Packers sign NT Brian Soi


Ok – so what that nobody has ever heard of this undrafted guy who hasn’t actually played a down in the NFL’s regular season. And so what that the Dolphins and Giants both determined he wasn’t good enough to keep. He’s young, he’s huge (6’3″,  334) and he can’t be much worse than the now super-rich, Colin Cole. While I’d rather have someone of more repute than Brian Soi, I need to remind myself to just appreciate that Ted Thompson might, just might, be starting to consider what our need positions are. For a guy who seems to enjoy NOT adding players in need positions through the draft or free agency, I see this as positive – we need more depth on our D-Line.


10 Responses to “Packers sign NT Brian Soi”

  1. Sportspack Says:

    Ted does it again! Another problem solved without spending much money. He is the best!

  2. Dave Says:

    “…I need to remind myself to just appreciate that Ted Thompson might, just might, be starting to consider what our need positions are.”

    You are kidding, right? You do realize that it’s April? Last I checked we don’t play any games any time soon. I’m pretty sure Ted knows what the roster looks like. Let’s give him a little latitude (and time) to get the roster to what it will look like at the beginning of the season.

    So, let me guess, when he does bring in some players via the draft and maybe even trades and free agency it will only be because he finally started listening to you, right?

  3. awhayes Says:

    Dave – such vitriol. Clearly you have more patience with TT than I do. Until the team has a winning record under him and at least a couple consecutive seasons of success, and he has a couple high quality overall drafts, I won’t apologize for questioning his over-reliance on the draft and his strict adherence in the draft to the “best player available” philosophy. If he hit on a much higher percentage of his draft picks, I wouldn’t be writing about this. And again, if his overall approach were producing winning teams, I wouldn’t be writing about this. My point is that he needs to be more flexible with his approach and consider drafting/acquiring players for specific positions.

  4. Dave Says:

    “Vitriol” is a little strong, but whatever.

    So who in the past couple of years was the impact free agent that would have made the difference, had we signed them? As you’re compiling your list consider two things, 1) what did the team give up to get them and 2) we now have the benefit of hindsight. The truth is that free agency is a crap-shoot. For every Charles Woodson there’s a Javon Walker (if your odds are even that good). I’ll tell you one thing, I’m not losing any sleep over not giving Haynesworth $100M. I’d actually like to have the resources to keep Jennings in GB. As for the second and third tier of free agents (Holliday, Carter), since no one else seems to be beating down their door why would we sign them before the draft when we might not need them depending on who we get?

    Overall I think two years ago we overachieved and last year we underachieved, but I think the talent on the team is improving and I’m excited to see what Capers can do with our D.

    Oh, and before we dismiss Mr. Soi outright let’s remember that lots of really good players started from a similar place. Will he be the next James Harrison? Probably not, but I bet we’re not paying a lot to find out.

  5. Tiponline Says:

    Nice to see Ted’s fan club alive and well…be sure you guys follow him to the UFL in the next year or two ! (Denny Green and The Toolman, the next Dream Team ! )
    Mr Soi, yet another player picked up off the scrap heap…looks like he’s putting together his UFL squad right now !
    This living nightmare continues…

  6. awhayes Says:

    Dave – you’re right, vitriol was a bit strong (just like using that word). And I want to make sure you know you’re comments are welcome here even if I don’t agree.

    Anyway, what troubles me though about defenses of Ted Thomson is that he fails the ultimate test of GMness, if you will – he has a losing record. I don’t think it’s a small thing. Look, I’m not saying TT is horrible and I don’t disagree with everything he does. And, I’m definitely hoping I have to eat crow in a couple of years if the team becomes really good. There’s no doubt, he makes some really shrewd decision. But I contend he also doesn’t do enough to make this team better. His way is too rigid and I think by taking a few more chances in free agency (or with trades) this team could become scarier than it is.

    And in answer to your question, yes, there were free agents we could have picked up the past few years. And, yes, some of them may have cost money – but I’d rather be $10 million under the cap with a quality team than $30 million under the cap with a team that can’t get the job done.

  7. Dave Says:

    I don’t agree with everything Thompson does and I do think he’s had some misses, but so has every GM. I think some fans tend to look at those misses without acknowledging the good core of players that he has put together.

    Really what I want from a GM is someone who knows talent, knows what it’s worth and isn’t always looking at the coming year as if it’s the most important one that we’ll ever have. If you can do that you’ll have a chance to be a contender every year. Personally I don’t think that free agency is the panacea that many others seem to. If I were GM I’d probably use it a little more than Ted, but overall I like his approach.

    You are right though, it does come down to wins and losses. Like I eluded to before, I think last year was something of an aberration. It seemed like we were a couple of missed kicks and bad bounces away from a winning record. I fully expect the course to be corrected this coming year. Maybe I’m wrong and Ted is a crappy GM, but right now I’m in the TT fan club. (right Tip? 😉

  8. tiponline Says:

    Dave, you and I want the same thing, a GM that knows talent !
    But he also needs to know how to continually acquire talent and understand team chemistry.
    He also should know every great team should have at least ONE blue-chip / star caliber player. (a Paul, a Ray, a Bart, a Brett, a Reggie, a Sterling , get the picture.)
    Who do we have ?
    Look at Minn, Look at Chicago, they have at least 2 superstars a piece. Superstars make the rest of the “lunch-pail” guys better!
    You and I want the same thing…A new GM !

  9. Dave Says:

    Chicago has superstars? We’re talking about the Bears, right? Do you go off of how they play or just if you’ve heard their name before? From MN I’ll give you AP, he is a superstar (who fell in their lap at #7, no genius move on their part). Their middle d-line is good. Still, “at least 2 superstars” is pushing it. Give me Jennings and Woodson any day.

    Been nice chatting with you guys. GO PACK!

  10. Packerbacker65 Says:

    TT runs the Packers like he is running Kmart!! He is constantly trading down to get 6th and 7th round picks for “competition”. What a joke!! Yea bring in a bunch of J.V. players and you might find a gem every now and then(Driver) but they are few and far between. If TT was so great why did Seattle let him go? Stud GMs a rare and if he was one they would have kept him. Ive been a Packer fan since the early 60s and have seen some very ugly things..and TT may not be the worst but he has “ugly” written all over him!!

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