Packers make a trade!!! (of a back-up long snapper)


As I read this headline from jsonline, Packers trade Jansen to Panthers for draft pick, I had a momentary brain freeze and I couldn’t remember who this Jansen guy was. I turned my attention to the article with mild excitement as I thought perhaps we’d get a nice draft pick out of this. Then I saw that we traded a back-up long snapper who spent all of last season on IR. I’ll bet Carolina gave up their 8th round pick.


4 Responses to “Packers make a trade!!! (of a back-up long snapper)”

  1. Aristomenes Says:

    You were close – it’s a 7th … (wait for it) … in 2011. AND, it’s conditional.

  2. Aristomenes Says:

    I should have left a citation for the above.

  3. DaveK Says:

    I guess they couldn’t finagle a Shaun Rodgers trade for him…Let’s hope that 7th turns into a pro-bowl punter! Anyway, I guess it is good you get something for a guy that was going to get cut anyway.

  4. Tiponline Says:

    TT is on fire! The man is money! He sure can wheel and deal…
    The 5-11 record we are going to have this season should put the banana peel under one shoe and the following year ‘ol toolman should be out the door…ridin’ that train to the UFL!

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