disasterous the defensive problems were last season

    2) Yeah, it seems like a lot to give up for one pick (tho nothing like what the Bears gave up for Cutler). Mostly I like their usual strategy of trading down to get more picks, but I’m willing to hold off judgement until we can see Matthews in preseason (& hopefully also the regular season)


  4. Cindy V Says:

    I thought day one of the draft was a good one. Tightwad Ted surprised us all with his trade up for a second first round pick. I was at Lambeau and everyone was astonished to see the Packers up to the table a for the 26th pick. I was hoping Tightwad Ted would draft for need and I’m glad to see that he did. Finally.

  5. DaveK Says:

    Wow, the front seven on defense just got a bunch better. I think it gives Capers a bunch of flexibility to run a hybrid version of the 3-4 and 4-3. It will really keep the opposing offense guessing. Improved front seven, solid secondary, better coaching equals top 10 defense.

    I wonder how soon after the trade Thompson faxed Tauscher a contract offer. I don’t buy McGinn’s story about the Packer’s not being interesting in bringing him back. Pre-draft smoke screen just like the Crabtree bit.

  6. tiponline Says:

    I really like both of our picks today. I thought to myself these are very uncharacteristic draft moves for TT. Then of course I realized these were
    really Mr. Capers’ picks. GOOD JOB DOM! THANK YOU! I think Dom should pick the offensive players too!

  7. PackerBelle Says:

    I think we got a couple of new starters for our defense in the first round. We probably did give up a little too much for Matthews but given how badly our defense stunk last year and the move to 3-4, I think it was something we needed to do.

    I’m hopeful that we can get an offensive lineman today because that is the other big area of concern for me.

    I am so glad that TT didn’t go with Crabtree. The guy is talented but we have some pretty darn good WRs as it is and we needed to shore up the defense. And there wasn’t enough of a skill/talent difference between Raji and Crabtree to justify going for Crabtree instead of the need.

  8. DaveK Says:

    Does anyone think that a 4th round tackle will be able to come in and start at RT this year? I don’t. Tackles that are ready to start in the NFL don’t last over 100 picks. Best case scenario is you find a gem that can play behind Clifton for a year and then start the next 10!

    Clifton will start at LT.
    Colledge at LG.
    Spitz at center.
    Preston or Sitton at RG.
    Our right tackle this year is most likely going to be Tauscher, Moll, Barbre, or Giacomini.

  9. 56Coop Says:

    Really surprised with TT as most of you seem to be. Just hope Raji can leave the weed alone, pass his drug tests & play.

  10. DaveK Says:

    On T.J. Lang: “The Packers get a great value in this solid all-around tackle. He just needs to get a bit stronger, but his versatility and athleticism make him a potential eventual replacement for either Chad Clifton or Mark Tauscher.”

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