Giddiness, lameness going on in Chicago for Cutler


In the previous post, I essentially argued that the Bears probably gave up too much for someone I don’t think is that great. I still don’t think he’s as good as most make him out to be, but as I’ve thought more about this, suddenly, I am worried that the mere presence of a not-totally-crappy QB may bring a new confidence to a team that was surely headed for mediocrity this year. This trade could be a big psychological boost for a team with a history of QB self-esteem issues. It could have an invigorating effect on a mediocre team that somehow managed to be in the playoff hunt last year. And I’d be lying if I didn’t say that from a Packer fan’s perspective, I’m a bit jealous that Jerry Angelo (usually a horrible GM) actually did something in the off-season to energize the team.

This morning, in what can only be described as a torturous exercise, I listened to Chicago’s 670 the Score (nice station name by the way). (I will need several beers tonight to forget that I did this.) I just wanted to confirm that everyone in Chicagoland was going ape…crap about this acquisition. Ape crap doesn’t do it justice. They were out of control. Here are a few quotes from the hosts of the Score this morning on the Cutler trade:

  • it’s like the gift that will keep on giving
  • between now and the season there are plenty of mental fantasies we can think about with him here now (um…OK)
  • so, can we finally say the Bears have the best QB in the NFC Central (he did say Central)? Other guy: No question, no question.
  • God has blessed us all

The only dissenting voice I heard (maybe indirectly responding to the host’s claim that “God has blessed us all”) claimed that Jesus Christ wouldn’t even help this Bears’ team much because there is nobody to throw to (had to be a Packer fan…nice).

As I sit here now, I am seething with annoyance, if one can seethe with annoyance, at the excitement this is generating in Chicago. Just think of all those loser Bear fans who are pumping fists, wearing black (everyone in Chicago always wears black all the time – visiting Chicago is like being at a giant funeral), drinking beers stolen from Milwaukee (Schiltz, Miller, Pabst), celebrating stolen celebrities while they’re at it (Oprah, PGA golfer Mark Wilson) and generally just being giddy and lame in their festivaciousness, as it were. I once said to myself (and then later quoted myself) that there is almost nothing more annoying than fans of an opposing team being giddy. Today Bear fans are giddy.

Again, while I hope this ends up being a huge mistake, I must say, in this era of suffocating GM/Coach conservatism, I’ll tip my hat to taking a chance.


14 Responses to “Giddiness, lameness going on in Chicago for Cutler”

  1. Aaron Says:

    Just think how much better it will be when Kampman sacks his ass on opening night 😉

  2. bucky Says:

    I’ll let them be giddy today. Wait ’til they see him play; today’s giddiness will make the schadenfreude all that much tastier.

  3. Cindy V Says:

    A bold move does invigorate a fan base. Look how we felt when the Packers signed Reggie White. Many teams were seeking his services, but he chose us. The Bears have reason to celebrate. I wish Thompson would give us something to cheer about.

  4. awhayes Says:

    Aaron -I’m willing to wager that the Pack dump the Bears big-time in the 1st game. But I do think the Bears will be better than they would have been in the other 15 games.

    Bucky – nicely schadenfreuded

    Cindy – you make lots of very sensible comments. I had thought of the Reggie White parallel too. Even though Cutler has lots more to prove to be anywhere near Reggie in terms of stature, for Bear fans, and any team that lands a prominent player, there can be that feeling of “he chose us”.

    One thing this will do is really stoke this rivalry. I actually think it will inspire Aaron Rodgers to be even better now that he is not so obviously the best NFC North QB (I still think he’s the best, but Cutler is decent competition).

  5. Schaefer Says:

    talk about unBEARable giddyness…living and working and Chicago, surrounded by Bear fans, all of them excitedly chatting up their new dominance of the division…oi vey.

    they have no receivers, Denver’s o-Line was consistently good throughout many years…the Bears’ is so-so (Pace is old), their D is aging rapidly, and they have no first rounders for two years…so I’m not worried they’ll be that much beeter (though they will be better than last year) but all that being said I am jealous that Bears fans get to be giddy.

    Nothing in Packerland to be even remotely giddy about. though I would like it if the signed Vonnie Holiday. that would get my giddy up…hee-yah!

  6. dreampipe Says:


    A-Rodg had 4000yds and 28tds last year, the secondary can lock anyone down, and if Capers 3-4 hybrid scheme improves the D front 7, they’ll be tougher than last year (4-2 in division play). Plus there’s no way the Packers lose 5 games by 3pts or less AGAIN.

    Maybe the bears will have ended the Favre Curse (what is it, 29 different QBs since Favre’s first Packers start?, ouch…), but the Packers will win the division this year.

  7. Ron La Canne Says:

    Bears 9-7
    Packers 6-10

    Which team made moves to improve this off season? Don’t brush this move off as irrelevent it is a significant move to improve the Bear offense this year. This is probably a plus two to three wins for the Bears. I hate to make this prediction because I really hate the damn Bears.

    Speaking of defenses, what’s the old biblical saying? Let he who has a defense cast the first stone. TT has done zip to fix the biggest hole in his team.

  8. Campbell Says:

    The Chicago giddiness is matched only by Green Bay arrogance.

    “Cutler is decent competition” Are you guys serious? What a risible, uninformed comment.

    A previous poster used the word “Favred” Let’s hope this “decent competition” hasn’t “Carved” up the Packers AND the NFC North by season’s end.

    Oh, I forgot..we have Aaron (Mr. Clutch) Rodgers, ergo, we’ll win this division by Halloween.

    Yeah, right.

  9. Joe Says:

    Campell – Cutler is decent competition and that is about it. Guy has a 20-17 lifetime record and an 87.1 lifetime QB rating. That is decent nothing more.

    And the knock on Rodgers not bring the team back in the fourth quarter is B.S. He led the team on several fourth quarter lead-claiming scoring drives. Is it his fault the defense repeatedly shit the bed?

  10. joshywoshybigfatposy Says:

    tee hee. giggle giggle. shit the bed.

    however, joe – i should stop my sincere giggling to correct you – it’s ‘shat.’

    there are suddenly 3 teams in the nfc north that could be 11-5 this year. one that will ‘slowly collapse like a flan in a cupboard’ (anyone gets that reference without google and i’ll be surprised) in the next few years, one that will continue on playing on fake grass in purple with no qb, one whose average player age will eventually drop below 17, and… well, the lions.

    i’m with whoever said that we’ll be just fine if we sign carter or holliday, draft a decent lb, and protect rodgers better this year.

  11. Aaron Says:

    Um, Joe? Cutler has a 17-20 record. 😉

  12. Ron La Canne Says:

    Hey Aaron, what do they say about statistics? Something about damn lies? Here’s one fo my own, Cutler is 13-1 in games where the defense held the opponents to 21 points or less.

  13. More Cutler Reax « Ol’ Bag of Donuts Says:

    […] guys at packergeeks for taking the bullet for all of us and listening to a Chicago radio station to get a perspective of Chicago […]

  14. Joe Says:

    Thanks Joshy and Aaron – two very valid corrections.

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