First draft premonition


I’ve been waiting for some kind of a gut feeling about the upcoming draft for the Packers. Especially concerning the first round. For months, I’ve sat here with nothing. Absolutely nothing. Really no clue about what the Pack might do. I have thoughts on what they should do – and will be posting some of these thoughts in the coming days. But I have no idea what TT has planned. TT could trade down if there are any takers, he could shock the world and trade up for Aaron Curry, he could take Malcolm Jenkins because he thinks he’s a great athlete, he could take BJ Raji because it would be nice to add some depth to the D-Line, or he could take one of a handful of decent LB options. Or, he could take another WR, or he might snag a QB from a college nobody has ever heard of, or he might take a punter or he might draft Brother Steve for the new position of “team arguer”  –  the guy who argues with teammates until they get really pissed off leading to angrier and more aggressive play. I have no idea what’s going to happen and I haven’t had a gut feeling about anything…until yesterday.

Lately, my 21 month old son has been making up words…like his father. He thinks it’s very, very funny. (The difference, of course, is that he hasn’t learned about verbal immunity and his need to add “if you will” or “as it were” to any made up word giving him proper license to make up the word…he’ll learn eventually.) Anyway, what he does is say a random word he believes is not a word and then laughs very hard making everyone nearby laugh very hard as well. Repeatedly yesterday, for I’d say 20 minutes, he kept yelling the ‘word’ “maybin, maybin, maybin…” until the room would break out in laughter. Shortly after this Maybin outburst, I happened to review an article on the draft mentioning one Aaron Maybin. Perhaps it’s a sign (actually, I doubt it, but with TT at the helm, this may be as legit a guess as any another).


3 Responses to “First draft premonition”

  1. DaveK Says:

    I am not a huge college football fan and I definitely don’t watch film of college prospects. That leaves me with reading opinions from beat writers and mock draft “experts” to see who the Packers might pick. It seems there is some consensus from the experts that Matt Stafford, Eugene Monroe, Jason Smith, and Aaron Curry will not make it out of the top five. That leaves four picks left before the Packer’s choice and the following five players left on the board.

    Brian Orakpo
    B.J. Raji
    Andre Smith
    Michael Oher
    Malcom Jenkins

    I wouldn’t be disappointed with any one of that group being #9. And, with a good chance that Sanchez and Crabtree/Maclin going off the board also it would seem Ted Thompson may have his choice of three out of those five listed above. Who TT picks obviously depends on how he grades out each of those five but it also may depend on how they rate the depth of the draft at each position–Way too many factors to predict this stuff but it seems they will most likely get a starter at a need position at #9.

  2. Ron La Canne Says:

    After listening to Tt’s press conference today, I have some to this conclusion:

    If Sanchez is available at #9, TT trades down. If not, he takes Oher. I’d rather it be Raji, but Oher still fits a dire need.

    The visits are much ado about nothing from my point of view. I doubt any draft day decisions are made based on that visit. Well, maybe a few at the bottom maybe.

  3. DaveK Says:

    Maylock said on the NFL network today that he expects the three OT’s to be gone in the first 6 picks. That makes Oher the last OT before a big drop off at that position. He opined that the Jags or Packers would be tempted to trade down with a team that really wants Oher. I would pay serious money to be able to sit in the war room for the weekend!

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