B.J. Raji Packer’s #9 pick


B.J. Raji is a solid pick. While I’m not exactly sure how they will work this out with Ryan Pickett (could Pickett lose 20 pounds and move to a DE spot in the 3-4…doubtful?), for the team’s future, by all accounts, it does seem to be a good pick. In some mock drafts, Raji was put as high as 4-5, so it’s generally recognized that the guy has some special talent. Brother Steve doesn’t mind the pick either.

To be honest thought, I must say that I find myself a bit less pumped than if we would have been able to land someone like Eugene Monroe – Steve just said the same thing. Oh well, again, not a bad pick in an area that definitely needs some quality depth.


3 Responses to “B.J. Raji Packer’s #9 pick”

  1. RayMidge Says:

    You can never have too many quality linemen. the consensus is that this guy is special.

    By the by, I am a TT supporter but I actually was a bit shocked when he didn’t do the crazy thing and take Crabtree and that says more about my opinion of him then, well, my opinion of him.

    The guy I would love to see the Pack take somewhere down the line is Pat White. He’s just a great football player (as MM might put it) and will be a steal for someone.

  2. awhayes Says:

    RayMidge – I very much agree re Pat White. I felt the same way re Steve Slaton last year and wanted badly for the Pack to pick him. Those two guys had college careers full of highlights because they just repeatedly got the job done. I still don’t know why Slaton was more highly sought after last year in the draft. White is so talented he could buck the size trend and probably be a decent QB in the NFL.

  3. bucky Says:

    So much for getting Pat White. I agree; he would have looked good in green.

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