McGinn’s info – where did he get it from?


Read Bob McGinn’s article this morning about Michael Crabtree and the draft and the first question you have may be the first question I had: how did he get this information? Ted Thompson and co never reveal their favorites in the draft, so why should we take this information as true? Is TT (or whoever offered this info) putting McGinn and now the rest of us intentionally off on the wrong scent? Or, maybe this info is dead one and just maybe, TT is seeing the top players in this draft similarly to how other GMs and mock draft “experts” see it. I don’t know, I guess the skeptic in me finds this hard to believe considering TT’s history of gravitating toward lesser known players.

If this info is accurate, though, I must say that I am somewhat comforted. I’d go so far as to say that I would welcome pretty much every player mentioned in the article as our first pick – and the only one I would be really concerned about actually, would be Crabtree. I am not keen on the fact that several different teams had that same negative impression re this guy. Now, I wouldn’t actually be totally opposed to taking a high quality WR because I personally think this may be Driver’s last year in Green Bay – potentially leaving us with only 1 for-sure excellent WR in Jennings. (As I noted before, I would rather make an offer to the Cardinals for Anquan Boldin – maybe even offer our first round pick, allowing us to then eventually pay Boldin the $20 million guaranteed money that that first round, unproven player would demand.)


2 Responses to “McGinn’s info – where did he get it from?”

  1. Aaron Says:

    McGinn has a couple sources in the personnel dept. and, I suspect, a couple in the scouting dept as well. NO surprise that Crabtree is number one on the board – there are only 3 or 4 blue chip players in this draft, of which Crabtree is one.

  2. DaveK Says:

    The Crabtree thing may be obvious but announcing to the world they prefer Oher over Monroe or Raji over Jackson could hurt the Packers depending on how the draft plays out. Same goes for the possible second round selections of English or Lauranitis. Smokescreen or a good source? Either the Packers are pissed McGinn showed their hand early or they are laughing they douped a reporter big time. Unless of course McGinn is in on the ruse….

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