2009 draft challenge


Packergeeks is offering a prize of extra pride for anyone who can predict who the Packers will take (or what they will do) in the 2009 draft. Please comment on these two things:

  1. Who will the Packers take (or what will they do) with their first overall pick at #9?
  2. Guess the name of one other player the Packers will draft – both days. (You can enter up to 3 names).

My guesses are:

Question #1: OT Eugene Monroe

Question #2: LB Clint Sintim, CB Bradley Fletcher, or RB Andre Brown


4 Responses to “2009 draft challenge”

  1. DaveK Says:

    It would be awesome if Eugene Monroe was on the board!! I think all three elite OT’s are off the board along with Curry, two QB’s, and a WR and thus leaving a bunch of good players on defense….Raji, Orakpo, Jackson, Jenkins, Everett Brown plus some good tweeners in Ayers and Maybin.

    I am between Raji and Tyson Jackson. Jackson is the pefect 3-4 DE and Raji is a beast of NT. Hmmm….I am going to guess that Raji is off the board at #8 and thus:

    1. Tyson Jackson

    2. Eben Britton -OT , Connor Barwin – OLB, William Beatty- OT

    Yes, TT trades up to get Eben Britton.

  2. awhayes Says:

    Nice Dave K – I agree re Jackson, he could be a great DE addition. I also like Connor Barwin as he ran one of the faster times for LBs and yet he’s a taller player might be tough coming off the edge. And we need OTs.

  3. bob schnell Says:

    Hi Andy,

    I am getting real excited about this weekend! Finally some meaningful action in the world of Pro Football. It is really hard to predict what TT will do, but my best guesses are as follows:

    1st Rd.-Andre Smith
    2nd Rd.-Cody Brown
    3rd Rd.-Michael Johnson
    3rd Rd.-Chip Vaughn
    4th Rd.-Kevin Barnes
    5th Rd.-Chris Baker
    6th Rd.-Tony Fiammetta
    6th Rd.-Ricky Jean-Francois
    7th Rd.-Juaquin Iglesias

    I know you wanted only the first three players, but, when I got to three, I figured, why not go all the way. Right! I fully realize that after you get past my first round pick, all my other selections seem a little off the wall. However, please know, I tried to put myself inside what I believe is the way TT’s mind works, (by the way, its a pretty scary place), and this is what I think he will do. I am probably way off, but, this is my shot at what I think could happen. Take care Andy, and have a great draft weekend. Packergeeks is my favorite sports spot on the internet!

    Bob Schnell

  4. awhayes Says:

    Thanks Bob – appreciate the compliment. I’ve seen several mock drafts with Andre Smith ending up in GB. He intrigues me – I tend to think any of the top 5 OTs this year will probably end up pretty good in the NFL. Funny you included Tony Fiammetta. He was a guy I thought of including too. Not sure why – never have seen him play, but he just sounds like a guy the pack would go after (and at what I consider to be a need position).

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