Packers’ 2009 schedule


Nice schedule – though brutal finish. Hopefully we’ll have enough wins in the first 11 games so the last 5 won’t be critical. (By the way, wouldn’t it be something if in the last game, the Cardinals brought back a WR named Nate Poole and he made dramatic TD catch with no time left bumping us out of the playoffs and letting the Vikes sneak in.)

Here is the schedule for those who don’t know (from


6 Responses to “Packers’ 2009 schedule”

  1. The Choj Says:

    The season can’t start soon enough! Already booked my flights and hotels for the two Gold Pkg games, and seeing as I live in Tucson, going to make the trip north to Phoenix for the preseason and season ending games as well

    The end of the schedule is brutal, but at least with the early bye week and the quasi bye week after Thanksgiving we should hopefully (fingers crossed) be able to stay fairly healthy

  2. Aaron Rogders Says:

    Sorry, but I am very confused. There is at the very least, two wins in the final 5 games….

  3. Schaefer Says:

    14-2 Baby!!

    (just seeing if you’re awake)

    uhm Aaron Rodgers I like your confidence but of @ the two previous Super Bowl teams, @ the Bears and the Ravens, which of those is your second win in the final five?

    I think the Pack has a shot at 10 – 6, but the new D must all come together.
    A shot at 14 -2 if both lines turn totally dominant, our new scheme is run better than Pittsburgh’s, Grant becomes Payton-esque, Rodgers owns every 4th quarter, and special teams are better than in ’96…not too much to ask.

  4. Rich Beckman Says:

    I love that the tough games are at the end. Gives the team time to get it together against the weaker schedule. If the Packers can’t beat three of the last five teams, then what will be the point to getting to the playoffs?

    I think it’s going to be a great year.

  5. What People Don’t Get About the Schedule | Cheesehead TV Says:

    […] seen a lot of this around the Packer blogosphere: Hopefully we’ll have enough wins in the first 11 games so the last […]

  6. 56Coop Says:

    Right now I’d say it goes as follows: Chic- W, Cin- W, St Louis- W, Min- L, Lions -W, Clev -W, Vikes -W, TB -L, Dal-L (Seems they always have our number), San Fran-W, Lions-W, Ravens- L, Bears- L, Steel – L, Hawks-W, Az L.

    This puts us at 9-7 and asumes we split with Bears & Vikes (I Have each winning their perspective home games). Now if we start out with a 3 game winning streak the Vikes will probably be 3 & 0 also (Browns, Lions & San Fran. IF San Fran could beat them and we could take the first Min game at The Metrodome then we’re 4 & 0 and gaining confidence.
    I see winning against Browns and siince the next Vikes game is at home I gave it to us. Now we could be 6 & 0. Tampa Bay at Tampa will be tough so in my best case scenario we’re now 6 & 1.

    Now comes Dallas–we ALWAYS lose to Dallas so barring some miracle we’re now 7 & 2. I have us beating SF (could be a dangerous game by now if SF gels but again, best case–we’re 8 & 2. Det 9 & 2, Ravens 9 & 3, Get kucky & take Bears at their place & we’re 10 & 3. Steelers 10 & 4. Hawks 11 & 4. Arizona (maybe without Bouldin) we are either 11& 5 or 12 & 4–Good enough for playoffs I would think especially if take all divisional games.

    I do like what they said at Cheesehead TV, the last 5 games look Brutal now but who knows who gets injured or just has a bad year like Dallas last year.

    I hope TT does the right thing at draft time & gets us some need players rather than best available & gets lucky enough to get some first year impact players.

    If the transition to the 3-4 goes well, our lines & special teams hold up, this could be an exciting year. Like Andy said in the thread about TT, I hope we string 2-3 good years together & he comes out looking like a genius & I’ll be one of the first to give him credit for it.

    I see the first 6 games a crucial–to come out with a 6 & 0 start has to be a confidence & momentum builder.

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